Wednesday, October 26, 2011

good eats - breakfast series 1

i have decided that the "good eats" series will be an ongoing series - one that features breakfast, brunch, dinner, supper, snacks and drinks (NO - i do not mean the alcoholic kind!) on a regular basis. as well as a "good eats down at the river" series (GEDATRS). and so today - we will start with good eats breakfast series 1 (GE-BS-1).

being able to get fresh delicious wild brook trout anytime that we want is a real treat! not really though - cuz we eat them pretty much every day for breakfast and/or dinner and/or supper. we really are living the high life here!!! sometimes we eat them with potatoes on the side, sometimes with a salad, sometimes with whatever is left over from last night's supper. but man - they are some good eats.

i put flour on a plate, add a bunch of sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper and dredge the trout through it on both sides. then drop them into hot, hot butter. have i mentioned that the dairy around here is to die for? (bahahaha - i think i have mentioned it several times before!). if you ever get the chance to try tatamagouche butter - do so! it is divine.

anyway - here is a pic of those yummy babies frying in the butter.

and here is another. look at them sizzle!

and here is heaven served on a plate. with roasted home-grown potatoes, asparagus and strawberries.

oh ya - that is some good eats. the breakfast of champions. and ya - we eat like kings!!! more good eats coming your way soon!


  1. does it actually taste as good as it looks? darn....I am stuck with eggos and spam down here.

  2. I hate you :) Now I want a trout stream as well damnit. The nearest one to me is like a 2 hour drive and I LOVE to trout fish.

    Those trout just don't seem to like the Summer waters around here.

  3. I'm having problems getting on your blog to comment. I hope you don't think I'm being funny with you? :/

  4. Crap, I must be hungry. I can actually smell the trout frying in your pan. :)

  5. Fish in the morning? OK I love cold pizza so why not.

    Check out my blog a surprise for you both.

  6. Oh, these blog meals make me so hungry. I have not had trout in 25 or more years. I don't eat fish in restaurants. No one I know fishes. By the way, that looked more like dinner to me. I never had any of that, except the strawberries for breakfast.

  7. I think I would like my trout raw rapped in some sushi rice with a bit of avocado especially at this time of the year when the river waters are most likely pretty cold.

  8. I do so love fresh trout...I like this series.

  9. Warlock - yer darn tootins' it tastes as good as it looks. the brook trout have a nice, sweet flesh and cook up so deliciously - we love them! i'll see if i can mail you some - bahhahah!

    Warlock - thanks for asking. Jam is still hurting, still covered in bruises, still stiff and sore as oh heck but he is resting and that is making all the difference! i will keep him resting until saturday night and then we will go to the Fourchu dance for an hour - just to stop in and let everyone see that he is ok...they are all so worried about him. and worried that this will stop us from going to community events. so we just want to assure everyone that he is fine and that we will not stop attending.

    again thanks for asking my friend!

    PioneerP - am i going to have to start treating you like mudbug - bahahahaha! anyway - if you love the trout, then come on up and get some! there's always room in the canoe for you!

    Joey - i am not sure why you are having probs - sorry about that! and somehow i missed your comment on yesterday's post but i have gone in and commented back to you. i would never, ever think you were getting funny on me - ever! and i know your crazy cross-atlantic travel schedule is nuts and tires me out just hearing about it. when are you gonna come and dj at one of our community parties??? i think they'd love you and i think that you would have one awesome time and start offering to dj for free! love ya buddy!

    Denob know it buddy!

    Wendy - ya it is and you would know it! do you guys do much fishing up there? your trout must be 10 times the size of ours eh?

    Mr. Smythe - there's always one more plate full with your name on it!

    Beate - i am serious - you better get your butt up here next summer and then we can all go and catch our breakfast together and cook it over an open fire down at the river - THAT is the best way to eat trout!

    Rob - i never, ever thought fish for breakfast was strange? i guess it's cuz most people around here eat fish for breakfast being that we are in a fishing community. and the trout is not cold - it is fresh out of the bubbling butter and near burns your mouth off cuz you can't wait for it to cool down.

    you have a surprise for us? oh right on! we won your million dollar give-away contest didn't we! wooohoooo!

    i'll stop over in just a few....thanks buddy!

    PracticalP - i said we eat like kings and i don't lie. that is standard, normal breakfast for us. dinner and supper are usually even better. but we also have days where we eat eggs, or french toast or sometimes just yoghurt and cereal. but i always try to include at least one vegetable and/or one fruit with our meals - including breakfast.

    i have actually started a post about the Framboise Manor diet and i think your comment will urge me to finish it and get it up soon.

    oh Ed - now you got me wanting sushi - we love sushi!!! i have a post started about one of our attempts to make sushi. we had all of the ingredients and everything was looking good until we tried to roll it and realized we didn't have any bamboo mats. so we used silicone place-mat things instead. let's just say we were not successful with the roll. but as long as you could get over the big, busted lump on the plate - it was deelish! i make an awesome dipping sauce - teehee!

    thanks for stopping by everyone. it's always nice to hear from friends!

  10. Stephen - you are always welcome to come and have some up here, my friend! we''ll figure out a way to send some frozen ones down there!

    your friend,

  11. Another amazing looking plate.
    The fish even looks good and I am not a huge fan of fish. :)


  12. thanks Fel. i bet you would love our special Framboise fish though!

    hugs right back at you!
    your friend,