Sunday, October 9, 2011

it's October 9th and we're still swimming! (no naked bums in this post!)

it is October 9th and it was 22C today! we were thrilled! and of course took the opportunity to run down to the river for another freezing dip - and it was freezing! but we loved it - and have our fingers crossed that we can do it again tomorrow!

here's a few pics. notice that the river line has finally gone down (and we are finally "staying above the water line" RW. he is a dear friend! you can find him here and i suggest that if you are serious about prepping/survivalism - that you go to his blog, which can teach you so much and has taught us SOOO much! thank you RW!)

anyway - here's the pics:

i have another post coming about our river being backed up... and is finally now back to normal - but that didn't change the water temps - it must have been only 13C (55F) today! freezing! absolutely freezing! here's a pic of the river and sky because i sooo love the river and sky - how could you not love this?

man - it was freezing! but the sun was so hot that once you got out - you dried off pretty quick! but we took a towel and our bathrobes just in case. and isn't it awesome to have the perfect tree to hang it all off of?

here we are sharing a towel - we didn't need the bathrobes but are sure glad that we brought them just in case. again - we are gonna try for one more dip tomorrow!

that's me shivering after i got out of the freezing water!

and that's jambaloney - shivering and freezing too!

but we sat on our "river" blanket and enjoyed some beer and wine - teehee - what a great way to spend an afternoon!

the summer is over and we realize that. hopefully tomorrow we can have one last dip in our river. but if not, even though this summer kind of sucked - we had some glorious days down at the river. and we enjoyed every one of them. and wished you all could have been there with us.

mind you - if you all had of been there with us - we promise that we WOULD have worn clothes!

and for anyone that may have missed it - make certain to check out jambaloney's post about the bathroom heater below!!!!


  1. Where do I register my complaint about the lack of buns?


  2. I know this weather is crazy, in a wonderful way. If loving this is wrong, then i dont want to be right,lol. Richard from Amish Stories.

  3. I am with North.
    Looks like fun, hope you get to do it again.

  4. Wow you are both nuts! In the nicest possible way of course. That looks friggin freezin! :D

    I think I would have traded the beer and wine for a hot chocolate!

  5. Thanks for promising to wear clothes if I were

  6. North - complaint has been registered. post with buns will be coming soon - bahahahah!

    Richard - i completely agree. i am loving this weather and here's hoping we will have another freak temperature day to go to the river again. we couldn't go today - it was too windy and not really warm enough. but i have my fingers crossed!

    MDR - your complaint, Sir, has also been registered. and it is fun - tons of fun. it's like being little kids again every time we go down to the river. jambaloney dives in first every time and then comes up gasping. i go in next and then come up screaming. he is always telling me to "shoosh" - no way, jose! i need to scream to enjoy it!

    Joey - it is friggin freezin! and has been all summer so we are sorta'kinda' used to it but not really. hopefully next summer will be a more normal summer and the water will be warmer. and we really could have used the hot chocolate!

    PP - we keep our promises. if you come up - we'll keep the clothes on - bahahahah!

    thanks everyone for stopping by. we really appreciate your taking the time to do so!

  7. I'm shriveling up just watching you two. I agree with Joe...some hot chocolate would have been nice. :)

  8. Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to reading this week. I'm still far behind in my work and blogging. Tuesdays are awful around here. Like North said, shucks, no bums...nice pics.

  9. brrrr.... wish i was on the river bank with you guys drinking beer...

  10. Aren't there giant Pike up there? Jambaloney better be careful, swimming in the buff. I'd wear a chain mail bathing suit.

  11. Tango - yep lots of things "shrivelled" and other things were covered in goose bumps - but only until we sat drying off and naked in the sun - it was a truly gorgeous day with a hot, hot sun!

    Stephen - no probs buddy. sometimes daily life and work make it hard to catch up on the daily blog reading. and we always know that you are there, comment or no comment. and your complaint about no bums has also been registered - bahahahah!

    JUGM - yer always welcome. and i am sure that after a couple of beer we'd have been able to persuade you into the river - with clothes on of course! bahahahhaah!

    Arsenius - strangely enough - there are no pike up here. no snapping turtles either. so when you come to visit - you won't need your chainmail bathing suit. that'll save all the extra cost in your luggage!

    y'all (to quote MDR) are a real hoot!

  12. OK, if there are no pike, or snapping turtles. Are there any crawdads? And what is the current like? And how far are you from the river?

    As for being in the buff, I think the isle of belly would raise the level of the river. I'd look like a white sandy island if I were to float around.

  13. Flier389 - no crawdads either! the river is actually pretty shallow in most areas with only a few areas out in the middle that have a bit of current in - the normal current of the river is just a nice ebb and flow.

    our house is about 1000ft from the river. a friend of ours, who just happens to be the most awesome excavator/heavy-equipment operator in the Maritimes, built us a beatiful 2-lane highway all the way down to the river - i'll post about our road soon! he did an amazing job and jambaloney does an amazing job keeping it all weed-whacked. we love walking down to the river.

    and hey - we like white sandy islands around here - bahahhaha!

    thanks for stopping by my friend!

  14. Way too cold for me! brrr!

    Down here cold water is for drinking.

    BTW, you can also use a boat to "stay above the water line"!lol

    Thanks for the link.

    All the best to you and Jambaloney!


  15. thanks for stopping by, Dear friend! i love to use your tagline of "staying above the water line" whenever i can - bahahahah! jambaloney appreciates that you say that the canoe can stay above the water line too! all the best back to you, buddy!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney