Sunday, October 23, 2011

not so good at all right now

ugh. i don't even know where to begin. i can barely type i am crying so hard.

the birthday party today was a huge success! such a large turn-out and there was soooo much food. my salad disappeared in seconds - they ate it! and everyone had some of the cranberry sauce and the ginger-lemonade was drained.

and then we all went home for quick naps and then to got ready for the halloween dance.

we were all having such a good time at the dance. all of us. just about everyone dressed up and in funny costumes - no devils or demons or anything. we were all so tired but proud of the work we had done on the Fire Hall. and we were all dancing even though we were all tired. we were having so much fun.

but some people from another town showed up. and were rowdy. and raucous. and we all kept an eye on them out of the corners of our eyes. but we still were having so much fun.

and then the fighting started. i can't explain the hows or whys right now - they just don't make sense. and in trying to keep the fighting parties separated - somehow we all ended up outside the community centre. and tried to keep some people away from other people. jambaloney and i were both trying to calm different people down and then out of nowhere - someone sucker-punched jambaloney. it was so cowardly. they hit him when his back was turned. and hit him hard. he landed on his elbow and then his head bounced off the concrete. everyone was yelling and screaming and i didn't know what was happening until i saw my rock, my angel, my soulmate, my life - laying in a pool of blood on the road.

our first responders did an excellent job. he was unconscious for only a minute or two. he never saw that punch coming - it came from behind him. when we called 911 and learned that the ambulance was being dispatched from over an hour away...the first responders boarded him and brought him into the hall. i was hysterical. everyone took turns holding me and kissing me and telling me it would be ok. then i layed on the floor in front of jambaloney and kept him talking.

at one point, someone told our matriarch to get me up dancing so that i would stop crying. that's when jambaloney called out to our BIG friend Harvey to come over and hold his hand. everyone laughed. me and Harvey held his hand for the next 30 mins - Harvey never let go once.

the ambulance came and it was an hour and 20 minutes to get to the hospital. i rode up front with the driver who talked to me the whole drive. two paramedics were in the back with jambaloney and they kept him talking the whole time - there were a few times i heard the three of them guffawing!

jambaloney's elbow had a lump on it about the size of a large watermelon. one side of his face was swollen to twice the normal size. and he got 12 stitches in the back of his head. and they drained his elbow.

we got to the hospital at 1amish. our friends came and picked us up at about 7ish. jambaloney held it together the whole time. we had a wonderful attending nurse and doctor. they saw him and fixed him up right away.

i only cried for about an hour when it happened. once we were in the ambulance the driver kept me talking which kept me from crying. i didn't cry at the hospital at all nor on the drive home.

but now that he is in bed...and i have made sure that he is comfortable with a gazillion pillows all propped up and around i can't stop crying. i just can't. i wish it had of been me that was cold-cocked. i could handle that better. i never want to see him like that again.

he looks a right mess. but is incredibly healthy and strong and a good healer. but i just had a brush with his mortality. and i need to take better, better, better care of him.

i cannot ever let this happen again.


  1. kymber,

    That had to be such a horrible experience. If I had a passport, I would be on the next flight up to help. I hope the person that punched jam gets his just punishment for what he did.

    I hope your hunk recovers quickly and completely.

  2. I am so glad to read that Jambaloney will be ok after some R&R. Human beings are an unpredictable creature. From random acts of violence to calculated acts of aggression, one can never predict or appreciate just what another person will or is capable of doing at any given time. It's a very sad commentary on the human condition.

    My thoughts, feelings and prayers are with you two.

    Your friend,

  3. My poor friend,I feel so bad for you and Jambaloney. How terrible to have such a nice evening devolve into a horrible night,and all because of a handful of jerks.I understand your sadness at seeing your loved one in such a state.Even if the jerk who did this doesn't get what he deserves by the law,he will get his at some point....I am a firm believer in Karma. Sending good thoughts for you and your honey....

  4. ((((((huggles))))) for my Kymber and Jambaloney. How awful and to see the blood. I am so glad he is recovering and that you are there for him...he will be fine because his soulmate is so amazing.

    <3 xoxoxoxo Jennifer

  5. So glad to hear that Jambaloney is on the mend and I hope he continues to get better.

    I think the purest sign of love is wanting to take the pain that the ones we love are experiencing.

