Friday, October 14, 2011

take a walk down the beach with us and why the river was so backed up!

come for a walk with us down our beautiful, private beach.

oh man i love that pic! check out the waves jumping in the sunlight as they roll into the shore. and be sure to pay attention to the sky - we have some of the most beautiful sky that i have ever seen. and i have been to Hawaii, Australia, the North Pole, all over the United States, England...nothing compares to the gorgeous cape breton sky. i can go into a trance looking at our sky!

this pic is looking down the left side of our beach.

and this is looking back to the cliff, the right side of the beach. if you click - you can see where truckdura is parked. we call our ford f150 truckdura because our crappy camper van is named vandura. i am blathering - back to the beach. and the sky - just look at that sky!

here we are and getting close to the mouth of where the framboise river empties into the ocean.

as we have mentioned in previous posts and comments - our river had backed up because the mouth of the framboise river, which empties into the ocean, was washed in. the opening for the river into the ocean is just a small opening and after a serious storm washes too much seaweed, sand and other debris - the opening gets closed up.

here is the opening on a normal day and a family enjoying a picnic on the other side of the beach. it's a pretty tiny opening!

here's another shot:

and here is a pic of my gardening/beachcombing boots - they're something eh?

on this day that we went down, the municipality had sent out a backhoe to re-dig the trench for the river to drain:

here's another shot of the new trench:

finally the river can empty into the ocean:

the river washing into the ocean:

here's a shot from the other side:

and of course....jambaloney in a trance doing what he loves most - fishing!


  1. That is very nice, I can see why you like it so much. I could see myself living in a place like that.

  2. What Duke said!

    You two have a great place. I love the fact that you have both pulled up stakes and have "gotten away from it all" and are doing it your way.

  3. thanks so much Duke! we feel like we are kings in the sense that we have our own private river AND a beautiful and private beach. right now we walk down to our river (about 1000ft) and drive down to the beach which is about a 4-5 minute drive - i'll get jambaloney to give better details. but over the next few months we are looking at getting a boat with a decent motor and then we can "boat" down to the beach - that will be great fun as the river going to the beach is full of nifty islands and all kinds of untouched land.

    thanks to you, too Matt! we do have a great place! and yes - although we had been planning to do so for years, we spent the first few months here kind of walking around in shock, looking at all of the work that needed to be done and just acclimatizing to the idea of not having to go out in the city everyday. we love the peace and quiet here and doing it all our own way!

    thanks to both of you for stopping in and always leaving such positive comments! we appreciate it!

  4. If only I had a cabin nearby. Beautiful.

  5. Paradise! Nothing is more beautiful than nature. I'm really enjoying your blog. I feel as though we are neighbors but I have yet to find this friggin' beach outside my home!
    Bev :)

  6. Stephen - there's almost 10 acres here and you are always welcome! but if you built a cabin here you would have to promise to wear a cowbell....that way if you were coming up the road from your cabin to ours - we would hear you and have time to grab some clothes - bahahahha!

    Hi Bev - thanks for stopping by! you are sooo right - nature is the most beautiful thing. funny thing is that we brought a ton of pics and art and trinkety-things but we have a giant window in the kitchen and one in the living room and i just don't need all of it on the walls anymore - we just look out the window now (it's a good thing too because i really don't have anywhere to put all of the crap - bahahah!).

    i am glad that you are enjoying the blog - most of the people that comment here and are listed in my blogroll fell like neighbours too! keep looking Bev - that beach is out there!!!

    thanks again for dropping by and i hope to see you here again!

  7. mmasse - we got a ton of room for y'all! it really is beautiful!

  8. this just in from my friend Richard from (he can also be found in our blogroll). apparently he left a comment, i got the comment through email but the comment never appeared here...hmmm....alphabet agencies at work? could be...he just sent another email and told me he had to run as he had the IRS on the phone...woops. poor Richard! bahahahah!

    anyway - here is his comment:

    "So someone has a private beach, must be nice and i think the IRS would like to know this bit of information,lol. This must be the first ever black mail comment in blogger history, so relax and do what i say and no one will get snitched on,lol.Im not asking for money, I'm not that smart so what i really am asking is for you to post 1,000 comments on today's post on my blog Amish Stories. I don't care if you post those yourself , and if you should post yourself make sure that you post using a fake name,lol. Richard from Amish Stories"

    teehee...we might be bailing Richard out of jail soon!

    thanks Richard - i always appreciate it when you stop by!

  9. Hi you guys,

    Okay ... now that is some very awesome scenery for sure ! I've heard about the sky being really, really blue over your way, compared to other places in Canada. Is it true Kymber? I think I'll be clicking on these pics a lot ... my stress relief. Beautiful place to call home-good move!:)

  10. hey Helga - nice to see you here again! yes - it is true - our sky is such a beautiful blue and on some days it is light blue, some days dark blue, some days a beautiful shade of grey (with a silver lining of course!). the sky here entrances me and i take pics of it all the time. check out previous posts and you will see other pics of the sky - and lots more sky pics coming in future posts.

    and because we are out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around us - not even street lights - we get to enjoy the sky during the day AND night!

    please feel free to use those pics as a stress relief until you can see the actual cape breton sky!

    your friend,

  11. Very nice beach, looks perfect for reading a book or watching someone else fish! You should have gone for swim, I would have!

  12. Pretty as a picture. Guess that's why you took some!

  13. Duke:

    it’s an exception part of the world, i am thankful everyday kymber brought me here – you would love it!


    thanks buddy – that means a lot!


    it is beautiful - as kymber says, we have room!


    hey neighbor, thanks for coming by, i too, am glad you are enjoying the blog!!


    room for you too, as kymber pointed out ;-)


    i have seen some spectacular skies all over canada, nothing compare to here, glad the pics are relieving your stress, moving here has done wonders for ours.


    i have seen you swim in the mountain waters, i don’t doubt you would have taken a dip ;-)


    it is better in person, the pics are just a taste!

    thanks everyone for coming by and there really is room here.

    Richmond County has an area of 1,244.24 km2 (480.4 sq mi) and a population of only 9,740; most of whom live in St Peter’s or the small towns around St Peter’s. the rest of us are scattered throughout the countryside/woods, especially in the east end where we live. kymber found the ultimate BOL, not even the people in Cape Breton have heard of framboise ;-)

    or this beach…

  14. Beautiful! And you have pink boots like mine, only mine are for winter :-)

  15. Hey Sue - i need to see a pic of those boots! and i need to find me a winter pair! thanks for stopping in...i hope that means you have a new post up...gonna go check!

    your friend,

  16. Love the boots and the view but it looks kinda COOOOOOLD!!!!!

    My Norse-Irish ancestors more than likely would view me as a whimp I have become accustomed to the warmer climates. Is your water there brackish and what kinda fish does Jam catch mostly?

  17. PioneerP - glad you like the boots - i thought that you would - bahahahah! yep - the ocean water was freezing on that day for sure - neither me nor jambaloney were crazy enough to test it out! you only go in the ocean in August!

    the water is not normally brackish at all - neither in the river nor the ocean. it only looks brackish because it was swelled up to about 10 times it's normal size!

    we get gorgeous brook trout in our river and the ocean is full of lobster, crab, mussels, clams, mackeral, flounder, striped bass, cod, tuna...i could go on and on. if you want a complete list - send me an email.

    oh and buddy - your Norse-Irish ancestors would be proud of you - i have no doubt!

    Stephen, dear friend, i got a couple of extra cow-bells for ya! bahahahahah!