Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY shelf/storage projects

thank you all for your support over the past few days - it has really meant the world to me.

jambaloney is stiff and sore and bruised like oh heck - but all of that is to be expected. we got up this morning, had a nice breakfast and now i have a roast in the oven - he is dying for some red meat as am i - can't wait to get at that roast and potatoes and veggies - oh and gravey - yummeh!

anyway, i think my last several posts are bringing people down and that is not our intention for this blog. we have a very up-beat and positive outlook on life and we created this blog for each other - kind of like the way Stephen created his blog for Little Bit. so i thought it was time to put up a post that wasn't about his accident, my panic or his recovery. he really is strong and healthy and i kind of freaked out over the past few days. i am sorry to have worried any of you.

so - on to our DIY/shelf/storage projects - woohoo!

i have mentioned many times that we are lacking cupboard space, storage space, shelving space...actually, we are just lacking SPACE!!!

so, while waiting to renovate properly - we have been building storage space in every nook and cranny possible. and replacing some stuff. like this horrible pantry-thingy? the previous owner put in this metal frame shelf-thingy and it was sagging in all of the wrong places. (oh and make note of my brilliant idea to hang pots and pans from it!)

so me and jambaloney ripped it out - it was a much easier task than we were expecting! - and put in a sturdy, and kind of ugly, pantry-thing made out of 3/4inch plywood, 2x8's and 2x2's. at least this one got painted.

here is the sturdy, pantry-thing. sorry the pic is blurry! i will take a better pic and post it in a future post. (oh ya - notice the stairs are still bare? well - they still are. you gotta pick your projects ya know?)

here is the second storage area that we built, this one STILL hasn't been painted, neither have the puke-peached coloured walls - but we'll get there someday - it was built using 3/4inch plywood and 2x3's. this is in the hallway leading to our bathroom and bedroom.

here's the weird room-divider thing which eats up a ton of room in my tiny kitchen - arghghgh! we put in a few shelves using 2x3's and 1x8's. it has yet to be painted as well. but will be. some day. i hope.

and this is a tiny shelf on the wall, next to the front door, which we put a seeding tray in front of. after we replaced the door. i'm blathering - y'all have no idea what i am talking about - future post coming about seeding tray and replacing the front door. this little shelf was made using 1x3's and 1x8's. surprisingly enough - it IS now painted. a newer picture coming soon!

we really have no storage in our bathroom so we put a bathroom stand over the toilet - sorry no pic of it but i will update later - am in a bit of a rush right now if you can't already tell. but here is the shelving that we built around our vanity - i love this thing! and please do not note that i am wearing jambaloney's workshirt in this pic and it is filthy! i have been wearing it since sunday - i just haven't been bothered to put anything else on.

Edited to add: you can't see it in the pic above but when the bathroom door is open you can't even see this shelving! which is why it is so awesome! it is using up precious un-used space! i will take a pic with the bathroom door open so that you will see what i mean. Edit over.

we have DIY shelving projects all over the house. i will keep taking pictures. and remember, if you don't have floor space - go for wall space!

and just for fun - here we are getting ready to go to the halloween dance. i am p*ssed that i didn't have my Hello Kitty sunglasses on in this pic - my Hello Kitty sunglasses were a real hit at the party!

here is hippy jambaloney:

and here is me:

the worst of what happened is over and although he is very stiff and sore - he is mending. he is sleeping right now but the wafting smell of the roast will wake him soon - of that i am certain.

one last time to say thank you all so much. the comfort that you all provided helped both he and i through a scarey few days. thank you.

and to MDR and Matt - i promise a post with naked bums swimming in the river soon - bahahahahah!

thanks everyone!


  1. I want you to know, the prior posting has not brought me down. You have friends out here...we worry and we are here for you....that being said, nice shelving.

  2. It's okay to be down! Things happen. People need to understand your problems, sometimes.

    Remember that some food needs total dark to keep properly--pasta, grains, home canned...well, anything in a glass jar bought or not. Dark curtains over the shelves are not sufficient.

    Heat, light and moisture are the enemies of food storage and the damnable pantry moths that I have finally conquered.

    A good roast ought to help him recover fast. Roast and vegetables was what Mama would cook and tell us, "Eat it. You will feel better." It worked.

    Your posts were not downers. You were in a panic, and rightly so.

    I really wish I had that many more shelves. I have lots of shelves, 7 book shelves, pantry shelves, full of pots, pans, dishes. It is nice to have someone who builds. Before I sold my table saw, I might could have done it on my own.

  3. All is well with us...just carry on. God bless.

  4. Hi folks.... Im just now getting to my favorite blogs, and it looks like you guys had some drama going on a few days ago. Im glad things seemed to have settled down for you now! Richard from Amish Stories.

  5. Hey, I'm not in the UK at the moment and missed all your problems!! Damn I'm so sorry to both of you! Love the photos of both you!

  6. Glad to hear things are better. I was "Pins & Needles" girl.

  7. happy to hear things are picking up...ok, the pun was not intended. :-)

  8. Having an old house means I have some nice shelving, but most of it isn't good for prep storage but works great for books, dishes, stuff I can't throw away yet.

    Glad to know things are returning to "normal". If it's not exciting from time to time we forget how nice it is when it's not.

  9. Warlock - thanks for that. i worry about all of you, too and if you ever need anything you know that you just need to holler!

