Tuesday, June 7, 2016

yep - it's still june. and TROUT!!!!!

yep guys - it's still june. and still looks like this.

but none of the garden beds have needed watering for almost 2 weeks. we aren't getting torrential rainfalls or anything - just a little rain, a lot of fog and a lot of mist. check out these beautiful diamonds on the flower that i named after jambaloney's mom. sooo beautiful.

strawberry flowers!!!! in the first week of june?!?!?!?!? oh i love you, you strawberry plants!

looking down the road to the river....so misty and enchanting!

this comfrey growing in the compost heap has already gone to flower!

 yesterday morning jambaloney went fishing in the river....and came home with these 4 babies.

look at the colour and health of the flesh -

you just can't get healthier fish than this. and of course, more lobster, this time as a cold macaroni salad - yummeh!

earlier this eve, jambaloney strapped on his waders, headed down the driveway to do some fishing in the stillwater that our beavers created 3 years ago.

and came home with these babies.

so i cooked up a load of mashed potatoes with a ton of butter and chives. made a lovely dip out of goat yogurt (chevre) and our own fresh dill. and we had "just caught" trout fish cakes.

we are still moaning and groaning....man they were good.

we made a joint decision and tomorrow, because it will be raining all day long, tomorrow is spa day! yep, you heard right. we'll scrub ourselves up real good in the shower, give each other manicures and pedicures (pedicures includes rubbing my comfrey salve into our feet, tying plastic bags on our feet and then putting socks over the bags), i'll cut jambaloney's hair and trim mine, we'll put on all-natural face masks and put coconut oil in our hair. and read.

he'll have to do some contract work tomorrow but he can do that with bags on his feet, coconut oil in his fair and a facial mask. i like to keep my man's beautiful skin and hair healthy and happy! we'll do our full and proper stretches which is my combination of pilates and yoga, we'll eat a ton of good food and we'll have a nice down day.

i'm really looking forward to tomorrow! sending love to you all!


  1. I'm not big with lobster but, if I could catch my own, I'm sure I'd be eating them! lol

  2. WOW! Yummy! Love to see the strawberry bud with water droplets in them.

  3. I am missing wet,damp weather. I love the strawberry bud. Fresh trout is the best!

  4. Your spa day sounds fab, have a good one :-)

  5. Make sure you post of picture of you two in your spa get up!

  6. ahh the trout.....and you two have a marvelous down day!

  7. Oh, those trout cakes! For as hard as you two work, you deserve a spa day (or six)! xoxo

  8. Sweet Kymber,

    I'm groaning and moaning over those divine looking trout cakes. I should sneak up there since I'm not allowed to do anything here while recuperating, and have some of that delicious looking trout cakes....or even the trout :-)

    Enjoy your spa day!!!

    Sending hugs and love your way.

  9. Sounds like you have a better relationship with your local beavers than we do. Enough said.

    Enjoy your spa day!

  10. Trout cakes...lobster...grumble grumble...

    I like the idea of spa day.