Monday, September 15, 2014

AWESOME fishing and water stuff...

jambaloney here!

first off - some fall weather pics!!!

the sun sets a certain way this time of year - and the front yard is quite nice!!!

well - you read about meeting our internet friends d and his family here.  d was around for another week and he took me fishing -  well - the guy knows his stuff - first we were to gabarus bay and got some mackerel - THEN to a secret spot for some surf fishing... i had a blast, d was a great guide - i know the river, but not the sea - i got schooled quickly and believe me, i took notes

okay - i LOVE this pic - d caught me in action...

and my biggest fish ever - striped bass around 32 inches long and 10 - 12 lbs!

i caught 3 all in all, but the others were too small  - d was returning home so he gave me his too - with the mackerel - there is a LOT of fish in in the freezer now!

thanks a million d!

not to dismiss the framboise river - aug 30, 2nd last day of trout season...

down by headwaters i found - FROST!!!

yup - frost - it is quite low-lying and windless there - here is a lesson - keep the homestead on the hill!!!

4 nice trout for pioneer p and sandy!!!

okay d and a few otheres asked k about our water - we use black berkey filters for our drinking water:

we have used them for years - now we did buy the filter towers as well - but i have seen many plans to build your own with food grade buckets - got these at the bakery in sydney! - i followed this one:

but i wanted more flow - so i made it for 4 filters:

notice in the above pic one hole is bigger - i drilled the bottom holes too small - but after fixing one i realized it didn't matter as there was enough of a lip to accommodate the nuts  the nuts are 1 1/2 inches wide..

after drilling pilot holes through the bottom of the top bucket and the lid for the bottom bucket - drill 1" holes in the bottom of the top bucket

attach these babies..

one in...

and all 4 - the filters come with instructions on how to do this...

back to the lid of the bottom bucket.. line up the holes...


and here is the final result  - fill the top and empty the bottom - with 4 filters we can do around 4-gal a day! i pour the water into 18.9 L water jugs which we then use in the water coller

i marked where the holes line up - it saves time - on the first one i made, i didn't and every time i would have to line up the holes..

also - i used our well water in the first one - with all teh minerals our filters slowly clogged up - these are new filters so i resurrected the rain barrel for drinking water - much less stress on the filters..

as for the well water - we filter out the sediment with an in-line filter- you can see the difference when it is time to change!!!

i like the watts whole house model

here is our rig in the basement:

1- 3/4 hp jet pump
2 - 20 litre tank
3 - shutoff valve
4 - unfiltered water to all garden spigots
5 - unfiltered tap for basement cleanup
6 - in-line filter
7 - water to washing machine
8 -  water to house

took a while to figure it all out - but we are happy with our current setup. the well is a ways form the house but in a good spot and never dry or frozen

bonus - BERRIES - nice mix!!

hope you all have a great week!!



  1. Have you ever tried the ceramic and charcoal filters for the bucket method? The flow is not the greatest but the ceramic filters last longer I believe.

    And as always All U'r troutses R Belongs to Me :)

    1. no pioneer p - we haven't but teh black berkeys last a good 5-6 years for us and would have lasted even longer had i not run unfiltered well water through them for 2 years - live and learn eh?

      i have doomsday plans for homemade filters as i am sure you do - if not, let me know...

      yep ALL yours - cheers buddy!

  2. Good fishing J - the big one that didn't get away (giggle)

    Thanks for the filter setup info. How long does one (or should that be the four) filters last before they need replacing?

    1. thank dani - no it did not...

      i am glad the info helped - the 4 filters should last last us 6-10 years i figure provided they are well taken care of, don't freeze, and have fairly clear water run through them - you can filter mud with berkeys but the pores will clog permanently much faster..

      cheers !

  3. I sure wish I could go to the ocean whenever I wanted to like that. I am sure I'd live a lot longer, because it just lets the steam out of you and lets you relax.

    1. harry:

      the ocean is quite soothing - mind you on a day like that it is wet and windy - it does calm one down though...

      hope you are well friend - cheers!

  4. We did this same setup after we saw it a couple of weeks ago. Bakeries and restaurants have food grade buckets they give away, We put a spigot on the lower bucket, cause we are basically lazy, lol. Berkey filters are rated for 1000 gallons, I think.

    1. hey tewshooz!

      i got the buckets free too - the ones with icing are hrder to clear ;-)

      we have the stainless steel filter containers from berkey with spigots, but i find it takes to long - i have a big funnel that i use in the water jugs and i can pour 4 gal in less than a minute.


  5. Jambaloney,

    I'm so jealous caught a beautiful striped bass!!!
    Wooohooo, more fish for the freezer......and trout was added too.
    Trouts my favorite fish to catch and eat.
    It sounds to me like you have a couple of great friends to get together and exchange prepping ideas, fish, eat good food (did I say I'm jealous?).

    We went fishing early Saturday morning, once there the winds kicked up and fishing was a bust :-(

    Love all the pictures up there of your place. Frost already, oh boy.....y'all getting ready for winter soon??

    We have a very similar water filtration system (homemade), the filters should last us about 6 years.

    Tell Kymber to make you a nice cobbler with those berries.
    Hugs and love to you and Kymber,
    Your Friend,

    P.S. Did I tell you I'm Jealous???

    1. hey there sweet (jealous) sandy ;-)

      it was indeed a big fish - i am glad you were able to get some trout while pioneer p wasn't looking ;-)
      we did have a great get together - i will take you striper fishing anytime you want!!

      sorry your fishing was a bust - trout fishing is usually not that good with the wind, but it was pretty windy the day we were mackerel and striper fishing - i guess the ocean fish don't mind so much..

      the frost hasn't hit the manor yet so we are getting ready to get ready for winter ;-)

      6 years sounds about right..

      i will tell kymber to do just that ..

      lots of hugs form us to you

      (yea, you did ;-)))))

  6. Awesome striper! And some nice brookies too... when I fished the river as a kid I didn't even know there were open and closed seasons, I just fished when it wasn't iced over!

    1. hey there chris!!!

      the striper was @ teh ocean - brookie fishing is always good good - i imgaine back when you were a kid the rules weren't the same - being a kid - i would have just fished too!

      hope you are well - cheers!

  7. Nice striper! We use fish that size down here for bait, bwaaaaahahahahaa! Just kidding. Unless you're shark fishing....

    1. yeah - i know you fish the BIG fish down there - it would have been teh right size for shark or goliath grouper fishing - but for up here - it was a pretty good catch!

      hope you are doing great - cheers!

  8. Jam, the fishing looked great, with plenty of meat for a while. As I like to say a good time had by all. Tell the Mrs I have a email coming to her tonight or in the AM.

    1. thank rob - it took up a good space in the freezer!!!

      we had a great time - thanks - hope life is treating you well!

  9. Jam those fish are gorgeous! Thanks for the info about the filters, i shall show them to senior.

    Hugs to you and your Mrs.!

    1. jugm:

      thansk - it was good fishing to be sure!

      the filter information is my pleasure - you guys would really benefit form them. it takes a load off your mind.