Tuesday, September 23, 2014

september mish-mash and a "go-fund-me" project for my friend Phelan!

the weather is definitely getting cooler - but we are still experiencing some nice temps and beautiful days.

if any of you have been homesteading and reading homesteading blogs for the past million years - then if you had the good sense you would have read my friend Phelan's blog "A Homesteading Neophyte" and learned much from her. Many of you may know that she and her family moved to a whole new state last year to a beautiful holler that has proved to be a little difficult. i will vouch for the fact that it is very hard to uproot and move to a place that isn't...well...finished is not the word i am looking for...no, it's more like "started"! it is really difficult but she and her family have been trucking on. however, after surviving last winter without power, some friends of hers have set up a "go-fund-me" project for her. you can find it here. please, if you can help out at all, it would be greatly appreciated. Phelan has been in the blogging and homesteading community for so many years and provided advice, guidance and help to many. she has been a big help to many in the community and now it is her turn to need some help - which she hates! she has been cooking her family's food and canning ON AN OPEN FIRE PEOPLE! we can't let HER family go another winter without power and heat.

we have been busy harvesting, canning, drying, building sheds, putting away the summer clothes - you know - the usual! we have a long autumn here so it should still be nice with only a few early morning frosts for the next couple of months.

the other day was windy, but warm, about 20C. we downed tools at about noon and headed to the river. here is our river dinner:

vermicelli, tomatoes, cucumber, beans, peas, green onions, and mesclun greens fresh-picked from the garden, as well as a pile of basil, mint and coriander also from the garden. and my belt-you-into-next-week dressing - yummeh!

it was a beautiful afternoon and it only took a little coaxing to take my first dip. yuhikes- it was freezing. and salty. the ocean was really blowing up the mouth of the river. no matter, once in, we like to take a couple of dips. me and jam just sat and talked for most of the time, but then of course, he laid down and was snoring in about 45 seconds. he's been working his butt off the past few weeks and he always falls asleep in the sun. i normally do, too, but i just kept thinking - what if this is my last chance for a dip in the river? and so i headed out 2 more times while jam was resting and had several more dips. i love that river - it is balm to my soul.

here's my path and "boardwalk" to the river. it's just an old pallet jam laid down over a deep rivet that i kept tripping into. this fall and spring is all about building a proper boat launch, a walkway and a dock - i can't wait!

great news though! it looks like we'll be having more river days based on the weather forecast! it looks like thursday, friday and saturday are going to be awesome river days! so we have planned our chores accordingly in order to make the most of it! woohoo! more dips in the river - i can't wait!

here's some chicken breasts done on the grill with a little home-made teriyaki sauce spread on after they came off the grill. and a simple side salad all from our garden.

there's been lots of canning going on. i don't like to save my harvest until i have enough to can big bunches - i like doing it in small bunches. here's some zucchini and pattypan squash puree to make delicious soups and curries over the winter!

of course, there is the daily harvesting of herbs for drying. here i am trying to dry some lemon balm leaves and of course, little Frankie Blue Eyes has to help:

every time i am preparing food or whatnot, Frankie has to be in the middle of it! trust me when i say there is cat hair everywhere in this house!

i pick flowers daily for drying. here are st. john's wort, evening of primrose, blue and white borage and sweet marjoram flowers. by picking only a few everyday, there are still flowers left for the bees and by the time the flowers have gone to seed, i will have enough teas of each. those teas will get us through the winter, not only providing memories of sunny, summer days, but will provide a number of health benefits as well.

want a wicked-awesome breakfast or side-dish? try extra-thick bacon and fresh-picked green beans - yummeh!

and trouts and sprouts just aren't for breakfast! they also make a great supper when you add home-made french fries made with your own potatoes - deelish!

here's a bunch of noisy little grackle babies that fill our yard several times a day. i love watching them!

ok - off to start the man's late dinner/early supper and then i'll hit up all of your blogs. Sweet Sandy - email on the way.


  1. You're a great friend, kymber, to post for Phelan. Best wishes & prayers for her & her family on the winter power fund.

    Oh, and all the food! Yummy! Now I need to get my lazy behind outside in the garden to work off those calories! ha!

    1. hobo - thank you for your prayers and best wishes - they mean a lot! and i hear you about getting off the behind and getting working - we managed to get a lot of work done today but now i am bush-whacked and only thinking about supper - bahahahah! thanks so much for stopping in!

  2. Sweet Kymber,
    Yes, we all want to see Phelan on the grid. I went over and sent a donation. Along with keeping Phelan and family in my prayers.

    I would be taking dips in the river daily until it got so cold I couldn't stand it. Remember, I used to live on Lake Superior and we would swim in the winter or I should say take quick dips......

    I see and smell some good cooking of fish....................now hurry up and hand over that fish before PP reads this post, Bahahahahahaha.......

    Frankie Blue Eye's wants to learn how to prep that's why he's always helping. He is a cutie helping you there.

    I am enjoying the chamomile tea nightly with some Valerian Root and sleeping very well. This year I didn't get to dry my borage like I had planned, maybe next year.

