Saturday, June 30, 2012

Phelan's blogathon has begun!

Phelan just started her blogathon - go check her out here. stop in and visit her throughout the day as she will be blogging every 30 mins for the next 24hrs. she is doing this for a very worthwhile charity that you can learn more about here.

make sure to stop in and tell her that kymber sent you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i love gwak-a-mole!

(H/T to Joan Jett)

"i love gwak-a-mole
so put another dime in the juke-box, baby!
i love gwak-a-mole
so come an' take your time and dance with me!"

(this will make sense further down in the post!)

it's been misty, foggy and rainy for the past few days. no matter - misty days are good days for flumping on the couch with your honey, reading books together and watching some movies on netflix. did i tell you how much we enjoy netflix? and only $8 a month??? we love it!

check out these yummy babies! jambaloney's is the bloody one on the left - ick. i like mine like bootleather!

jambaloney got a bunch of these steaks, marked waaaay down and even though they had been in the freezer a few months, they were still delicious!

whenever it is gray or rainy out, i like to make colourful food. like homemade salsa. and homemade guacamole!

(cue Joan again):

"i love gwak-a-mole
so put another dime in the jukebox, baby!
i love gwak-a-mole
so come an take your time an dance with me - YEAH!"

i also love saying words phonetically - like love it! i always pronounce silent "K's" in words such as knapsack, knee and knob. i'm a rebel like that! i also love finding words that go with songs like the song above - bahahahahaha!

here have a look-see at the fajitas we made (of course i call them "fa-jee-tas"! - bahahahahahah!)

if you are wondering why the avocado pits are in the guacamole, it's a trick i learned from someone, somewhere. if you leave the pits in the guacamole, the guacamole doesn't discolour as fast. and it works!

anyway, i know that i am bragging but i can't help myself - check out my beautiful diamond necklace!

so in signing off - i wish you all a great day! jambaloney is off fishing and i am off to snuggle cat's bellies, sort out my seeds and read a book! laters!

Monday, June 25, 2012

the Framboise Community Breakfast, diamonds, baked potatoes and lettuce!

saturday morning we attended the Framboise Community Breakfast. we served 22 dozen eggs, 4 million pancakes, 10kg of sausage and jambaloney and i cooked 10kgs of bacon!!!! it was a huge success and we made a lot of money for the community centre - woohoo!

here is jambaloney outside of the hall: (ladies don't feel bad for wanting to be me and have such a gorgeous man. i understand! i AM me and i still want to be me every time i look at him - *sigh* - he is soooo gorgeous!)

and me:

up next - diamonds! you know the sayings - diamonds are a girl's best friend. diamonds are forever - yada-yada. i love diamonds. big diamonds, little diamond's and in-between diamonds. i am an expert at carat and clarity. have a look-see for yourselves!

i love diamonds!

more diamonds - i am surrounded by diamonds!

some of my favourite diamonds!

so very beautiful!

there are diamonds all over the Manor! come and get some for yourself!

these diamonds are especially gorgeous!

here's the obligatory pic of the sky for Helga - she loves to see the sky and i love to take pics for her! my friends Jane, Sandy, Sue and PracticalP also like sky pics!

here's a food pic for my friend Russell! baked potatoes smothered in butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits (real bacon) and chives - oh they were good! and a side salad all from our garden - woohoo!

hey check out the baby lettuces in the lettuce stand:


if this thing works i am having jambaloney build me a hundred more!!!

Russell asks: "hey kymber. what did you guys have for breakfast?"

i answer: "hey Russ buddy - how goes it? for breakfast we of course had the breakfast of champions!!!!"

check out those deeeeelishous trouts!!!! oh yummy-yum!


 well, that's it for now. it has stopped raining and the sun is out and the entire garden has been watered by the rain! i am sorry to all of my blog friends out there who are getting too much rain and not enough rain. we are very lucky this year as we are getting enough regular rain and enough regular sun that i think it is going to be a bumper year with our garden. fingers crossed anyway.

go have a great day y'all!

oh and if you are in the mood for a giggle - my friend PioneerPreppy did a silly parody post of one of my posts - check it out here.

