Wednesday, November 26, 2014

her royal majesty, framboise manor porch, the third ;-)

jambaloney here!

okay - gotta finish the porch thing...

fisrst off - more crazy ocean pics (i have been getting a lot of sand and seaweed lately)

on the long side, we used to have this...

so after few years and patching and nonsense - here is the disaster 3 week ago... it makes the WORST noise in the wind, which we have lots of  ;-)

got 4 free old windows from the community hall!

the needed a trim to fit.....

gotta love the old b and d!

next up - i have a couple of these 3 x 5 feet and free outta the garbage...

they need frames... (2x4s with 1x2 inserts)

after building the frames, i tested the fit first.. i left a 1/4" gap all around..okay so far!

so i seated the windows and gapped them with a mini crowbar..

my old nemisis, i mean...friend...silicone!!! i i filled in the gaps with it because it is flexible.

hey, more 1x2s!!!

which i used to anchor the glass - yes, it sticks out a bit, no matter as the rest will be 2x6s..

18 foot creosote mini ties - thanks to my friend A for the freebies!

windows lined up...

and 2x6s beginning the frame!

the framed big windows..


et voila!! the first bit frame - the top is 18 feet!!!

paint it....

get your sweet wife to help you tear the old stuff off......

*()^(%^$*&^%$*&6  !!! ants have eaten the phone poles that the porch sits on... good news is, the windows will NOT rely on this for support..

plastic is stapled in place for extra air pockets - i used the old scraps from patching for this andyou see the mini-tie in place for testing..

mini-tie in in permanent place on top on free sand and gravel from the beach...

i built lower frames to fit and then placed the upper frame in place on top..

window on right side....

ALL windows!!!!!

and plywood - woo hoo!

more poly fastener and foam to seal and we have a completed porch for the winter!!!!

nothing like a novemeber sunset..

or two....

- cheers all!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

porch le deux

jambaloney here again

I was working on the porch all october - it came out well - here is the second part - the front entrance

but first - more surf!!

okay here is the rag-tag front - with crappy step and all kinds of ugly drafty plastic.....

i had blocked the under part with plastic and junk - i had to take off the stairs anyway as moving the dishwasher required me to get under those step which i can barely do - so i planned make the steps removable..

this is the crawl space... at least no spiders!!!

here is porch  - sans steps... what a mess!!!!

so i cleaned that mess up and you can see there is some rot - no matter - it is only the front joist - the rest are good..

i planned on extending the step a bit with a 2x6, but found and old 2x8 that fit perfectly!!!

here is the new "step" in place - it gives us a larger area to walk out the door.

to the right is the dishwasher hose... which drains into a bunch of gravel..

speaking of gravel - back from the beach.....

and onto a layer of plastic .....

before i framed out the new front area with pt lumber - the big center gap is where i will crawl in now - MUCH better!!!

some lumber on the front and sides,,,

and the front which  is removable with 6 screws..

here it is  - ALL done with windows replacing the crappy plastic like the back   - the step has extra legs and sets on a ridge so it is easily removed as well

 the only thing left at this point are the triangles above the windows and door...

i put a board in the small opening, but the other two got treated with a new discovery of mine made in canada -  a poly channel solution called Poly  Fastener- read all about it here

i wanted to get wiggle wire but couldn't find any close so i ordered a 300 ft roll - it was pricy, but worth it. basically you install the channel first, insert the poly then press in the lock - great for uneven applications and when the plastic is done, you simply remove and re-install - here is a good look ...

and another..

and the whole deal - so far it works great the poly gets pulled really tight!! - i will be using it quite a bit so you will get a better idea of why i bought so much soon ;-)

voila - front totally complete with new cat-door platform!!!

fall means really rich sunsets...

here is another!

i know a lot of you are buried and freezing - hope you get a break soon - cheers!