Monday, September 29, 2014

ATV shed - full meal deal

jambaloney here!

danger - MANY pics but i will try to keep the text to a minimum you can make a baby barn/shed outta a truck cab..

first up  -last trout day (okay it was a month ago)... water was high!

i canoed out from where i store the canoe - never done that before!

it was a nice night

and i caught a couple of trout! one each for sandy and pp!

so the shed starts with our old front deck that jimmy built .. it is 6`x10` - perfect

and the cab off the truck, 5 1/2 feet by 8'..

so i picked a good spot that will allow for easy access to the driveway and be out of the wind:

and then i trenched the spot

next up - i got a bunch of ratty plastic, old tarp and old poly..

which is good enough for a vapour barrier if folder over a few times..

to the beach for rocks..

and spread them out on the poly..

one of our summer friends told me his neighbor was ditching a pile of old creosote 4x4 - i was over in a flash - a whole pile of 7 footers and to the right is a 12 footer and a 16 footer - pure gold!!!

i only needed 3 for the base..

next i horfed the old deck on the 4x4s - it was pretty heavy!

but sat nicley!

deck begins at the back with 3 braces across 2 pallets - the pallets are 40"" x  48" so the walls are 40" high..

then a pallet on the back...

and then 2 more up front

a thick side brace on each side

and there is a bare bones frame! i used a lot of deck screws securing it

next up i put on a lip with old boards..

it is spaced properly for the cab clamps to use - you can see underneath..

so now the cab - it proved a bit much to lift

so i made a ramp that you saw in kymber's earlier post

and spaced the ramp inside the cab so i wouldn't bend the cab bottom while sliding

away i went..

and it worked - nearly blew a gasket mind you ;-)

after i got it up, i put poly all around..

and added two braces near the front on each side for stablility..

i used plastic leftover from making garden markers to make teh ploy tight by screwing it in the gaps of the pallets

i was then able to remove the 2x4 and tie-down braces that i had as a "bottom" for the cab....

oiled up the clamps..

and secured teh cab in place over the poly lip - on the lip i put a layer of sill foam under the poly - worked perfectly!!!

last time under a tarp for you!

atv being freed!

in a new home that will be dry all year - eliminating water problems!!!!

osb door screwed in place...

and later painted with a four-point secure system made outta old clothesline wire and a bungee cord - just one hook in the middle - i don't want to be pouring frozen water on metal latches to get to the snowplow.

This was a great project - it worked out perfectly and cost only the price of deck screws and new sheets of poly... WAY cheaper than a shed from a kit - woot!

here is a nice sunset

and bird feeders:

cheers all!


  1. Nice!!! And Since I am in before Sandy... Snatched Her Trout as well :)

    Keeping your equipment out of the weather is prolly one of the most important things you can do. It's amazing how all that moisture and sunlight can really degrade stuff isn't it?

    Wish I had a spot for instant gravel.

    1. hey pioneer p!

      you are right – things degrade pretty fast – worse here with the salt air . i am lucky to have access to the gravel for sure – can’t take too much at one time fro the trucks sake, but then shoveling it is a pain ;-)

      play nice – trouts for all – cheers buddy!

  2. Good job Jam!
    Now I think you need to put an addition on it...... what about your snowmobile? :-)

    1. Thanks Mike!

      no snowmobile here – but u am building another shed right next door real soon – hope you are well!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks rob! hope it it isn`t too cold there yet!

    2. Temps here around 65. Bitter cold comes in January.

  4. Looks good. Although around here you'd have to have it much more secure as they love stealing ATVs and will do anything to get at them. There's a big black market for them in the UK. your get a lot more years out of it now it's being kept in the dry.

    1. hey kev!

      we are on a hill so not much of a chance of theft. full time residences here are pretty much untouched. sometimes the seasonal cottages get broken into over the winter, but we are almost always home anyway – then there are the guard cats ;-)

  5. Very nice! You did a great job on it.

    1. thanks hobo – not pretty to look at but will do the job – cheers!

  6. That looks pretty good, hey, I have a camper shell here, hmm.........

    1. hey senior!!

      thanks buddy – if you have the same it will make a decent shed – so far it is really dry inside.


  7. Jambaloney,

    I think building your shed from recycled materials and a camper shell is an excellent idea. Your ATV will keep dry and the wind will stay off of it, this way it's ready for plowing away the snow.
    You're a Canadian MacGyver Jam!!!!

    I've got the itch to go fishing again, but work on the homestead is calling me :-( Enjoy those beautiful fish, because if you and Kymber don't eat them soon......I'll be up there to eat them before PP gets is hands on them :PPPP

    All of your pictures are beautiful.......however, the second picture with part of your boat in the water with the old tree is just gorgeous. This picture would make you money if you sent it to a magazine.

    Hugs and love to you and Sweet Kymber.
    Your friend,

    1. sweet sandy!

      it is working perfectly so far - you are too kind !!

      if you have the itch make time for a quick trip – i know you love fishing so i know it soothes the soul – makes work easier – i would send you some fish but, well, you know.. in the mail and all ;-)

      glad you like the pics – that cone one came out really nice because the sun was at my back – lucky shot!

      hugs back to you from both of us,

      your friend,

  8. That is cool Jam! Good work on the ATV shed. Ironically we took the topper off Seniors F250 before we sold it, so it is sitting around, not sure what we are doing with it yet...we have a house for our ATV, so our truck topper might turn into a rooster coop.

    I want, I want, I want that Canoe... I know I am so silly that the desire to have a Canoe is my lifes

    Tell Kymber Hello from us, and hugs for both of you guys

    1. hey JUGM!

      glad you like it - your cab would be great for this kinda thing - even if it was just to protect firewood!

      my canoe is a design called a "bob's special" - here is a company making it today:

      great for one or two people!

      hugs back to you - cheers!

  9. That's an impressive job. Visualizing how to put all that together would have been completely beyond me. Be careful with all that lifting, though. Back pain is no joke!

    1. Thanks harry - i am sure you could do it given all yuo have built up there!

      i was careful - i need this back to work ;-)

      cheers friend!

  10. G'Day Jamboloney,

    As a person who's mechanical skills amount to:-
    1 Can paint things pretty well
    2 Knows how to clean/change spark plug on lawn mower,
    I stand in awe of your backwoods engineering!!!

    1. Thanksk sgt!

      i appreciate the kudo - but a lot of it is learning - i couldn't have built it the first year we were here - all my best!

  11. Jam , You mean Pallet construction can be square? LOL
    I built some compost bins and they have a leaning tower of Pisa look. Perhaps they will become a tourist attraction!

    The compost pile works even if it isn't pretty!

    1. hey jamie!

      i did have to be careful with teh "squareness" so the cab would fit - we will be using pallets for composting and is suspect the will be less so.... whatever works - cheers to you!

    2. jam: So far what I have learned is: If your compost pile smells of ammonia you have to much green, if it smells of sulfer/rotten eggs you have to much brown. You do have to stay proactive with adding water and keeping it mixed.

  12. Wow- wee. That is an excellent shed. Your like Uncle Bulgaria from the Wombles (kids TV show in the UK). Welcome to the Womble Gang.

    I love love love the picture with the canoe I think you should frame it.

    1. thanks SOL - that is a high compliment!

      glad you like the pic i may just do that ;-)