Friday, October 21, 2011

still tired and busy!

just wanted to let y'all* know that we cancelled the Seniors Blind 45 card game. but we are heading down to the community centre at 9:30 in order to decorate and set up the hall for our friend's 75th birthday. she is a very sweet lady and the heart of this community. and she yells at us when we miss bingo on sundays. and this sunday - we are definitely missing bingo!

we spent the last 3 hours making a veggie salad for the BD party tomorrow. it consists of blanched broccoli, cauliflower**, snow peas, carrots, cilantro, mayonnaise, sour cream, parsley, basil and salt and pepper. hopefully some of the people here will try it - they don't eat very well around here and we are really trying to change that! we also made a cranberry-pear sauce with fresh-picked cranberries that a friend of ours had, fresh pears from the island, grated cinnamon sticks, grated whole cloves and the zest of a giant orange - it is delicious. lastly, we made ginger-lemonade...i hope people will put down their cups of tea and try some! i will let y'all* know how it goes in a few days.

i have stopped in on a few blogs today - and i promise to catch up on everyone's blogs on sunday.
i hope that y'all* are well and next week we will be back to normal posting. i have a few half-finished posts ready to go up - they just need some refinement.

now off to go and get dressed to go to the hall to set up for the party. i pray we will only be there for an hour or so. we are both really, really tired.

we normally look a lot younger than our ages (me:40, jambaloney: 45), but today we are looking like we have been dragged behind a truck for an hour or two.

i promise to visit y'all* soon!

* "y'all" - a word i took from my dear friend MDR. check out his blog. it's listed in the blogroll on the right!

**cauliflower - also known as "smurfbrains" according to my friend FLier389. his blog, Granddad's Corner, is also listed in our blogroll!


  1. Volunteering is great, but you have to learn when to say "no." Be careful not to overdo it!

  2. How fun!! I am so glad I am able to sit back and catch up on how things are for you both!

    Thanks for all the uplifting are a rock for me~distance seems to close when I read your words to me. You are a wonderful friend and a great blessing to me!

    Huggles to you nudy pe-dudies!!

  3. One of you two announce that the other must be home early, or has to rest, or is exhausted. That way, when you leave, everyone will be prepared to let you go. Just say that he/she won't complain, but that you are worried about her/his health. "And, besides, tomorrow is a long day...or something.

    Have fun decorating.

  4. Y'all are burning the candle at both ends, "Party Animals".
    Hope y'all find some time to rest up.
    Oh, thanks for the plug.

  5. Mr. Smythe - your words and advice are so true! because we are new to the community, we have spent the last several months engaged in everything going on - we just wanted to demonstrate our commitment and because we are young and strong there is a lot of stuff that we can do quickly that might take others much longer. honest to goodness - when we showed up at the fire hall - no one had any tools. thank goodness jambaloney loaded all of our power tools and saw horses, etc. because without those tools, the 3 days of siding would have taken 3 weeks. and as he is unafraid of heights - he was the one up top at the end. the other men are in their 60's and 70's and worked their butts off too...but some of them don't like heights and i don't blame them. me and a few of the women were in charge of holding up the siding, making sure there was always a new box of siding, getting the right number of J trim and F trim, cleaning up, making tea and sandwiches, etc. i was also the gopher for every single tool that was needed. i heard "kymber can you get me XXXX" more times than you can imagine. but i am fast and know all of the tools and which box they are in - bahahahah!

    all of this long comment to explain that we feel we have demonstrated our willingness and commitment and now feel that we can start backing off slowly. but whenever there is a big project we will definitely be involved. and thank goodness there aren't too many projects scheduled for november. november will be our month to finish up all the work that still needs to be done at the Manor.

    Mr. Smythe - thanks for always stopping by and always being so supportive - it means alot.

  6. Jennifer - huggles back to you, dear friend. it has been nutty around here for the past few months.

    distance means nothing when hearts are involved. and when i broadcast to the world that i have learned so much from you about "simple living", "living for today", "being thankful and grateful for every wonderful thing that the Lord provides" - i mean it. we spent years learning so much from you and enjoying the antics of you and your family!

    we pray for you and yours every day. we have not stopped thinking about you all since Bill's surgery. and we know what a trooper he is and with a helpmate like you - he is going to come out this even better than he was - if that's even possible!

    and you have been a rock for me! miles and distance mean nothing when a friendship cements itself so quickly. one day i will hug my friend in person. one day!

    thank you for stopping in and leaving such an uplifting comment when i know that you are tired. no more worries and make sure to take care of yourself, too, ok?

    all of our love to you and yours.
    (go ask bill to kiss you on the cheek. it's from me!)

    your forever friend,

  7. PracticalP - you always provide such good advice. we will be using your example of "one of us isn't feeling well" or something to the like on sunday. after today's birthday party we have to go to the halloween party tonight and these people sure like to party!!! so we will be completely bush-whacked on sunday and there is no way we will have the wherewithall to go and set up the hall for bingo. both of us feel like we have been run over by a bus - a big bus.

    but we aren't whining - even though we are whining. we are just sore and tired. doing the siding at the hall was a lot of hard work and that came right on the heels of putting in the attic ladder and attic floor. and that came on the heels of harvesting our sad garden. and that came on the heels.....well, you get my drift!

    thanks for always stopping in and being concerned. you are a good friend. and i promise to hit your blog in the next few days. i have not been getting to everyone's blogs this past week and it bothers me because i enjoy reading everyone's blogs to see what they are up to and what they are thinking about, etc. it's an enjoyable and relaxing thing for me and i haven't been able to do it. but next week is all about staying home, working on the Manor at our own comfortable pace and getting to my blogs.

    thanks again PracticalP - we really appreciate it!

  8. MDR - you too buddy! you bin burnin' the candle at both ends as well. make sure that you get some rest over the weekend. but make sure you get that solar bathroom finished - we need to steal your ideas - bahahahaha!

    no, really - make sure to get some down-time ok?

    your friend,

  9. thanks everyone for your concern, we really appreciate it!!

    the fire hall was a must and if we hadn't been there last night, the hall would have taken ages an a 80year old man would have done the bulk share.

    today, all the food is already at the hall, we have our outfits ready, there is light at the end of the tunnel... next week is for us, and the week after, we're tough, we can handle it... some rest, good food and we will be just fine.

    but thank you all again for your comments here and on kymber's last post, your concern means a lot, my muscles feel a bit better just thinking about it !!

  10. kymber,
    The town will remember jambaloney on the top, bringing all his tools, and your running about, knowing and fetching the right tool. I know you did not do this to impress people, but I am sure they are impressed with your positive attitude, sharing, and youthful enthusiasm. Yes, I do want you to read The Year Without a Summer.