Monday, August 22, 2016


most people think that Kate and what`s his name`s wedding was the wedding of the century. NO WAY! we had the most awesome day yesterday! jambaloney didn`t go to the ceremony - see my post below of me going it alone. but we were invited to the supper and then the dance afterwards - what an awesome wedding! to our friends and neighbour`s E & D - thank you for such an awesome evening!!!!

i told you the man was going to be gorgeous! how gorgeous? have a look-see:

this is the dress that i wore to the supper.

no one could believe that i wore a different dress to the supper than the one i wore at the wedding. but like, how many times does your best friend and neighbour get married? so i pulled out all of the stops. the supper was excellent even though there wasn't any turnip and and my sis C thought about sneaking in some "contraband" - bahahahahah!

then we were out back on the dearest beautiful wedding friend E is flopped between my knees and i am giving her a massage and it's all just girls and we are just laughing and talking about how drunk we were gonna get at the dance.

so after the supper, we came home and changed again. i even did a little "kymber raver/punk" for the actual dance.

the man went super cool.

kids - we had such a great time and so did everyone there and we all needed it! i think i danced with every single person there - and some people were only there for half an hour! my sis C decorated the downstairs of the hall brilliantly! everyone commented on how beautiful the hall looked.


but she set them up in such a way that everyone thought it was a display piece and no one wanted to touch one. several people asked jambaloney if the cupcakes were for eating - he was a little afraid, too, because they were arranged so meticulously! so he went to our sis C and asked if people could eat them - bahahahahah! she said "of course!". people were on those cupcakes like you wouldn't believe. then it was hard to talk to people because their mouths were either full of cupcakes or their mouths were glued shut with cupcakes!!!!

then there was just dancing with my besty c and gawd only knows who else. i danced my feet off. jambaloney was outside mingling with everyone. at one point i went out and said "you have to come and dance with me". but when he came in, i was dancing with my besty c and her daughter s. jambaloney joined in and we all told him to get lost - bahahahahah! it was girl-dancing time! bhahahahah!

i can't even begin to relay what an awesome time we had! we stayed until closing time! we saw everyone off! jambaloney helped to put the licquor in the licquor closet and i cleared tables. i don't even want to know what time we got home!?!?!?!? we both took off our jewelry and clothes and climbed into bed. there was much cuddling and mumbling to each other about what a great night it was.

of course we woke up this morning with "that bastard behind the eyes" ( it's a quote from "Rake" - one of our favourite shows. you can get it on netflix. and your welcome!). our heads were pounding. we just wanted to climb under rocks. but look at what today looked like:

the river was calling and we are so glad that it called!

guess how much work we did today? none! we ran out of water down at the river and so had to resort to drinking the juice from our fruit salad - bahahahahah! but then we ran out of that!!! we spent the whole day at the river - we were like teenagers - giggling and laughing and napping and soooooo many delicious dips in the river.we had a blast of a day!

no worries - cats were all fed ahead of time and additional food was left out for them.

we came home when the sun went down and climbed right back into bed. we just got up at midnight - i know, we live a really decadent lifestyle - but really - how many chances in our life are we gonna get to do this again? we think about a thousand more or at least, that's what we are hoping for!

we had such a great day yesterday and today....i just wish you all could have been there with us.

tomorrow - it's back to normal with jobs and crap. but yesterday and today - we partied like it was 1999!!!! sending love to all of you and hoping that none of you have a headache like we do - bahahahahhah!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

quick update

today was our dear friends' and neighbours wedding. i went alone because jambaloney doesn't do churches.

i sat with one of our bestest buddies from fourchu - b - but don't tell c because she is our real bestest buddy. b is her husband. the wedding was such a beautiful ceremony - i didn't want to put any pics of the ceremony on the blog because that's not for me to decide. but both me and b got teary throughout. i wish it hadn't have been such a gray, cloudy day but i hope that the wedding pictures turned out better as the sun has now come out.

i did a real nifty sideways bun and a ringlet but didn't think to take a pic of it until after i got home, pulled the dress over my head and put a t-shirt on (it's a little chilly today - so need a t-shirt).

