Sunday, October 23, 2011

sorry for all of the drama

he slept all day - just like the doctor said. and i finally went down at about 4pm. the cops banging on our door - banging, banging, banging - woke us at about 6pm. we gave our statements - his was much more coherent than mine. they took pictures of his injuries. a few friends called. he apparently was up and made comments on this blog while i slept. his head, and elbow, and cheek were killing him.

he ate 7 eggs, 3 tomatoes and a bunch of one-yr old aged cheddar. then i made him drink some chicken broth that i had made from herbs and a chicken carcass. he took some more naproxen(?) that the doctor gave us. and he went down again. thank my Beautiful Lord!

the whole time that he was up all he talked about is how his "vaccuuming" arm is still fine. my friends - he is one hurting unit.

but he slept. and he ate. which means he does not have a concussion.i have spoken to the nurses at the hotline. i am going to take PracticalP's advice about his elbow. but he seems ok.

so now i just need Warlock, SC, PracticalP, Stephen, Mudbug and a few of you others to come down and sit on him for a few days while i try and get him to re-cooperate. cuz he is gonna be hell to try to keep from doing jobs around the house for the next few days. i need you guys!

i am trying to think of a way to thank you all for your comments to me and him...we have since discovered that my cheek is swollen from buddy punching me, i have 5 perfect fingerprints on my arm, and some blonde girl tried to hit me in the nose and missed - but i got a bit of a bump!

this week was supposed to be about getting the house done. it's now about getting him healed. i need a few volunteers to help me hold him down. i'll pay for the plane tickets, k?

thank you all from the bottom of my heart. i will leave individual comments in a few days. i honestly could't even read through the indidvidual comments left on the last 2 posts.

thank you all so much.

thank you.


  1. My sincerest thoughts and prayers to you and your man for a speedy recovery. I would offer to come and help, but my commitments keep me pretty well tied down these days. I will say that I know exactly what you are going through. I had to sit on The Queen at times during some of her darkest days to keep her from wearing herself out when she needed to be resting so that healing could take place.

  2. If I sat on him, he'd have more injuries yet. Better just tie him up when he's asleep!

  3. Been awol, sorry to read what happened. I'm sending some good vibes your direction for a speedy recovery and a life back to normal (your normal). best wishes to you both!

  4. Kymber.. I am glad you got some much needed rest along with your sweetie. I hope they catch the thugs who ruined your party. Wishing you both peaceful sweet dreams tonight and a much better tomorrow.

  5. I'm on my way to sit on him.

    At least his vacuuming arm is ok. You obviously have trained him well if he is more concerned about cleaning...

  6. Oh.....his arm is gonna be sore as hell for a spell. you guys are in our thoughts.

  7. I took my Naproxen tonight.

    When I had a torn meniscus, nothing showed up on xray. When I had the MRI and doctor said he could operate, I told him I was afraid because I had never had one surgery at 58 yrs old. He said he did not have to operate. I asked what would happen if he did not operate. He said the pain would go away, but when I was older, the knee would give out, not hold me up and I could fall more. So, I sucked it up and had the surgery....three little holes.

    Now that I have a torn rotator cuff and another torn meniscus in the other leg, I will have surgery again in order to maintain my body. Not having pain is not a sign of not having an injury now or an eventually debilitating injury. Some days, my knee does not hurt.

    If jambaloney is going to keep climbing ladders and riding a bike and all the other things he can do and enjoy doing, an MRI is a small price to pay to stay strong.

    kymber, did you show the police your evidence of assault?

    The man vacuumed and can still vacuum. Thank heaven!

    I don't remember which arm he injured.

  8. Oh Kymber ... I'm very glad to hear that you and Jambaloney are alright. It'll take a bit for you both to heal, but time does wonders. I have spent many decades in the health care profession and know that the phrase " Take It Easy " has relevant meaning.

    So Jambaloney ... forget about any chores that you feel compelled to do. They'll still be there when you are ready, or else Kymber may have to duct tape you to the bed. Bahaha ! I stole the bahaha from you Kymber. I love it !

    Warm Wishes sent your way for a speedy recovery.

  9. I so wish I had a passport. I would come up with one of my boys and kick out some projects. As long as you have the outside the way you want it for now until spring, you can place that on hold, and slowly work on indoor projects through out the winter.

    Take it slow, take cars of him, and don't worry about getting back to us. When you find the time then worry about us.

  10. It is good to hear y'all are on the road back to good health.
    The party y'all went to sounds kinda like my family gatherings. Everyone has a good time until the moonshine comes out.

  11. He's a 45 yr old adult and should be able to realize his own limitations.

    I say make him promise to be careful then let him use his own judgement. It'll go smoother and he will be happier.

  12. Matt, let's cut out all doctors for adults. Sure, everyone knows what is happening in their own bodies. No need for a diagnosis from doctors or machines. He WAS being careful. AND using his own judgment when he was hurt. Oops, there goes the "be careful" theory. Happier? Why shouldn't she worry about healthier and best recovery?

