Wednesday, March 30, 2016

fishing reels

jambaloney here!

framboise we have a problem..... like a shoe problem, or in pioneer preppy's case, a "tractor" problem ;-)))

i have some of my grandfather's old fishing reels and they needed work... then i started looking online about old reels vs new and there is a debate, then i got on eBay, then i found some deals then..

<omitting picture of all my reels>

i thought this would be an opportunity to post more about my version of firearms... fishing reels  LOL! but i will add some depth and do some serious fishing equipment posts this year... rods and line and stuff included...

when i was a kid, i serviced my reels  - you should too

oh ya i got LOTS of pics...

first up a medium-used a DAM 220. recommended DAM Quick microlite and my current ultralight Shimano Sahara 1000

220,  circa 1965

microlight, circa 1965

the DAM reels are German..

the Shimano I bought in 1992 - it was made in Malaysia..

spools from the micro lite and the Shimano...

WAIT - first you need a toolkit... I have been making this kit over a 20 year period, it is stuffed with pint-size tools


some sweet examples.. mini everything - woot!!!!!

okay - the microlite was the prize so i started with the 220

i am getting old - glasses and a flashlight..

and a sturdy old fishing reel...

plate with screw removed...

and off - you can see the DAM 220 uses an oscillating worm drive gear. you can read more about it at

Alan Hawk
ebay guide to ultralight

anyway - it has pretty hardened grease...

off with the plates..

and out with the parts... in order - ALWAYS in order!!!

further along the line...

the rotating head..

this reel has a odd all-in-one gear and handle, as it was in good shape i omitted taking it apart...

but the bail arm comes off..

and here is the happy collection...

cleaner and lube - these will be upgraded - it had been a while...

i used the murphy soap on all as it is an oil based soap.. (okay i used WD 40 on the nasty bits)

Here is the spool..

take GREAT care in removing the washers - they must go back in the same order - older reels tend to have a variety of washers, metal cork and plastic, this keeps the spools spinning well under load..

this cleaned up nice!!!

so did the main shaft...



and whole!!!

this is not a bad reel - heavy but sturdy... it makes a lot of noise in anti reverse, but is all metal and built to last. i have yet to fish it - i will give a report this year. as far as prepping goes, these old reels are great as they have few plastic parts....

more to come - hope everyone is well!!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

a crazy gift from my "big Sis"....and a really nice day!

today has been absolutely beautiful!

of course, every morning starts with a dip in the hottub and a prayer (this one for my friend d, her husband and her mother)

this morning we skipped our gloopy shakes and had fresh -squeezed orange juice with regular oranges, blood oranges and a pamplemousse (french for grapefruit. sometimes i like to show off - bahahahah!

sorry for such a blurry pic but oh well - you get the idea!

now on to the greatest gag gift ever! my neighbour and 2nd best friend is getting married this summer. but they are having a "jack and jill" party on april 20th. i won't be able to attend don't have any teeth in my head! and the end of april is when the denturist wants to see me for consultation on when to do my molding.

my big Sis C said that she would do everything she could so that i could attend the jack and jill party! so she sent me these:

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  they are baby soothers that have little lips and little teeth on them. the note she sent says " Suck on these it looks like you have teeth. See, told you i would look after you in time for the jack and jill shower. love always, Big Sis"! isn't that to die for? me and jambaloney laughed for a good 20 minutes, and then me and big Sis laughed when i called her to tell her i had received them! we love our sis and bro, c and g!

we have already taken several walks around the property today and many hottub dips. jam's been working on his contract and i have been responding to emails and such. but while we were out walking i thought i would take a pic of my favourite tree - it's a balsam fir. (i didn't realize i was standing on the other side of the clothesline)

this is my other favourite tree. it's a spruce that was hit by lightning. i call him a bonsai.

the is my other favourite tree - it's the only red maple on our whole property!

these are my other favourite trees - various evergreens - pines, spruce, tamarack.

and these are my other favourite trees - various evergreens and birch in amongst them.

i have a lot of favourite trees. and i love all of them equally and thank the Lord for them every single day.

here's my favourite guy in the whole entire world - jambaloney, watering the plants in the greenhouse!

and kids - i have always loved stew! and i have allllllllways loved doughboys (i think you 'mericans call them dumplings. and i think you put milk in yours? not sure. but doughboys don't have milk in them). but now that i have no teeth - doughboys have become my absolute favourite food in the world.

i slow-cooked the roast for 8 hrs, steamed all of the veg (potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and turnip) until they were soft then dumped them in the slow cooker with the roast for the last hour and a bit. then i was able to mash all of the veg, cut up the meat in tiny pieces and cut up the doughboy in tiny pieces. it felt like i had died and gone to heaven.

food, kids! i ate food! and i have been eating it, glumpy smoothies, baby food and juice ever since. i gotta run now and make more doughboys! i am putting them in everything from here on in!

it's only 5pm here....the sun is still bright and shining and bouncing off the snow....we'll be having supper soon (more doughboys for me - wahoo!), more walks, more hottub dips and praying for our friend d, and then snacks and watching a movie. jambaloney will have a smoked meat sandwich for snack. guess what i'll be having?

oh come on! i'll be having doughboys in broth! sending out lots of love. to all of you.