  6. Since you know your jambaloney is on the mend, the next order of business is to try to get the law to move against those who caused the trouble. Then comes trying to figure out how to prevent it from ever happening again. I'll be praying for jambaloney to mend quickly.

  7. This makes me so damn mad that I am ready to board a flight and come up shit....Yes, I have had stuff like that happen from behind too, and it is all because a lesser man does not have the balls to go face to face with a real man. I am praying for Jam's quick recovery. (damn I am steamed)......oh hell....I have even landed on my elbow too just as you described, and it hurts like the dickens too....

  8. How far are you from Edmonton Alberta?

  9. kymber,
    How horrendous! It is not hard to see how this upset you. I hope these rowdies are dealt with by the law.

    I hate to put more on you, but have an MRI of that elbow, no matter the cost. Sometimes, things appear to heal but have more damage done than originally thought. Ask me how I know. Xrays have sent me on my way, still needing surgery.

    It was incredibly telling that jambaloney wanted the guy to hold his hand. Sometimes we need human contact to be able to stand the pain and the mental trauma of what we are experiencing. He had two strong people with him.

    The community will rally for the two of you,I am sure. Still, your pain is hurting me. I shed a tear for you.

    Give jambaloney a hug sent from Alabama, or at least a hand squeeze.

  10. OMG! What a horrible experience! Glad to hear that he's going to be ok! So sorry you had to go through this!

  11. I'm so sorry and you tell jambaloney for me if I'd of been try I'd of busted a head for him in return...what a shame. Give him a man hug for me. (take hand in yours and bump shoulders)Get well soon, my friend.

  12. Sorry, meant 'been there' hate this laptop...dinky assed key board.

  13. Everyone here as posted how I feel. It only takes on or two to ruin a good time. We all need to pray for both of you.

    Sounds like many of us want to have an ass kicking party. You know who you can trust now after this.

    You take care of him and keep us updated later today or tomorrow. Jambaloney is going to have one hell of a headache.

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  15. I hope he mends quickly. I'm really sorry this happened to him. I'm just glad they didn't take a shot at you too. They could have you know...

    I appreciate that you two try very hard to be apart of your community, but these sort of issues are why so many of us down here avoid crowds like the plague.

    Sounds like those folks need a dose of "Southern diplomacy."

  16. I am so sorry!!! Please give Jambaloney a gentle hug from me.
    This kind of thing pisses me off to no end. I don't even know what to say. I always expect nothing but good things to happen to the two of you....and then this kind of crap happens. My thoughts are with both of you.

  17. Jambaloney here..

    looks like kymber was finally able to go to bed. she is still asleep and i am glad. in my mind, she bore the brunt of this. it broke my heart to hear her crying the way she was when i was on the pavement. it breaks my heart to know she was crying all day.

    we were all having a great time and i was going up to the bar to get a beer and i saw fight break out. when i got there, some guy had his hands around another guys throat so hard that the other guy's face was turning purple. i grabbed the other guy around the waist and heaved him out of harm's was. turns out he was the son of one of our friends a big guy called jimmy who has a heart of gold but a hair trigger temper. as it spilled out onto the road many of us were trying to get ourselves between the antagonists,. we were real close. jimmy, his son and wife were in their car ready to leave, but this other guy was homing in on the car so i was trying to keep him at bay, then his girlfriend started yelling at me so i turned to tell her off, claiming i was trying to prevent things from getting worse AND then i gave it to her, reminding hear that last week, when she showed up at the Fourchu community supper all shaken up after hitting a deer with her can ( a cheap-ass Cadillac), Darryl and i were the ones who escorted her to the place she was staying and then went and found her boyfriend on a dirt road partying so that he could get back to her. she blanched, started saying i am sorry and kymber was hugging her, she was crying..

    then i woke up on the pavement. shouldn't have turned my back on the fool.
    this guy is an idiot, so much so that he wrecked his other car the same day that his gf wrecked the caddy, he showed up at the dance with a ford explorer he had bought that day. when eyewitnesses gave the license plate to the police, it turns out he had just swapped that caddy's plate on to the explorer that day! you KNOW he has a rap sheet, so this swill probably knock him back several notches.
    you are all so kind and supportive. your thoughts, prayers and wishes are working. i will be okay, i am pretty aware of my body. i bruise pretty easily, not in a bad way, but my bones are thick and made of concrete. i could tell pretty early on that this was all outside the core injury. hurts like hell tho' ;-)

