Sunday, November 16, 2014

porch le deux

jambaloney here again

I was working on the porch all october - it came out well - here is the second part - the front entrance

but first - more surf!!

okay here is the rag-tag front - with crappy step and all kinds of ugly drafty plastic.....

i had blocked the under part with plastic and junk - i had to take off the stairs anyway as moving the dishwasher required me to get under those step which i can barely do - so i planned make the steps removable..

this is the crawl space... at least no spiders!!!

here is porch  - sans steps... what a mess!!!!

so i cleaned that mess up and you can see there is some rot - no matter - it is only the front joist - the rest are good..

i planned on extending the step a bit with a 2x6, but found and old 2x8 that fit perfectly!!!

here is the new "step" in place - it gives us a larger area to walk out the door.

to the right is the dishwasher hose... which drains into a bunch of gravel..

speaking of gravel - back from the beach.....

and onto a layer of plastic .....

before i framed out the new front area with pt lumber - the big center gap is where i will crawl in now - MUCH better!!!

some lumber on the front and sides,,,

and the front which  is removable with 6 screws..

here it is  - ALL done with windows replacing the crappy plastic like the back   - the step has extra legs and sets on a ridge so it is easily removed as well

 the only thing left at this point are the triangles above the windows and door...

i put a board in the small opening, but the other two got treated with a new discovery of mine made in canada -  a poly channel solution called Poly  Fastener- read all about it here

i wanted to get wiggle wire but couldn't find any close so i ordered a 300 ft roll - it was pricy, but worth it. basically you install the channel first, insert the poly then press in the lock - great for uneven applications and when the plastic is done, you simply remove and re-install - here is a good look ...

and another..

and the whole deal - so far it works great the poly gets pulled really tight!! - i will be using it quite a bit so you will get a better idea of why i bought so much soon ;-)

voila - front totally complete with new cat-door platform!!!

fall means really rich sunsets...

here is another!

i know a lot of you are buried and freezing - hope you get a break soon - cheers!


  1. Looks like you've been very busy, as usual. Well done.

    No snow here in the UK, in fact the weather is pretty mild, but wet of course. Wouldn't be England without loads of rain would it?

    1. hey there joey!

      thanks - will keep busy 'til the freeze is on - glad you are having mild weather last year was nasty!

      cheers mate!

  2. What a great job, love the catwalk out from the flap . been wombling myself, my car has sprung a leak around a door seal. window plastic and a hair dryer to the rescue

    1. hey sol!

      that is a pretty good womble i must say - i would probably have just used duct tape ;-)

      cheers to you!

  3. Looking cool, Jambaloney. Or should that be hot lol

    Thst should keep you and k warmer and less draughty this winter - AND lucky k gets to use a dishwasher.. (sigh)

    Nice one :)

    1. thanks dani!

      it is working out well so far ;-) no dishwasher for you huh - sorry about that not trying to rub it in ;-)

      you take care now!!!

  4. Looking good Jam! the kitties will love the new cat door area. Pics as always look amazing..

    1. hey there jugm! the new area gives them a better place to just sit - they mostly go in and out in the back!

      all my best to you and sr!!!

  5. That's pretty neat Jamby. Even in my county which is pretty lenient about the regulations if we ran a waste water hose of any type out to gravel they would be all over us. It's so nice to be able to do stuff without permits, inspections and government red tape.

    And comes out looking good and functional (as you show) without spending thousands of bucks.

    1. hey pioneer p!

      i am no so certain what the regs are, but i don't even think we have ANY zoning out here - i have never seen a police car so i know there are no inspectors etc.

      wait 'til you see the front!

      p.s.s your early year stuff was funny - k on a broomstick was a hoot!!!

  6. We are going to redo the deck here this spring, and possibly even extend the roof out a few feet to cover the front door area.
    I like your dishwasher drain, we thought about doing the washing machine drain the same but with 1 load every 2 weeks we put that on hold for a while.
    I hope you and Kymber went swimming, it looks great in the photo!

    1. hey max!

      looking forward to seeing your progress! if you use enviro soap i would worry so long as the water can go downhill...

      all my best!

  7. Nice job, all sealed up for Winter. Stay inside where it's warm and toasty!! One more swim before it's too cold??

    1. hey 1st man... hah hah - no, no swim at all - we are pretty much inside now ;-))

      hope you two are well!!!

  8. Bravo Sir, but the big question is what was ms.kymber doing while you worked so hard???

    1. thanks rob!

      oh k was cooking, making stock, collecting seeds and and picking herbs and flowers for winter tea..

      don't freeze buddy!

  9. What good work and much improvement!

    1. hey thanks fiona!

      hope you aren't getting too badly hit with snow!!!!

  10. I sure wish I lived closer to you and Kymber. You have some great skills I'd like to learn, especially your ability to utilize odds and ends in your repairs and construction.

    1. hey harry!!

      as always you are too kind - this is all stuff i am sure you can do friend!

      cheers and i hope you are staying warm!!!

  11. Looks great, Jambaloney. That poly-fastener is slick! They even had a video where they used it for securing plastic sheeting on a hoop house greenhouse. Sure gives me some ideas!

    The porch steps look great and the kitties will love their kitty door and place to hang out in the sunshine.

  12. thanks hh!!!

    the stuff really works - stay tuned for more applications!!! the video is pretty good!

    the porch is even better now that it is finished - the cats love it!!

    cheers to you!!!

  13. Looking good! Happy belated birthday, Jam.

    1. hey sue!!

      thanks for the shout -out!!

      baleated thank you!



  14. Jambaloney,

    Nicely done my friend!!! The porch will be a great place to live in during the cold and summer months.
    Give Sweet Kymber a big hug.
    Love to you both,

    1. thanks sweet sandy!!!

      it is gonna work well - hugs to k and back to you ...

      wishing you all my best wishes!

      your friend,