Friday, June 22, 2012

let's go for a walk-about - lots of things to see! oh...and a redneck pea/bean trellis!

let's just get the obligatory sky pic for Helga done and over with, eh? bahahahahahha! here ya go, Helga!

oh it's a beautiful day at the Manor - we have been out working and enjoying all of the beauty on our land - let's go for a walk!

beautiful little snapdragon for your viewing pleasure...your welcome!

 look at all of the beautiful little flowers growing on the road to the river!

daisies are my favourite flower in the world - i just love them! jambaloney used to send me roses and daisies at my work-place. because it was a secure building, the flowers would be delivered to the front desk. the security guard would call my boss to say that i had a delivery. then my boss would screech across the whole floor - "kymberz got more flowers! what else is new!!!" - it was such fun and all of my co-workers enjoyed sharing my flowers. now i just get to see them daily, growing in their natural environment - *sigh*.

a close-up - how incredibly gorgeous. and i get to see this every day?!?!?!?! i try to be as grateful as i can be. and thank the Lord that we are truly here....home....forever.

some more interesting little flowers to share.


check out the wild strawberries - they are so sweet and juicy! and tiny! little tiny-tines! and they grow all over our land! they are just ripening now so we eat them as we find them. in the next few days we will have to start collecting them in buckets and freezing them to enjoy over the winter. i love wild food!!!!

here's some just waiting to be eaten...tomorrow!

look at all of the beautiful buttercups growing on our road! there is nothing prettier than bunches of buttercups! did you ever pick a buttercup and hold it under your friend's chin to see if they liked butter? we did that when i was a child! come here, Helga - i need to see if you like buttercups!

how about these fields of wild raspberry?!?!?!? they are just ready to flower. woohoo for us - more wild, delicious, nutrient-filled food!

we have pretty grasses growing all over our land. Beth - pay attention to the rest of the pictures. tell me if you see sweetgrass.

my goodness - look at the beautiful colour!


 and some baby trees growing as the older trees die - i love the cycle of life. Helga - get down from that tree!

i had to take another pic of the sky - the sky here mesmerizes me to the point of being unable to do anything except look at it - it makes me think of eternity and what that really means.

more wild raspberry - we are going to be eating so many berries this year that we will probably turn into berries - bahahahahah!

some beautiful, wild and native ferns - i love them!

wild and native irises...there's some pics coming of the actual flowers. gonna let these babies go to seed and then collect them to plant them all around our yard!


 more baby trees - if this is boring - i am sorry. but i love watching the cycle of life!

we call this guy the "king dew-bury" or dewberry if you prefer. he's covered in berries - yummeh!

another big, awesome patch of raspberry!

Beth - i am taking pics of all of the different grasses on our land - yell if you see sweetgrass. if we have it, i will send some seeds to you. if we don't have it on our land, we will try to find it in our area!

little, pretty pink flowers. you would think that i would go to google images to find out what all of this stuff is. i will, one day - when i'm not out taking pictures!


 blooooooo-bury! oh ya baby!

ferns and white, puffy flowers.

wild iris - so gorgeous!

a close-up...and a funny little bug.

more irises growing on the hill.

pitcher plants - very rare!!! and lovely! some are already going to seed - you know that i will be gathering those!

here's the flower of the plant.


 and here is the actual "pitchers" of the plant! cool eh?

more grasses growing down at the river.

and some more - so many different types!

my 2 favourite trees in the whole world! i love the one on the left because it's tilty. i love the one on the right because we use him to hang our towels off of when we are swimming - bahahahahah!

 our forest floor - i love the forest!

we have beautiful rocks all over our land!

a swampy area down at the river - it is full of frogs, spring peepers and all of their babies - i love this swamp!

here's some delicious, silty dirt that we'll be digging up to add to our tires, raised beds and huggie kulturs. yummy!

some interesting little "things" that grow everywhere - so tiny and cute!

more yummy, silty dirt!


and now we are back home....Helga is still playing in the river!

so after going out and enjoying our land and giving thanks and feeling grateful to be here....what did we do? we built the most awesome pea/bean trellis!!! have a look-see:

 that baby is wicked-awesome....and built with scrap metal that jambaloney got from other people's garbage and wood from our land!

next up - remember the fire hose that jambaloney got at the fire hall? check out what we did with it. yep - we cut it into strips - pretty impressive eh? bahahahahahhaha!

but here's the kicker! we used the fire hose as an anchor to be able to tie string up the trellis. when the peas and beans are big enough - we will train them to the strings! perfection!

we are having a gorgeous friday here at the Manor and i hope that you all are too! we have the first Framboise Community Summer Event happening tomorrow morning - it's the Framboise breakfast from 8-11. we'll be there at 7am setting up and getting everything ready, and then serving and clearing tables and washing dishes and whatnot. we love our community! the season of kitchen parties every weekend is about to commence - woohoo!

have a fantastic weekend and y'all come back you hear?!?!?!?