we'll be off to the supper in a few hours....wait until you see the pics of jambaloney in his "wedding supper clothes"! he's going to be gorgeous! and after the supper is the dance - woohoo! my besty c and i will be dancing for almost all of the songs. and she and her other besty jambaloney will be dancing to the long version of "paradise by the dashboard light"- bahahhahah! those 2 kill me. there is no chance in heck that i would ever dance with her to that song - that's jambaloney's job. and it's no prob for him because he loves that song as much as c.

kids - it's gonna be a rockin' evening. i just hope and pray it's over by 3am. i am already dead on my feet, wanting a nap, but round 2 is coming up. then round 3. and probably round 4. come into my corner kids...stitch up my split eye and squirt water in my mouth. i gotta go back into that ring! and if you think i am being wimpy - THEN YOU HAVE NEVER HAD TO DANCE ALL NIGHT LONG WITH C! bahahahahahaha!

(trying sooooo hard not to take a nap! these 2 communities will kill us if we miss the supper and dance!)

(still trying not to take a! no way! zzzzzzzz! no! i am not napping! i still have to iron my supper dress. ugh.)

we`re going to have a wonderful time....but oh heck....6pm is like 2 hours away....and all i am doing is yawning my face off. sending love.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

mid-august already?

jambaloney here!

yep august already and i feel like almost nothing to show for it!!!

to be fair - i worked a lot this spring-summer and k has already posted about the garden etc, but aside from cleaning up the yard some - it was like - whoops - aug already??  time really does fly when you have a lot of balls in the air!!

work was good though, i developed a lot of code for Lobster R Us and provided a more accurate inventory than ever.  so nothing new there..

anyway, much to k's chagrin, i started back at the basement AGAIN - she is always wondering why i need to re-do the basement./...

uh need she ask??

to be fair - i just chucked stuff in there all spring summer, but it has NEVER been functional - as a man-cave i get a 12 x 14 wet leaky gravel bottomed POS to work in... this fall we have plans for an addition and some of the work will require finesse - not ed-type finesse mind you but above jambaloney-style bang it up ...anyway - have a gander!!!

the real culprit is our old kitchen vanity as workbench - it is junky, awkward and also a trap moisture - the whole basement is one big drain so having this up against the wall is hell to everything in it. the top is an old solid-core door....

 so the first thing i need to do to was to FINALLY make a "this is the last time baby" workroom is to replace the bottom of the workbench. true jambaloney style - use reclaimed wood - i have some GREAT old dimensional 2x2s and 4x4s i got in the garbage (i had to cheat there is one new 2x4 left from the shed) you can see a bit of the 12" compound mitre i got on sale last year bottom right..

i love that saw - 20 mins i got this:

i really do have all the tools i need now - only real addition would be a table saw - but i figure i can make jigs to use with my circular saws. one thing i have invested heavily in is ryobi 18v one plus tools - the li-ion batteries are great and fit all - in the process i have two drills - the one on the right i use most of the time, but the auto-shift on the left has a bit more juice - good for the large screws for this project...

here is a great tip - when screwing stuff together, cinder blocks at right angles will provide a GREAT temporary jig to line stuff up to before assembly:

these are two ends

and a bench!!

gordies-boardies bottom shelves in minutes ( i can cut 3 at a time)

omg can we move this along???!!!

and here the bottom is in place..

 top on and level!!!

hey it is aug 9 and i have not been fishing since july 16 - i am going!! (truth be told - too dry for trout, but there was rain the day before) - nice evening for it!!

real nice walk!!

down at the river...

going to the creek mouths - only place i will get trout tonight...

water was up a bit - good sign!

here we are - i always love it here - canoe and fishing, i am not so worried about feeding us when i feel this way - it is really low-tech!!

i REALLY love my canoe, only kymber beats it - LOL!!!

coming home the sun looks great!!


good haul - 5 trout for pp and sweet sandy and a large white perch - they are a later season species but taste great!!!

sun really setting..

and last night i met my friend d for mackerel fishing at gabarus - he has a sweet spot on the rocks...

fishing was GOOD!!!! note the water bottle, it is a 16-ounce water bottle - then note the 20 mackerel- these are gonna yield a LOT of smoked mackerel!!!

i will keep you up-to date on the basement - i have a final layout that makes the MOST out of a small, sh*tty basement underway - i have a few decent tips to offer...

anyway happy mid-aug everyone!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

a rainy day, much needed...and some advice about my mermaid tail

it's been raining all night and day...and we needed it!

