Monday, October 24, 2011

i promise to visit y'all* soon!

i do promise to get out and make the rounds - i always enjoy reading your blogs and keeping up with y'all* but just haven't spent much time on the internet over the past few days - just putting up posts because it keeps my hands busy. i just can't really read right now. i am really tired and am kind of walking around in a daze but i know that the worst is over. i hope. PTL.

i got a little more sleep this morning - almost feel human and almost feel like the panic-time is over. we had some lunch together and went out on our backdeck - it was a beautiful day so we sat together in the sun for a few mins. the swelling in his face is going down - now he looks like he has an apple in his cheek and that side of his face is sagging. his elbow is going down as well - but it is bruised from his wrist right up to almost his shoulder. PracticalP - i have not forgot your advice!

we were outside only a few minutes when our friend Sara showed up. i have kept the driveway chain-locked since this happened as i just knew that everyone and their dog would keep stopping by and i wanted jambaloney to sleep. but Sara parked her car at the bottom of the driveway (130ft with a steep incline) and walked up. but she has been receiving calls from everyone in the community for the past few days, she has apparently stopped by the last two days and banged on the door with no answer. she, and everyone, were very concerned that maybe i took him back to the hospital or whatnot. they have all been on pins and needles. i turned the phone off when we got home from the hospital and didn't turn it back on until Sara left. tons of msgs from very worried people. Sara said that she would make all of the calls to let everyone know that he is ok. i just can't deal with that right now as it will just start me crying again and i have to stop crying.

Sara said that everyone is worried that we will leave. she also said that most people wish they had have taken the sucker-punch and not jambaloney - he is a very wonderful, sweet, handsome man and they all love him - he will put up siding or he will pass out sandwiches at Senior's day. it's why i love him so much! Sara said that everyone is really worried about us and want to bring us ready-made food, and go do grocery shopping or bill paying but we can handle all of that stuff. Sara said that our matriarch wishes she took the sucker-punch....and to be honest, this woman is 84, has been through hell, was raised in North Korea, eats rocks - i kinda' wish she had have taken the sucker-punch too - bahahahahah! no, i don't mean that but this woman is STRONG! and me and jambaloney try to suck her brain dry as she is a walking encyclopedia of all of the things that we need to know.

i'm kind of blathering. it's just that i am up and don't really know what to do with myself. i have read all of your comments on the other posts and my heart is swelling. which is making me cry and i really need to stop crying as i am losing my voice - bahahahah!

thank you all so much. it is a weird thing to come and sit at a computer and feel soothed. and that is what y'all* have done. thank you for being here. because i had locked the chain on our driveway no one was able to drive up. and if you saw how long and steep it was, you would think twice about walking up it, too! so although people have been concerned and wanted to show us support - it was our internet friends that provided the support for the past few days.

and i really thank you all from the bottom of my heart. we'll be back to normal soon. and be out visiting with y'all*. just give us a few more days k?

thank you.

*y'all - a word that i stole from my friend MDR. and y'all already know that. but i am big on proper citation and footnotes, etc. - bahahahahah!

no really, thank you for providing me with this place to vent and feel supported. i can't thank y'all enough. but i can say that anyone of you is welcome to come visit - we only charge $10 a night for vandura. but for you folks - it's free!

thank you.


  1. Kymber, Glad you all are doing better, when I first read what happened it made me mad, so upset I couldn't comment (I don't make threats), some people are such cowards, I hope they find out who did this to Jambaloney. Our prayers are with you, your friend Duke.

  2. Take your time, long as you two are safe.

  3. Get some rest. If not, your brain rots and the Occupy Wall Street people start to make sense.

  4. OKKKKKKKAY!! Dibs on Vandura~ and to reciprocate we can offer the re-christened Chicken Coop/now bunk house. I am pretty sure we both will be in a win-win situation!!!

    Love my northern friends(well fam) and am praying for you both.

  5. Take is easy. Lord knows we'll be here when needed.

  6. ..shitty to hear..I was offline all weekend and was just catching up on my blogs..small communities are great for support and friendship but it sucks there has to be quarreling with other groups...fighting at parties is the worst..especially costume parties!

    I love my community ( and indeed most small communities)..everyone is friendly and would do anything for you..

  7. I'm so glad he's doing better. I can't even suggest what you should do right now that might help you feel better because I don't think anything would soothe me. Just keep loving on him and giving him lots of TLC and hopefully once this has passed and he's 100% back to good you'll have peace again.

  8. dear friend Duke - thank you for that - everyone's prayers seem to be working. i have just put up a new post that isn't as panicked-sounding. i am so sorry that my internet friends are upset, mad and worried. there will be no more panicked posts from me - i really do think that i was just a bit in shock and i while jambaloney was sleeping, i had to stay awake to keep me eye on him, and writing those posts were calming me down. but i realize that those posts worried my internet friends and for that i am very sorry.

    thank you for stopping by my dear friend.

    Tango, thanks honey. i really appreciate your support.

    Mudbug - brotha from anotha - well you know...honestly - i'd have to be a lot more tired for OWS to make sense. i originally loved the concept - but it is all a set-up and it is meaningless and sleight of hand. we both know it! thanks for all of your support this past few days - it means the world to me. even though i will continue teasing the crap out of you on everyone else's blog comments - bahahahha!

    Warlock buddy - thanks so much. it's nice to have a Warlock looking out for you. and we really appreciate it!

    Stephen, my dear friend, i know that i can always count on you. i want you to know that you can always count on us, too. thank you Stephen. thank you.

    well Humble Wife (Jennifer) made the first call - so vandura is hers whenever she wants it. oh and we will gladly take the chicken coop/bunk house my darling friend. our thoughts and prayers are with you and Bill - we hope that he is recovering and jamie keeps asking me for updates. i hope that he is healing well. he is part of my family after all!

    we're all gonna hook up one day, dear friend. i just know it. either up here on the island or down in your mountains - it will happen!

    egb - i couldn't agree more - we looove our community. but these bone heads were from another town and just up visiting at someone's cottage and saw that we were having a dance and decided to come. we have had dances every week since june and there has never been any trouble - but that's because it has only been members from our 2 small communities attending.

    GBG - thanks for understanding. i have been walking around for the past 3 days not knowing what to do with myself. i'd start the dishes, then go fold towels, then make him something to eat, then realize i hadn't finished the dishes - i was in a bit of a daze. but that is passing, PTL, he is healing and i am trying to be more positive.

    thank you all for stopping in these past few days. it has really been a big help to me!

  9. I must admit that I've been pretty busy this past week or so and just got a chance to check into your blog this morning. My thoughts & prayers go out to you both. Be well.

  10. thanks Denob - we appreciate it. we haven't been been able to check our regular blogs very well this week but we plan to catch up over the next couple of days! and i know what a busy guy you are!

    thanks for your thoughts and prayers - we appreciate them very much!

    your friend,