Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween party in Fourchu - one of the best dances yet!!!

first off - there were no out-of-towners!!! we now understand why the people who live here full-time do not like the "cottagers" or "out-of-towners"...they usually come up here to the "country" to blow off steam. and that translates into drinking and causing trouble.

and it's worse when someone "lends" their cottage to someone - we never know who these people are...and they always end up at our dances.

but anyway - none of that happened at the Fourchu dance. it was tons of fun. jambaloney and i told everyone that we would attend - they all were so worried about him - but that we wouldn't dress up. everyone understood. they just wanted to see us - just to make sure that we were ok.

but on saturday afternoon, jambaloney said - "let's dress up as tourists". we have heard from people around here that some summers they have seen the strangest tourists end up here having no idea where they are - or how they got here! so we put on stupid-looking-touristy-type clothes and made little name-tag thingies. jambaloney made them on the computer, printed them and then we taped plastic all around them. they looked really tacky.

they had a nice clipart border (teehee) and they said " Discount Bus Tours". and then we signed our names to them like you see when there is a bus load of tourists. we also carried maps of cape breton with the Framboise/Fourchu area circled. jambaloney wrote on his map "WTF? where are we?". i wrote on my map- "Where is Halifax? maybe ask the locals...".

here's a couple of pics...first jambaloney:

and here's me:

everyone loved our dumb, improvised costumes and loved that we turned up. we made stupid jokes about being dropped off in Halifax and that the bus had pulled out without us. everyone laughed.

anyway - i don't take pics of the events cuz alot of people here are afraid of having their pics on the internet and i can respect that.

but we had a really good time. we planned on making an appearance and then leaving after an hour. first we went to our friend Blair and Cathy's house and the house must have held 30 people all in costume - all our friends. and we were able to spend a good hour there before the party with some of our closest friends, assuring them that jambaloney was okay - showing everyone his stitches, his black and blue face and his swollen green and purple elbow.

then we all went off to the dance and had a blast. we couldn't believe how much fun we were having. everyone was having a really good time. everyone danced and danced. i danced 59 songs in a row - i swear. and i got to dance with just about everyone there. slow songs are always saved for jambaloney. but it was 1:30 am before we knew it. and we had had such a good time with our friends.

they cheered us up, we cheered them up, a lot of stress and pressure was relieved and we all just had a really good time. to be honest - it was the best dance so far - and that is saying something!

today we actually did some work around the Manor and got some stuff up into the attic which frees up space for us around the house. tomorrow we plan to do some more and put some more stuff in the attic. then i have to take out jambaloney's stitches - is anyone interested in pics? cuz i will take some if you want. then we have darts at 7:30 - do you believe that these people hood-winked me into playing darts?!?!??!?

anyway - just wanted to let you all know how the party went. i am off now to do my rounds of checking everyone's blogs. i hope you all had a fantastic Halloween weekend. we sure did!


  1. Glade to hear that you all had a good time. I want to know how you can remove stitches, and take pictures at the same time? lol. I like your costumes. Kathi and I have not been to a Halloween party in years. I kinda miss going to them. But alas, a lot of our friends do not do party's. HHMMMM, maybe we need some new friends.

  2. Ms. K,
    Darts? You toss darts? Will the EMS folks be there? Glad yall had a good time. As far as work around the house, don't over do it. Take it slow. Don"t want to see Mr. J. get hurt again.

  3. The dark socks with the sandals was a very nice touch I must say :)

    Glad you had a good time!!!

  4. Jambaloney's shorts and shirts look like what our mailmen wear. Next time, wear long white socks with the sandals! More fashionable. I think white knee socks and sandals are adorable on old men. You both look great and sound like it was a good party. kymber, I like the "dropped off at Halifax" talk. You even talked in character. And, the name tags?

    Flier389, I think I need a new set of friends, too.

  5. glad you had a good time!
    don't knock the darts, the ability to throw an object and hit the target is an excellent survival prep :-)
    enjoy yourselves.

  6. Wow...looks like you two had a great Halloween weekend. :) Love the costumes!
    Good luck with the darts. Ha, I can't hit the broad side of a barn with a brick standing right in front of it. lol...can't do without a laser on my Glock. :(

  7. I'm glad you are having a good time and getting some stuff done. You both are truly on the mend.

  8. Glad you both had such a great time! :)

  9. Flier389 - i'm a multi-tasker - bahahahaha! but i am sure that i can remove a stitch or two, take a pic and then go back and do a few more stitches, take a pic - you get the idea. and ya - you guys need some fun, new friends!

    Rob - have we met in real life? cuz you sure seem to know me well!!! ya - i can't throw darts for crap - i most of the time hit the board - but often hit the floor and have almost hit my captain's foot a few times. and yes - the EMS folks are always there - bahahahah! and i hear you on not doing too much too soon. jambaloney has been listening to me but we both feel that we lost an entire week - the last week of good weather - and both of us feel a little panicked about getting everything done for winter. i won't let him do too much this week tho...just small jobs.

    PioneerP - i thought the black socks and sandals was a nice touch too - bahahahhaah!

    Linda - thanks. we really did have a good time. and everyone loved the "Halifax" talk. and ya - get yourself some new, fun friends as well!

    Elizabeth - you are dead on! and i have only played darts 3 times now and am getting much better at it. who knows when we will need such a skill?

    Beate - bahahahahaha! you and me both, my friend!

    AiSR - thanks. we feel much better and jambaloney is scratching at the bit to get more stuff done. but i am making him take it easy until the weekend - just light jobs for now. then on the weekend we will start building our porch.

    thanks Donna - and i can't wait to see more updates on your kitchen floor.

    thank you to all of you for stopping by - we really enjoy your comments!

  10. mmasse - yep - those socks are definitely deliciously evil - bahahahahah! and thanks for tipping us off for jam's outfit for next year. i think you are right about the big red sideburns - bahahahah!

    your friend,

  11. I am SO glad that Jamber is on the mend. I was so worried that I couldn't quite come up with "the right words". It sounds like you all had an awesome time! As for the stitches.... well... LOL!