Monday, March 21, 2016

just like i predicted - SNOWMAGEDDON - after i announced the Framboise Manor First Official Day of Spring! oh well - ya can't win them all!

yep! just like predicted - we got belted with Snowmageddon!

ack! no worries. the temps will be rising all eve and tomorrow and then it's rain, fog and mist. that snow will be gone in no time!!! and if we get more snow before the end of march - well phooey! we know that spring is on it's way. and we will wait for it patiently. but that doesn't mean that we won't be planting some stuff in the greenhouse this week, nor does it mean that we won't be re-arranging our tiny kitchen and adding in our greenhouse thingy to start tomatoes and peppers next week. no siree.

and an update on my toothless situation. i am so sick of smoothies, juices, baby food, apple sauce and all other kinds of crap for the last 13 days - i tried something new! i made jambaloney some chicken breasts with baked potatoes and veggies for his supper. i took some of his cooked chicken, some cooked potatoes, added cocnut milk, homemade broth, some frozen corn and some small broccoli florets. i shredded the chicken and added everything to a casserole dish. i baked it till bubbly for 40 minutes.

i know it looks like baby puke but because it had all cooked so long - it was mushy and i was able to gum it. oh thank heavens. i actually ate what tasted like food!

my gums are healing up really well and tomorrow i am doing a roast with tiny cut up veg and cooking it for 12 hours. so that's another meal i will be able to gum. i rinse my mouth every time i eat or drink something with mineral salt added to our berkey water. i have been fastidious about that. and i take my morning smoothie/juice thing with the powdered super greens every day.

jambaloney has been taking this time to get some serious work done for Lobsters 'R' Us and he will be going in on wednesday. he'll have lots of new exciting stuff for show and tell!

other than that - still no headaches after 13 days. no pain pills for several days. i'm still in pain - but that's to be expected! and it's nothing that i can't handle!

jambaloney made sure all of our gear was working properly to get ready for this snowmageddon and we haven't lost heat or power. we were just in the hottub getting misted on and breathing beautiful, fresh, wet salty air. we'll be going back out in a bit to sit for a good 30 mins or so and discuss tomorrow's duties. all in all - it's been a good couple of days!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Official Framboise Manor "First Day of Spring 2016" Celebration Day!

(it's so official that i even used capital letters in the title - did you notice?)

the morning was bright and beautiful!

we decided to go all out and party - woohoo! the day started with a hottub dip admiring the greenhouse that we'll be starting a variety of lettuces, spinaches, kale, swiss chard and brassicas in this week.

we had our version of a V-8 for breakfast. jambaloney choked his down - i've been gagging it down all day!

why did we choose today to be The Official Framboise Manor "First Day of Spring 2016" Celebration Day? good question. there are a variety of reasons.

first off the pond is almost melted!

our pernnial herb garden containing mint, chives, sage, thyme, rosemary, bee balm, lemon balm and anise held up well over the winter.

especially the sage, rosemary and thyme lasted throughout the winter. the rest will come back on their own.

the chamomile bed is showing signs of coming back.

the white and blue borage bed we let go to seed last year and then knocked all of the seeds onto the ground. they will be coming back soon.

we planted our tulips! woohoo!

we got our tulips last fall and just didn't have the time to get them in the ground. and we have no idea where we wanted them to live. so we put them in a box and left them in the cool, dark basement. and what do you know - they all sprouted. it was so much fun to get out in the greenhouse and plant something! as we still don't know where we want to make a tulip bed - we planted them in pots.

now kids - you all know that when it comes to partying - we don't hold back. we go full throttle! so we got out all of our seeds that we have acquired over the years, sorted them and realized that guess what? the only seeds we need to buy this year are hops. jambaloney is going to try to start making beer with our own hops.

then we got out our bags of saved seed from last year. there are a ton more but the table is only so big.

there is something so special about feeling like you planted the seed, you grew the food, you saved the seed - and then you will plant that seed this year. imagine - the only seeds we need to buy this year are hops!

we sorted about 1/3 of our seeds, bagged and labelled them. we'll finish all of the rest during the rest of this week.

and nothing goes to waste! when our plant seeds are dry enough we don't gather the seeds we just cut the stalks and stick the stalks and the seeds in a variety of bags that we have been using for 5yrs now. re-purpose, recycle, re-use. so when we actually separate the seeds from the stalks or pods, all of that goes into a big bag to be brought out to the compost.

it's a full circle/cycle. we plant the seeds, eat the produce, save the seeds, save the stalks for compost and then the circle/cycle starts again. we love that feeling.

and isn't it awesome when it's 6pm and the sun is still high in the sky???

well, even though we're pretty sure that by announcing The Official Framboise Manor "First Day of Spring" Celebration Day that we are almost guaranteeing that we will get a pile of snow dumped on us before the end of march - it doesn't matter! today we planted things, we sorted our seeds and planned this year's garden! that to me makes it official.

and the fact that it's St. Patrick's Day when everyone wears green and drinks green beer and such - well nothing screams spring louder than green stuff!

Happy Official Framboise Manor "First Day of Spring 2016" Celebration Day - and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you!

we're going to keep the party going on all night. jambaloney has 10 million wires and tools and all kinds of stuff spread all over the floor - stuff that he is working on for his contract. and i am writing this post, responding to email and then hitting up your blogs. then it's off to watch a movie and a few more "brooklyn 9-9" - it's a pretty funny show and we laugh our guts out at it.

then to bed by 10. we'll be worn out - but hey - you get worn out when you party like us! bahahahah!