Tuesday, October 18, 2011

good eats - an ongoing series

around here at the Manor - we like us some good eats. so i am starting a new series about some of our good eats. i am also going to start a new series entitled "good eats that we had at the river this past summer". there's going to be some good eats there, too - but for now - we will just focus on ordinary, every day, good eats.

me and jambaloney eat like kings. we ate like kings back in the city as we had a farmer's market less than 2km away from our house. here in Framboise, we have a lot of locally-sourced food available to us. we are not vegans - ick - makes me shiver - but we eat a lot of veggies and fruits. like a lot. we eat a lot of meat. and fish. we love eggs. we love dairy. we eat everything.

but over the past few years i have been combining a bunch of different diets into the "Framboise Manor Diet". this diet is based on a combination of my knowledge and experience as a gymnast and the way that we were taught to eat, the Blood-Type diet (we are both O negative!), ayurvedic medicinal eating, Qi Gong, the raw food diet, the fermentation diet, etc., as well as stuff that we just like to eat!

so now we keep a food diary. and we write in it daily. in order to assess what we are eating and if we are eating correctly. from all of my combined research, i have decided that we should eat daily: raw food, cooked or steamed food and fermented food. and that is what we try to eat daily. but of course, sometimes mess up. we are not strict with our diet - we have just tried to incorporate good, healthy eating into our normal routine. we have been doing this for years. and because we support and help each other AND do all of our food-preparation together AND love doing so - it makes the routine easy to follow.

pictured below is an example of one of our delicious salads:

featuring raw mixed lettuce, raw spinach, raw pomegranate seeds, raw grapes, fermented (pickled) hearts of palm, fermented (pickled) artichoke hearts, fermented black olives (pickled) fermented beets (pickled), goat's cheese (fermented) and a dressing made of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), honey, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, sea salt and pepper.

absolutely delicious! we try to have one of these, or something closely resembling it, every few days.

next up - home-made mushroom soup. i fry the lcally-sourced mushrooms in a ton of locally-sourced butter. the dairy here is to die for and i think i mentioned that in a previous post - teehee. then i remove half of the mushrooms to run through the food processor. in the pan of fried mushrooms i add 18% percent cream and either home-made beef or chicken stock. i'll explain how we make each of those in a later post. i let the stock and cream heat up with the mushrooms still in the pan, run the other mushrooms through the food processor, add that back to the soup, give it a good stir, let it slowly heat and then serve the soup with one-year old-aged cheddar. as can be seen below. and home-made bread.

here is some of the delicious bread that we chow down on at the Manor. home-made bread is a wonderful thing...and very easy to make. and delicious! have a peek:

and oh yum...is there anything better after a long, hard day of work than a juicy steak? i like mine grilled into boot leather - but jambaloney likes his bloody. no matter. some nice, juicy meat is a good way to get your protein!

especially if it is served beside grilled peppers and raw strawberries. with a nice glass of delicious water.

that's some good eats there i tell ya!

more good eats coming up soon!

and try to remember to include raw, steamed and/or cooked, and fermented food in your daily diet. your body will love you for it!


  1. Kymber, your salads always look so good, now you're teasing me with home-made mushroom soup. Ack!! :)

    I'm like you with the steak, I absolutely have to have it extra well done, if there is even a trace of pink in it, I won't eat it.

    All the food looks amazing, I look forward to future Good Eats posts.

    Hugs & Love
    (who still owes you an email)

  2. I am with the boot-leather version. I don't want any juice running out. Period.

  3. We just ate and you are making me hungry. I love fresh home made bread or rolls. We don't do enough of that.

  4. Okay...you've got me drooling at work. Do you ferment your own veggies??

  5. Kymber, I know we would all be better off if we ate right. I enjoy good food (probably too much) If things get too bad around here I'm dragging my travel trailer to your house.

  6. Fel - thanks honey - i always enjoy your salads and other "food for friday" posts. and yes - if my steak doesn't resemble a combat boot that has been baked in the oven for 3 days - i won't eat it! but i always cut the fat off of jambaloney's steaks - he doesn't eat the fat - and i loooove crispy steak fat - yummeh!

    more good eats posts coming - i promise!

    Linda - me too. see comment to Fel above. it's gotta be combat boot leather!

    Rob - we use the same recipe for our bread as for our rolls. i promise to post the recipe as it is the best bread recipe i have ever made/had. we love it! and it's really easy!

    Tango - i used to ferment a ton of our own home-grown veggies. but this year with our garden producing only enough to feed us each day - i didn't have enough to can, dehydrate or ferment. and to be honest - we simply don't have the time right now. we have the attic to finish and we must get our step enclosed to use as a mudroom/porch. however - yesterday i made a small batch of kimchi - it was divine - and i do make our own sauerkraut one batch at a time. i am praying i can do some pickled onions and beets early next week.

    Duke, buddy - we got a ton of land here and your trailer is always more than welcome!

    JUGM - dinner time is whenever you show up. if there isn't anything already prepared - i'll whip you up whatever you would like.

    thanks for stopping in guys and gals. more good eats posts coming up for sure.

  7. I think I'm a little late for tonight's dinner but if I catch the right flight and make good time, I can be there for tomorrow's dinner. Just one condition, jambaloney cooks my steak!

  8. Ed - whenever you arrive it's dinner time. and i promise that jambaloney will cook your steak. it should be ready in about 6 minutes. mine, Fel's and Linda's will be on the grill for about 3 days - bahahahah!

    thanks for dropping by my friend!

  9. Kymber, you can have my fat. I absolutely do not eat fat. It is the feel in the mouth. Even crispy won't help. My ex would eat the fat from the other four plates at the table! I just did not allow my children to eat fat.

    At one friend's house, I was served filet mignon about twice a week, grilled outdoors. She had the nerve to tell me that she bought expensive food and I ruined it. I told her she could buy me a round steak, not invite me, or quit being rude. She sulked a bit and never said a word....lol. Her husband would always go out and put mine on before anyone was even ready to grill. Slice that baby in half, mash lots, hear the juice sizzle, and then later throw the other filet mignons on the grill!

  10. Donna - we got a plate with your name on it if you ever arrive for dinner - bahahaha!

    PracticalP - thanks - i will take your fat, my friend - i LOOOOOVE crispy steak fat! but i can understand that you don't like the texture of it!

    but if you show up at our house for dinner - i am getting my combat boots out, slicing them up and grilling them for you - bahahahah!

  11. I, my self, am on a see food diet. If I see it... I eat it. My steak, I like it to mooo, when stabbed with a fork. Or, at least cooked to medium rare. As for veggies, I don't eat smurf brains.(cauliflower.)Broccoli, if you cut it up so fine, you can barely see it, then I will eat it. All other veggies are fair game. I love Liver and onions. Beef, elk, deer, buffalo, YUM!! And don't even get started on sea food.


  12. Flier - bahahahahah - you like your steak like jambaloney! i love all veggies! but i really, really love liver and onions - and i swear i make the best tasting liver and onions ever. i love elk and deer and moose but have never had buffalo - although i am sure i would love it!

    as for sea food - don`t even get me started! i will eat anything out of the ocean - including rocks - bahahahah!

    thanks for stopping by my friend!