  13. I just love that "Anonymous" button. It lets anyone that's prone to making smart-alec comments say anything that they want to.

    Do you realize that you "for all intents and purposes" just called him a child? Do you really think that little of him to say that about him? Wow, I hope he doesn't turn his back on you....

    You apparently would rather hen peck him to death and make him miserable.... until YOU think he's recovered

    You read far more into my comments than was there.

    An adult will be listening to his doctors or hospital.

    I never said for Kymber to not show any concern. Read my comment again. In your haste to try and belittle me (just for sport), you obviously didn't read the part where I said, "make him promise to be careful" . How is that qualify for not worrying about him?

    I don't need a nanny or someone from the nanny-state to tell me what to do. I doubt he does either. And I'm not calling Kymber a "nanny", BTW, before you accuse me of that as well.

    Listen, belittle me if you want, in the long run I could care less what you think. I certainly am not going to waste anymore time responding to your half-witted generalizations of me or my comments.

    If Kymber or Jambaloney don't want me commenting all they need to do is say so.

  14. I was being sarcastic because you want him to be macho and make his own medical decisions free from a doctor or test. I belittled no one. You did. I never implied no one wanted you to comment. But, you gave very bad advice. Remember Natalia Richardson who decided she was okay, despite others' advice and died?

  15. You cite an incident where the individual (foolishly) refused to go to the Hospital over. Jam did. He was evaluated and released.

    I still don't understand how you come to the conclusion that I think he should ignore his doctors.

    Once again, I said he was an adult. He should (and I'm sure he is) be mature enough to abide by his doctor's orders. Beyond that let him do what he wants to do. I never said be macho and go climb a tree. Read what I wrote and quit trying to twist it around.

    I'd have said the same thing if it had been Kymber.

    It sounds to me like you are deliberately trying to scare Kymber.

  16. hey guys - just checking in to a post entitled "sorry for all the drama" and we got a bit of drama going on - bahahahah!

    Matt - i read nothing but good advice in your original comment. he IS a very healthy 45 yr old man who normally heals up pretty quick anytime he cuts off the top of his finger or drops heavy boards on his feet. he also knows his own limitations and when it comes to things like dragging the husqvarna out in the woods - he always wears all of his safety gear. when he does electrical work - we check the breakers several times to be sure.

    anyway all of this to say that his biggest problem is that he has hurt himself a lot over the years, but only minor hurts. he has never been a situation where he has had the chance to get a concussion or anything serious - so he is kinda treating this injury the way he treats the others - he's all "it's no big deal babe". but it is a big deal. i am just being extra cautious - seeing him on the road with blood pouring from his head really shocked me.

    and Matt, you are a dear friend but when he gets up and reads your comment, i am going to have to haul out the marlin and shoot him to make him stay down! i know that he will say - see, Matt knows what he's talking about.

    again, my friend, your original comment was nothing but some good advice for a grown man. and i completely understand. once i am done shooting jambaloney - i am coming down there to shoot you - bahahahahah!

    in all seriousness, i know, and jambaloney when he reads this, that we don't need too much mauly-coddling in regards to taking care of ourselves. we have gotten as far as we have gotten in life, by being smart and knowing what to do in different situations, and when - and you got that. thanks for always coming by with good advice - we appreciate it!

    your friend,

  17. Anonymous - thank you for visiting. you are very welcome here. but please don't get on the bad side of my buddy, Matt - he is a dear friend and i always enjoy when he visits here.

    i think you mis-interpreted his writing style and the way he thinks - check out his blog - you might really enjoy it.

    Anonymous - thank you for your concern - i understand what you meant by your comment BUT it did come across a little snarky - and that's not what Matt meant.

    anyway, if you come back and bug my buddy Matt again, i am going to have to come down there and shoot you, too!

    i have enough people that i need to shoot in the next few days, including you think i can schedule your shooting for next week?

    again, thanks for your concern - we really do appreciate it!

  18. Hi My dearie dears = Jamie's Mum here. You are the fastest healer in the whole family Jamie. Remember when you put your hand into the planer in grade 10? You actually did make it heal before the basketball tournament? And when you crazy glued your finger top back on? Gory but effective and once again a speedy recovery. When you hurt, I hurt - maybe that is why I always press the speedy recovery button. Hope you get the fun part of your life back soon. Kymber your are the best partner he could have - but he is one determined character.

    Be well you two - hurry and get the fun back into you life and the creative juices flowing- the best medicine. (there I go again!)

  19. mom:

    thanks for the sweet comment and the reminder that i heal fast, i am doing much better now, but, being the best partner i could have, kymber is applying the breaks to ensure i am all better before we get back to the fun stuff, i am sure next week will see more of the usual craziness.

    thanks so much for commenting mom - means the world!

    i love you!