Sunday, November 9, 2014

various october stuff - le deux

jambaloney here again - yes it is november, but these pics were from last month... i have been working on the porch (more to come) , but i wanted to share some other stuff..

like the fact that we will NOT know when our cat Frankie Blue Eyes has kicked the bucket because he sleeps like this:

and these - potatoes!!! we have been gorging on them - it is that time of year..

here are the plants in august - we planted 32 tires with 5 plants each in them, 160 plantings in all, 150 came up - that is a good yield! we use tiny potatoes and cuttings from the previous year so we never buy seed potatoes...

and there is a volunteer mustard plant - the seeds number the thousands on a big plant and they are popping up all over the yard!

in july i went to the basement and found some tiny seed potatoes we hadn't bothered to plant in the spring - they had shoots on all of them so i planted them in two unused beds - here they are in early sept..

the whole point was to plant them anyway to get extra seed potatoes

here is the same bed in october

here it is afterwards..

here is the second bed afterwards...

and here is the yield!!  these are only planned to be used as seed for next year, but a lot are big enough to eat... left to right are:

irish cobblers
brown russets
red chieftans

a lot of them can be split in two, in any event there are 100s of new seed for next year, all from leftovers -  if you don't plant all your spuds in spring, keep them in a dark cool place and if you have time in summer, find a separate spot to plant the rest, more the merrier and costs nothing! plus a backup if there is a crop failure

hey look - LOTS of comfrey!!

here is a fall-tilled bed...

here is comfrey..

here is a bunch of seaweed..

i started rinsing it, but the leftover water wasn't really salty, plus it is fall, plus our soil is slightly acidic, plus our soil is clay based and could use the extra sand...

so i stopped rinsing - from beach to bed

extra seaweed..

onto compost pile!

after i dump comfrey and seaweed on the beds, i put a little layer of dirt on top - in spring i will cover with black plastic until planting and then we will add a thin layer of composted soil when we are ready to plant - so hopefully no spring prep at all - big bonus! 4 out of seven beds are done so far!!!

wildlife time- these little guys only show up is sept/oct

they are tiny fluffly blue flies

that are really delicate and pretty - only around for a month, i have nevere seen more species of flying insect than i have here - with the temperate temps the only three months without something buzzing around are dec, jan and feb.... there are hatches galore from mid march  right through october and then stragglers right through nov... pretty cool!

requisite sunset..

bass for sandy and pp...

sky at the beach on the day the fish was caught...

and the surf it was caught in - pretty fun!

hope you are all having a great fall - cheers!!!


  1. Jambaloney,

    divers trucs Octobre semble bon mon ami . Vous avez accompli toutes sortes de travaux . (I hope I said this correctly in french). .........various October stuff looks good my friend. You have accomplished all kinds of work.

    I've not seen those blue flies before. What a neat blue color, they look so fragile. Are you saying there is only maybe 3 months where there's nothing flying around up there?!!!! Thanks Jambaloney for sharing these pictures with us. Speaking of fishing, we've found a lake out in Medicine Park, Oklahoma where we can fish now for trout............I can't wait to go!!!!

    Please give Kymber a big hug for me. I wish both of you a wonderful Birthday.

    Stay warm, this big storm is coming through with real cold weather and potential snow for us.

    Hugs and love to you both.

  2. Boy here's something I bet you don't wanna hear from a guy Jamby. Nice Bass!!!


    Your beds are looking so good. Man I wish I had an ocean nearby to collect all that good stuff from. As I said in my reply to kymber over on my blog (Or will when it posts for some reason it is lagging out) you guys got it figured out. I know a lot of people claim the oceans are dying but my guess is it will be just like on land and those out of the way spots like you guys live near will keep on producing.

  3. Gee, now I've got potato envy! lol

  4. Your cat is a hoot! Happy critter with no fears I guess.
    My dog sleeps on her back with all fours sticking up. What a life they have.

  5. You've both been busy!! Just as well this pkanet has a winter season - otherwise when would you both rest? ;)

  6. Aw the cat looks like it is doing yoga.

    Do you chop the seaweed up? or do you let the worms do the work?

  7. Your cat is hilarious! So smart to keep your own seed potatoes. Our current seed potatoes are third generation for some we got at our IGA that I planted for fun...Ralph was skeptical but they grew and this year we are heading into the fourth year! Your posts are such fun and full of so much!
    I cook our little potatoes with two good sized sprigs of Orange mint. Slather with butter.....ahhh!

  8. Good Gawd thats a fat cat! I would think he was dead too... cats are hilarious, ours is just as silly. He thinks our large male dog is his mother and tries to suckle off his nipples...and that dumb dogs lets him do it!

    Pics are so pretty. I might have to blog lift some of them. : )

    Enjoy your day and give Kymber lots of love and hugs from us.

  9. Your cat cracked me up. Yep looks dead for sure!