Sunday, October 16, 2011

hellhole - part 2: lighting up attic #1

jambaloney here - more creepy halloween attic horror for you!!

this is a follow-up to hellhole - part 1: access to attic #1 .... after i was able to get in the original attic, the first thing i needed was a light up there. there was no way i was going to build a floor with flashlights...round up the usual suspects... materials and a small snow shovel:

here you can get a view of the electrical kit up close, insulated pliers, screwdrivers etc.

we got them all @ Canadian Tire when on sale for 60-70 %off !!

(for our international viewers, Canadian Tire is "IT" for tools, their Mastercraft line is top notch and the weekly sale flyer has great bargains... not measly 10% like Home Depot. If you are looking for a tool, you just wait, eventually you can get it for a HUGE discount!!)

this light in the kitchen is in the way of the future (now installed) attic stairs. so i am going to use it as an attic light to use the existing switch in the kitchen and of course to reuse the light box:

turn off breaker # 14:

as you can see, some of the current breakers are bit overloaded, later project... i have highlighted the target in red:

okay, we are in attic #1 with the tools - max head clearance is 5 feet, i am 5' 7". notice current wiring sneaking in and out of the insulation:

i'll bet you wondered what the small snow shovel was for... to move insulation - what fun!!!

the pics suck from here on in as the insulation dust screwed with the flash, but in that mess you see, i have cleared away the light receptacle for re-wiring:

so after installation and when the dust settled - you can see a coil of wire that leads off to the right and some yellow duct tape holding a board in place over the existing hole to keep dust etc. out of the kitchen:

ta-dah!!! - a light in the attic switched on and off from the kitchen:

site of former kitchen light:

special added bonus - that WAS my yoghurt, ya snooze, ya lose!!

thanks for dropping in and feeling the pain of the gonzo handyman!! this horror story isn't over, not by a long shot!


  1. You do have your work cut out for yourself. How wonderful to have a home of your own.

    My family enjoyed the photo of the little bandit.

  2. teeheeheehee - that WAS his yoghurt and bananas - but if you leave anything unattended at the Framboise Manor - then Barley-Mow will find it! end of story. Barley-Mow is king here. followed by his brother Noodie-Noo and then ME. jambaloney is fourth on the list. we don't mean for him to be so far down the list - it just happens. he is a white male so what do you expect? bahahahhaah!

  3. Rob - thanks for stopping by - we have been enjoying your blog too - and have it in our blogroll. that little bandit is nothing more than a serious pain in our butts - oh but we love him!

    thanks again for stopping by our little blogplace. we so enjoy your company and hope to see you again soon!

  4. thanks rob!

    LOTSA work, but it is satisfying to diy!!

    the little bandit is a treasure and yes, he is king here.. as you can tell by the way he "gingerly" helped himself!

    thanks for your interest and comments - we appreciate it - thanks!

  5. isn't home improvement fun???? Our first house was like that, we were constantly working on it, then the family got bigger and we needed more room.

  6. JUGM - yep - it sure is fun. and non-stop and ongoing and someday we just may get it all finished! but poor you - constantly working on a place and then having to move. if it's not one thing - it's another!

    thanks for stopping by! we appreciate it!

  7. There is always something that needs doing it seems,but it's such a sense of accomplishment when it's done! Good job!!!


  8. ..haha, looks like it is snowing up is too early!

  9. Any white male working on my place would be at the top, well, on paper anyway....for a The hens and I would concede for a bit...on paper...for a moment. There is a big meow stalking my hens right now, so meows don't rank high since Arabella was adopted.

    You are wearing a mask up there? Wonder what else could be under the insulation.

  10. Donna - it is so true - you get such a sense of accomplishment! jambaloney has since gotten a floor up there and soon we will be building shelves and storage areas. he has a few more scarey attic posts coming.

    egb - ya - he was up trying to take pictures but because it was so "snowy" he stopped and waited until the "snow" settled. and it is WAAAAAY too early for snow!

    PracticalP - i hear you - on paper but only on paper - bahahahah! and yes he wears a mask up there. so far he has found chunks of unused wire, a spatula, some boards with nails and a few things that cannot be mentioned on a PG13 blog. gross things.

    anyway - thanks to you all for stopping by!

  11. It all looks too familiar...when I first saw our attic, I thought I finally located Jimmy Hoffa. It was so tiny and unusable that I just sealed it up and pretend we don't have one. As for Canadian Tire and their tools, I'm right there with this day I have yet to pay full price for a tool and have never had a problem with one...hand tool or power tool!

  12. Can I borrow Jambaloney next week? I seem to have a water leak.

    LOL....I was going to ask about a mask, but then I saw it in the photo of the "usual suspects".

  13. Denob - thanks for stopping in - we appreciate it! and i think Mr. Hoffa is in OUR attic!!! but good on you for sealing it up and pretending it isn't there - sometimes that's the only way. and that's what we will be doing with attic #2 once #1 is finished. Canadian Tire rocks - jambaloney has gotten a bunch of tools and never paid full price ever. we love CT!!!

    Tango - i wish i could stick him in an envelope and mail him to you! oh no - not a water leak - where is it?

    trust you to catch "the usual suspects" - bahahahah!

    thanks for stopping by girl!

    your friend,

  14. you know, we closed on the farmhouse a year ago and I've not yet ventured into the attic. Not reason, yet, but projects like this inspire me! I'll let you know what I find, ha.

  15. oh buddy - i would be in that attic yesterday - lol!

    good luck, let me know what you find for certain - if it's junk and you don't knwo what to do with it, i can probably come up with something for you!!

    i can only hope you can stand up in the highest spot - this project nearly broke my back!!


  16. 1st Man - if you find Jimmy Hoffa or any gold or silver coins in that attic - i want in on the action for setting you up with jambaloney - bahahahah! my fees are reasonable - a mere 15%!

    oh i hope you find some interesting stuff up there! make sure to post about it!

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