    PracticalP - that is not our "food storage" area - that is our pantry of weekly-use food due to not having anywhere to put our food as the only cupboards we have a useless and can only store some dishes. which is why you see dishes all over the place on shelves and whatnot. our "food storage" is in a nice, dark, cool, dry secret place! oh - and we plan on putting cupboard doors on those pantry areas as soon as we can get around to it - too many other jobs with higher priority right now.

    we had problems with pantry moths at our old house but haven't seen a single one here. not sure why? climate? sea elevation? but i hope not to see one of those little buggers anytime soon!

    roast and root veggies are comfort food for us too. and your're Mama was right!

    Stephen - thanks buddy. i am working on putting up some upbeat posts over the next few days just to get all of this behind all of us.

    Richard - yep a little drama and trauma but we are getting over it now. i have not been stopping in to my fave blogs at all over the past few days but i promise to catch up with everyone also.

    YOF - thanks so much! and thanks for stopping by!

    Elizabeth - bahahahaha! and thank you for stopping by too. i will come and check out your blog when i do my rounds.

    Max - we had tons of storage in our old house so this cramped little cottage has been challenging to say the least.

    thanks everyone - we really appreciated all of your concern and support over the past few days!

  10. I'm not sure I have ever seen so much shelving in one house. It makes for ease of finding stuff which is a problem I have with so many closed doors hiding my stash.

    I think a good roast and veggies would heal just about any wound, perhaps even bring me back from the brink of death. I'm imagining the smells now....

  11. Ed, buddy - you haven't even seen the half of the DIY-shelving in this house - it's everywhere - bahahahah! and most of it will eventually get cupboard doors put on but not right away - we have more pressing projects to spend our monthly saved money on - ya know?

    the roast and root veggies did a number on both of us - just filled us up sooo good. i also made a delicious chicken broth yesterday (from carcass and herbs) and that helped as well. we already had more roast for lunch, jambaloney is back in bed - i really need to join him (bin up since 12:30 last night and it is now 4:35pm)...but i am waiting for him to wake up to feed him a thick hot, roast beef sandwich with gravey. and some green veggies on the side. but i think i am going to get me one of those hot roast beef sandwiches right now - bahahahah! thanks for stopping by buddy!

    your friend,

  12. I'm late to the party...I've been wrapped up in my own little world for the last week so I've just found out about your..uhm..'episode'...a few posts back. Bummer. Glad no one is seriously hurt. I'd imagine that someone is pretty pissed, thought.

  13. Joey - don't know how i missed your comment - sorry about that buddy! hope all is well with you and yours!

    Beate - ya - pantry moths. they are these tiny little moths that get inside the pacakaging of your food which is why with long-term storage you remove everything from it's packaging into sealed containers, mylar bags, etc.

    if you notice any packaging that looks like there are little spiderweb stuff in the corners - get rid of it or very soon you'll have pantry moths. as i was saying to PracticalP - we had probs with them back in the city but no probs here - knock on wood!

    CZ -no prob! nobody got seriously hurt but there are a bunch of that are seriously pissed!

    thanks for stopping by guys and gals!

  14. (((Kymber))) & (((Jambaloney)))

    I have not commented on the previous posts, but I have been reading them. I am beyond relieved that Jamba is recovering and that you are doing better yourself.

    I love the pictures of you two, you guys are so cute. :) You guys did an awesome job on all those shelves, your little cottage is shaping up nicely.

    Love & Hugs

  15. Fel - no probs honey. i was writing those posts to relieve myself and calm myself, after re-reading them i realized that i had freaked a few people out and several people have said that they were unable to leave comments because of the subject matter bothering them too much. so i am sorry for worrying everyone.

    he really is on the mend. he heals up pretty quickly from most stuff - but this time i watched his head bounce off concrete - it was pretty scarey. and they told me to keep him off his feet as much as possible and that is what i am trying to do. one of our friends told me to get some chloroform - bahahahah! i'm actually really thinking about getting some as he is getting pretty antsy today and i don't know how i will keep him down tomorrow!!!

    anyway - i knew that you were there in spirit and i appreciate it.

    and ya - we got a ton more shelves in the most ridiculous of places but when you need storage - ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

    love and hugs back to you honey!
    your friend,

  16. Ack! What a horrible nightmare! I'm just catching up on your blog and read about the whole thing just now. I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that. It makes it worse that you were out with friends at a get together you had been looking forward to, and to have it end with a trip to the hospital! What jerks those other townies were.

    I don't blame you for panicking, Kymber. I would have too. I have not had to face that particular situation, but my husband did have some severe back problems that had him screaming in pain for a few days before we could get the insurance to approve surgery for him. I found myself crying a lot, too, and feeling helpless and panicky. All that to say I know how you felt!

    Jambaloney, I'm glad you're on the mend :)

  17. "get some chloroform"... meh, duct tape. All 'round very useful :-)

  18. Kris - thanks so much for that - i really appreciate your support and concern. i did panic as i have never seen him in that state - or strapped to a board in the back of an ambulance. you must have gone through sheer hell when your husband was in pain - i can certainly empathize. so thank you for sharing your very difficult experience and letting me know that the crying and helpless feeling is one shared by other partners too. thanks Kris. and he really is on the mend!

    Elizabeth - i hear you on the duct tape. cheaper too - bahahhahahahah!

  19. Ha Ha Jam looks like Daryl for the TV series the walking dead in this picture. Your shelves are amazing