Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

just so that y'all don't think we had too smooth of a ride getting here to Framboise Manor - here's some pics of our moving was pretty fun stuff! (oh and i took the term "y'all" from my good buddy MDR!)

our movers were supposed to arrive at our old house in the city at 9am. they were an awesome crew and actually got there at about 10 minutes to nine. but like one of my old Lieutenant Commanders once told me - i have the exact opposite affliction that poor King Midas had. everything that he touched turned to gold. my LC told me that - somehow everything i touched turned to sh*t. what can i say - the man may have been right!

our moving truck came up our one-way street and then had to back into our driveway. and in the process drove over the meridian between the two sides of the street. and got stuck. not kidding here - the truck got stuck! have a look-see for yourselves.

yep - that's an 18-wheeler stuck in the meridian on a very busy street that goes one way AND it is at rush hour!

we had cops on both sides of the street after about five minutes - they were trying to re-direct traffic. on one of the busiest streets in ottawa. during rush hour. as my Uncle Gerald says - oh man!

jambaloney, the cops, the crew in the truck, passers-by - they tried everything to get that truck un-stuck. we brought out wood shims, cardboard, ruined 3 or 4 carpets - nothing seemed to be working. this is at about 11am-ish!

nothing worked. and because we had all of our stuff already packed, boxed and marked - we were told it would be a four hour job - maximum. it took four hours to get the truck un-stuck!

oh and then because i have the opposite of the Midas touch - remember? then we get a call from the bank saying that we have to go in and sign some more documents immediately or our mortgage payoff would be screwed or something! we had 6 strangers - nice strangers, mind you - in our house at the time. we had to leave to go to the bank. we called jambaloney's mom and stepdad and they dropped everything to come over and house-sit for us while we went to the bank.


ya - Leaving Las Vegas sure was a trip. one that we will never forget.

(*now making wave motions with my hands and arms. and thinking like the dolphin. just think like the dolphin. soothing thoughts. calming down.*)


  1. Thinking like dolphins? All I can think of that goes with that is....

    So long and thanks for all the fish!!!!!

  2. That was one bad predicament you had that day. So, tell us the ending, about how the truck got unstuck and how the rest of the move fared.It seems maybe your "touch" has improved.

  3. Geez I thought I was a bad driver! 4 hours! I bet that caused a traffic jam! But I thought everything you touched turned to gold! ;)

  4. PioneerP - yep - i guess so buddy - bahahaha!

    PracticalP - i sure do hope that my "touch" has improved although i must say that we have had a pretty rough time of getting here and getting settled. the truck only became unstuck after a heavy-duty tow truck was called out to the scene - it was nuts!

    Joey - it wasn't the driver's fault at all. a house (mc mansion) was being built next to us and only a few days prior they had ripped up the road to put in a gas line and whatnot. and had ripped up half of the meridian. so the truck should have been able to drive onto the meridian but actually sunk because of the work that had been done. the driver ended up being the guy who drove our stuff 1,000miles across the country. and once he passed through our nearest small town (about an hour away), the roads turned to complete crap. and our road is a rutted, pot-holed dirt road. but he managed to get that big 'ol truck here and we were very thankfull!

    anyway guys and gals - thanks for stopping by! we appreciate it!

  5. the driver and movers really were pros. i felt bad for them as well. they were embarrassed and deflated and never let it affect the way they worked nor how they treated us. it had rained really heavily and that filled-in dirt in the median turned into soup.

    i was out there with a shovel and old carpets for hours trying to help - no luck.

    the house that was built next to us was a nightmare from start right to the bitter end. sometimes a haunted house next door can be as bad as living in one! took away the "golden touch" grrrrrr ;-)

    thanks for coming by everyone!

  6. The only thing worse that I can think of is that the semi had been borrowed and one of you had gotten it stuck. Fortunately it was all someone else's doing and you just helped out.

  7. I got a lot more of those little added sayings if you need them. Us Texans have a language all our own.

  8. LOL Kymber, you and Jambaloney have luck like we do here! Sometimes all you can do is laugh, it's just how it goes.

  9. Ed - you are right - thank goodness it was someone else's problem and not ours!

    MDR - i know you got a ton more buddy! and i'll steal and use everyone! i did temporary duty in Medina, Texas and i love Texans! they are awesome people! and yes - y'all got a language all yer own!

    mmpaints - yep - if it wasn't for bad luck we would have none at all - bahahahah! and you certainly have your fair share of "the touch"!
    thanks for stopping in - it's nice to see you here!

    and thanks to Ed and MDR as well. we appreciate y'all stopping by!

  10. Ohhhh bummer. Patience is a virtue but it's not one I possess in large quantities. Good job under pressure.

  11. thanks a bunch GBG - patience is not one of my virtues either. but i am working on it. and i am a few years older than you so can say - keep working on it. maybe when you are 80 you will possess it - at least that's what i keep hoping - bahahahah!

    am really enjoying your fresh outlook to prepping. and recommend that everyone check out your blog.

    and who knows - when i am 80 and you are 32 - maybe i will have figured out all of the secrets of life and prepping. and i promise to share them all with you. yep, me and you is that tight!

    your friend, who wishes the absolute best for you,

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