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  19. Mudbug:

    thanks man, this guy is s real piece of work , but i wouldn't even feed him to sam and the goats, your animals might get sick ;-) he's probably gonna wind up in jail or at least with a fine and no driver's license


    i agree with you, one minute all smiles, next minute mayhem. sucks. thanks my friend so nice to hear from you!


    thanks for your support, especially for kymber. i am all with you on karma, but like i sadi above, i don'yt even think karma will waste itself on this guy, he'll bury himself wiyjout outside help ;-)


    as always, you say so much with so little - kymber will make sure i'm better so long as she can keep me in bed ;-) thanks sooo much


    i am, thank you! you are right, kymber wishes she could take the pain away, i really wish i could take her worry away, i'll be better before she is.


    I think it will be well taken care of, we will definitely make sure he gets lawfully punished. the best way to keep this from happening again is to keep a better eye on those who aren't from around here. kymber and i weren't form around here but we BECAME form around here... makes all the difference - thank you!


    your reaction is what i would expect my friend - i really appreciate it ;-) you are right, even though my head has stiches and my face looks like shrek on one side, the elbow is what hurts the most by far. sorry to hear this has happened to you to, really sucks!!
    we are about 5500 km (3400 miles) from edmonton, a bit of aride ;-)

    Practical Parsimony:

    thanks for your support!
    i am pretty sure the wounds are superficial, they have the right "feel" to them, but your Alabama concern is most thoughtful.
    Asking the guy holding my hand was a bit of a joke at the time (people don’t take jokes from injured people(, but harvey really didn't let go, he was concerned, they all were, i guess i looked a right mess!


    It really was, shook kymber to her core, thank you for your kind wishes!


    Thanks buddy, looks leek a bunch of you wanna form a new gang, without sounding all "metrosexual" - it's pretty damn sweet! thank you my friend!


    whoops you just joined the gang too! I know who i can trust after all this and it certainly includes all of you.
    oddly enough, the headache isn't as bad as i thought, at least when i don't move ;-) thanks Rob!


    thanks buddy! one of thr girls did take a shot at kymber, a glancing blow. and as we were in the hospital, the sobering thought is that it could have just as easily been her on the bed. the actual community is fine, and as far as "crowds go" when we have a BIG party, it's a whopping 50 people from all around. just some of the seasonal jackasses ... that ruin things for everyone i'll send them down south for some "manners"


    Thanks so much. it sucks but i'm okay so this will be a distant memory soon enough.
    again thank you all for your kind words and support, she needs it more than me. right now, i think i need some food...cheers and thank you form the bottom of my heart!

  20. Jambaloney, glad you're doing OK. I guess you're lucky as it could have been much worse as guns and knives are common place today. People mixed with alcohol are unpredictable and can be violent for no good reason at all. Imagine what the aftermath of a major disaster would be with everyone in a food line begging for some food.

    Take care and heal well, you have a lot of house to finish!

    Best to you,

  21. Thanks Mike!

    i do feel lucky, and yes, no knives or guns were involved.

    and for NO good reason other than the stupid petty bravado that many people think makes the tough etc.

    it would be much worse if there were a food line riot for certain.

    i will and my thoughts EXACLTY - we were talking before we went to the party about how this coming week was all for us and the house - bloody hell !! ;-)

    thank you!! and best to you!

  22. Oh no Kymber, I've been offline for a few days, I just read this today. I'm so sorry for all the mental anguish you went through I'm so sorry Jamabloney was hurt.

  23. I know exactly what you mean about being able to endure being hurt myself rather than my baby being hurt.

  24. GBG - sorry - not sure how i missed these comments. thank you for your concern - and yes, you do understand. it would have been much easier to endure the hurt myself and not him. ugh. it was awful for the past few days but today we both seem less-shaken up - although he is stiff and bruised and sore - to be expected right. but he is on the mend and will be back to his old self soon - i just need to keep him resting for at least the rest of the week!

    thanks for your concern!

  25. YIKES!!!
    The Anonymous Homesteader