especially for the folks living on the mainland of nova scotia....they have been experiencing horrible forest fires and volunteers as well as firefighters from new brunswick, quebec and ontario have been called in. it was almost a terrible fiasco for what is known as the "valley" in nova scotia's mainland - that's where all of our organic peaches, pears and apples come from. but for now, it looks like the firefighters, the volunteers and the rain have it managed. thank goodness. and thank you to all of the volunteers.

rainy days call for french onion soup.

because we're french. bahahahah! however, jambaloney did french immersion for years, worked in paris for months and i can say "my name is a pen" in french - i can't believe you kids didn't believe me???? je m'appelle une stylo. there. showed you!

now onto my mermaid tail.

i wanted to do a proper review but the tail, fin and box that it came in is in port hawkesbury with jambaloney right now. he's off shopping and put my tail and box in the truck the other day to dry it off. oh well, i will just edit this post when he gets home.




the tail and fin are incredibly difficult to put on - i get jambaloney to help me with mine. you have to be in the river or the ocean when you put the tail and fin on because you can not walk in it. even walking in just the tail is difficult, but impossible if you have the fin on.

but because i have jambaloney there to help me put on the tail and fin...and then dog-paddle myself out into the deeper water - i love it! but you MUST be a very competent swimmer to swim with it. i cannot stress that enough! and again - NOT FOR CHILDREN!

anyone who has any questions - ask here in the comments, or send me an email at

one last word on the tail - I LOVE IT! but i have jambaloney with me to help me put it on, have him there beside me when i swim in it, and have him there to help take it off.

now on to another reason that we needed rain:

our sinkhole/pond went completely dry for the first time ever! jambaloney managed to rescue all of the little baby salamanders and tadpoles.

they are now currently living in this bin with pond mud and pond water and sticks and rocks. after it finishes raining tonight, we will put them back in the pond.

and kids - super tip about what to do with pods from shelling peas? freeze them. in a bag. add to the bag regularly. and the next time you are making bone/veg broth - add your delicious, homegrown pea pods.

jambaloney should be home soon. we're having BLT's on fresh bread when he gets home. then probably a nap. then homemade hamburgers for supper. then some netflix. it'll have been a full day. a good one.

i would like to thank you all for the comments about my teeth. you are a very supporting and caring group of people and we are the better for having you come to our blog. a big shout-out to my sis C who i can always be brutally honest with - bahahahahah!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

the Framboise Manor yacht...also known as "yacht-dura"

kids - most of you know that when we left ottawa with all of our wordly belongings and 2 cats - we did so in a 1980 chevy vandura. here's a pic of the beast.

jambaloney, who had never driven a car or van in his life, had 2 months driving experience and drove us over 1,000 miles in december, worst winter known to man, in that beast. it's amazing we made it here alive. and that's why we name all of our vehicles "x-dura".

like canoe-dura.

and boat-dura.

and truck-dura.

as well as atv-dura. we have a lot of "duras" and i will get to yacht-dura soon.

but i am getting ahead of myself here and i know you all want to see "yacht-dura"! take a patience pill for the love of heck!

it was a beautiful day yesterday!

a perfect day to pick some of our own red potatoes.

and some radishes and third round chives.

and grill up some fresh-caught trout which were stuffed with slabs of butter and salted dill.

grilled those babies up with potatoe salad, bananas and champagne grapes! makes for a fantastic supper!

today was another beautiful day - we knew we needed to get our chores done and head to the river to set up yacht-dura! some kymberz version of vietnamese hot and sour soup was called for!

and then it was time to hit the river and bust out the Framboise Manor yacht - also known as yacht-dura (see comment above about all the other "duras"). beautiful,calm river - a perfect day!

beautiful clouds in the sky.

and a beautiful little creature christened yacht-dura for us.

there she is in all of her glory!!!

yep - a cheap blow-up thingy that i am in love with. it is my yacht! and i don't care what anyone thinks! it's my yacht and i had such a beautiful time in it.

jambaloney isn't too crazy for it - he's more of a canoe and boat guy. but i love it! can't wait to take the mermaid tail out to it.

it was sooooo much fun laying in it and looking at all of the trees and the water and soaking up the sun.

it's heaven. just heaven.

and i am sending much love to you all...even mia more.