    Don't work to hard on the homestead,
    Sending love to you and Jambaloney,
    Your friend,

    1. dear Sweet Sandy - just when things are starting to look up for Phelan and her family - her stove pipe on the outside of the house blew up last night - arghghghgh! they really need prayers and help...and thank you for your help!

      as for the river - that's what we do. take as many dips as you can daily until it's just waaaay too cold to do it anymore. last year we took our last dip in the first week of october! i pray for the same this year. but every time we go down, i worry that it's my last dip so i try to savour it. if you were dipping in lake superior in the middle of the summer, i would call you crazy!

      the fish has already got your name on it so the wiener gets none - bahahahahah!

      Frankie is always in the middle of whatever i am making. let's just say that we eat a lot of cat hair around here. it can't be helped when he's right in the middle of the food prep. and he is such a good little cat/guard dog - i just can't make him move - i love him. i love all of our babies.

      i am so glad that you are getting some sleep. you need it. and if the chammomile and valerian are helping - keep drinking it before bed.

      much love to you and all of yours, always, sweet friend! your friend,

  3. All Sandy got was a picture, those troutess were mine and already gone :)

    Looks like you are bringing in quite the harvest this year girl. Go you!!

    So what exactly does "belt you into next week" mean anyway?

    1. sorry buddy - those fish were sweet Sandy's - bahahahah! ya, we are bringing in our best harvest this year since we got here - it's all about the learning, eh, buddy! thanks for that!

      belt you into next week dressing really does belt you into next week, kind of a Dr. Who thing (hattip to my brother G), but then after a few hours you come back with your head spinning and your nose running like mad! the dressing is made with lime, chilies, honey, garlic, ginger, fish sauce and apple cider vinegar. trust me - it WILL belt you into next week! much love buddy!

    2. PP,

      HA.......My Trout!!!! There all mine :PPPPP

  4. You two eat like King's and Queen's, good for you. I have to admit you are my inspiration to start eating healthy, thank you.

    Enjoy the river for now but keep the ice fishing gear handy
    you may soon need it! :o)

    Also thanks for bringing my attention to Phelan's blog it looks like good reading and learning. I wish I could help them out now but unexpected heavy home expenses has taken a toll on me for the next couple months.

    1. Mike, buddy - we try to eat really good food and being out in the middle of nowhere does not allow for much junk food so that helps. plus we don't buy much processed food - just the occasional thing as a treat - like kraft dinner for example.

      and yes, we bring all of the ice fishing gear every time we go down to the river cuz ya never know, right ? bahahahahah!

      Phelan's blog is years filled with information about homesteading and all that goes along with it. be sure to check out her post about growing your own mushrooms!

      Mike - not everyone can help out all of the time. that's not what this is about. this is about trying to reach people who can help out - when they can. you do so much good work on your blog and that is what we are all trying to do. but thank you for thinking of her family - that is what matters!

  5. I like them sunflowers...all the food looks good as usual, but I could do without the squash puree.
    We still have to cook the Bass that ND caught in July.
    Hugs to you and Jam!

    1. Gurlie - those sunflowers are self-seeded from falling out of the birdfeeders! oh squash puree makes a gorgeous soup in the winter with some coconut milk and a bazillion spices...as well as it is a good base for curries - yummeh! but not everyone's cup of tea, i understand! get that bass out and get cooking it - so yummeh just fried in a little butter or if the flesh is really tender - make battered fish and home-made chips - deelish! much love back to you and yours, always, Gurlie!

  6. Thanks for letting us know. Can't have anyone cold in winter - I know we'd be in dire straits during winter without our Rosie.

    1. thanks Dani! they have already done one winter without heat...and our first winter here, we had heat but no insulation. it was awful! much love Dani!

  7. Good post, taking a break from my studies to say Hi.

    1. ya buddy - i read about all of your homework - bahahahahah! but good on you Rob...i'm very proud!

  8. I have been so worried about Phelan, we are not far away, and I want to make a run down there with things they may need. I will donate this weekend when I get paid. My heart aches everytime I read of another set back. Now her stove pipe....

    1. lw - do you have my email? if not, you can send me an email at kymberzmail@gmail.com...it re-directs to my personal email. maybe between me and you we could come up with something together. send me an email. let's see what we can do. xox

    2. Sent you an email. Maybe you could pass the word on??

  9. thank you. It is more appreciated than you realize.

    we had heat last year, we just had to close off most of the house to utilize it. The boys are stoked about getting power. It has been so long. We all say thank you. And send our love.

    1. Just added another $15.00 and will post to my site so we add a little extra, because things always cost more than the first "estimate".

  10. You are a good and thoughtful friend, Kymber.

  11. I have visited our friend Phelan and her family yesterday. Can I say, you won't find finer folks. They live in a beautiful place, and the fight to get it going is long and hard, but they will make it.
    Life is hard my mother says, and it is some days. But if we can share the load, it becomes just that much easier. To those of you who donated, you are helping a great family. Thank you Number for getting this going.
    I will email tomorrow

  12. Darn auto correct. Kymber not lumber lol

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