Monday, September 29, 2014

ATV shed - full meal deal

jambaloney here!

danger - MANY pics but i will try to keep the text to a minimum you can make a baby barn/shed outta a truck cab..

first up  -last trout day (okay it was a month ago)... water was high!

i canoed out from where i store the canoe - never done that before!

it was a nice night

and i caught a couple of trout! one each for sandy and pp!

so the shed starts with our old front deck that jimmy built .. it is 6`x10` - perfect

and the cab off the truck, 5 1/2 feet by 8'..

so i picked a good spot that will allow for easy access to the driveway and be out of the wind:

and then i trenched the spot

next up - i got a bunch of ratty plastic, old tarp and old poly..

which is good enough for a vapour barrier if folder over a few times..

to the beach for rocks..

and spread them out on the poly..

one of our summer friends told me his neighbor was ditching a pile of old creosote 4x4 - i was over in a flash - a whole pile of 7 footers and to the right is a 12 footer and a 16 footer - pure gold!!!

i only needed 3 for the base..

next i horfed the old deck on the 4x4s - it was pretty heavy!

but sat nicley!

deck begins at the back with 3 braces across 2 pallets - the pallets are 40"" x  48" so the walls are 40" high..

then a pallet on the back...

and then 2 more up front

a thick side brace on each side

and there is a bare bones frame! i used a lot of deck screws securing it

next up i put on a lip with old boards..

it is spaced properly for the cab clamps to use - you can see underneath..

so now the cab - it proved a bit much to lift

so i made a ramp that you saw in kymber's earlier post

and spaced the ramp inside the cab so i wouldn't bend the cab bottom while sliding

away i went..

and it worked - nearly blew a gasket mind you ;-)

after i got it up, i put poly all around..

and added two braces near the front on each side for stablility..

i used plastic leftover from making garden markers to make teh ploy tight by screwing it in the gaps of the pallets

i was then able to remove the 2x4 and tie-down braces that i had as a "bottom" for the cab....

oiled up the clamps..

and secured teh cab in place over the poly lip - on the lip i put a layer of sill foam under the poly - worked perfectly!!!

last time under a tarp for you!

atv being freed!

in a new home that will be dry all year - eliminating water problems!!!!

osb door screwed in place...

and later painted with a four-point secure system made outta old clothesline wire and a bungee cord - just one hook in the middle - i don't want to be pouring frozen water on metal latches to get to the snowplow.

This was a great project - it worked out perfectly and cost only the price of deck screws and new sheets of poly... WAY cheaper than a shed from a kit - woot!

here is a nice sunset

and bird feeders:

cheers all!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

september mish-mash and a "go-fund-me" project for my friend Phelan!

the weather is definitely getting cooler - but we are still experiencing some nice temps and beautiful days.

if any of you have been homesteading and reading homesteading blogs for the past million years - then if you had the good sense you would have read my friend Phelan's blog "A Homesteading Neophyte" and learned much from her. Many of you may know that she and her family moved to a whole new state last year to a beautiful holler that has proved to be a little difficult. i will vouch for the fact that it is very hard to uproot and move to a place that isn't...well...finished is not the word i am looking, it's more like "started"! it is really difficult but she and her family have been trucking on. however, after surviving last winter without power, some friends of hers have set up a "go-fund-me" project for her. you can find it here. please, if you can help out at all, it would be greatly appreciated. Phelan has been in the blogging and homesteading community for so many years and provided advice, guidance and help to many. she has been a big help to many in the community and now it is her turn to need some help - which she hates! she has been cooking her family's food and canning ON AN OPEN FIRE PEOPLE! we can't let HER family go another winter without power and heat.

we have been busy harvesting, canning, drying, building sheds, putting away the summer clothes - you know - the usual! we have a long autumn here so it should still be nice with only a few early morning frosts for the next couple of months.

the other day was windy, but warm, about 20C. we downed tools at about noon and headed to the river. here is our river dinner:

vermicelli, tomatoes, cucumber, beans, peas, green onions, and mesclun greens fresh-picked from the garden, as well as a pile of basil, mint and coriander also from the garden. and my belt-you-into-next-week dressing - yummeh!

it was a beautiful afternoon and it only took a little coaxing to take my first dip. yuhikes- it was freezing. and salty. the ocean was really blowing up the mouth of the river. no matter, once in, we like to take a couple of dips. me and jam just sat and talked for most of the time, but then of course, he laid down and was snoring in about 45 seconds. he's been working his butt off the past few weeks and he always falls asleep in the sun. i normally do, too, but i just kept thinking - what if this is my last chance for a dip in the river? and so i headed out 2 more times while jam was resting and had several more dips. i love that river - it is balm to my soul.

here's my path and "boardwalk" to the river. it's just an old pallet jam laid down over a deep rivet that i kept tripping into. this fall and spring is all about building a proper boat launch, a walkway and a dock - i can't wait!

great news though! it looks like we'll be having more river days based on the weather forecast! it looks like thursday, friday and saturday are going to be awesome river days! so we have planned our chores accordingly in order to make the most of it! woohoo! more dips in the river - i can't wait!

here's some chicken breasts done on the grill with a little home-made teriyaki sauce spread on after they came off the grill. and a simple side salad all from our garden.

there's been lots of canning going on. i don't like to save my harvest until i have enough to can big bunches - i like doing it in small bunches. here's some zucchini and pattypan squash puree to make delicious soups and curries over the winter!

of course, there is the daily harvesting of herbs for drying. here i am trying to dry some lemon balm leaves and of course, little Frankie Blue Eyes has to help:

every time i am preparing food or whatnot, Frankie has to be in the middle of it! trust me when i say there is cat hair everywhere in this house!

i pick flowers daily for drying. here are st. john's wort, evening of primrose, blue and white borage and sweet marjoram flowers. by picking only a few everyday, there are still flowers left for the bees and by the time the flowers have gone to seed, i will have enough teas of each. those teas will get us through the winter, not only providing memories of sunny, summer days, but will provide a number of health benefits as well.

want a wicked-awesome breakfast or side-dish? try extra-thick bacon and fresh-picked green beans - yummeh!

and trouts and sprouts just aren't for breakfast! they also make a great supper when you add home-made french fries made with your own potatoes - deelish!

here's a bunch of noisy little grackle babies that fill our yard several times a day. i love watching them!

ok - off to start the man's late dinner/early supper and then i'll hit up all of your blogs. Sweet Sandy - email on the way.