Wednesday, June 1, 2016

fishing may 2016

hey pioneer p and sandy - trout for you both!!

but first off - i have been working way more than i thought at Lobsters R US and have only been fishing twice... it is slowing down a bit so more trout coming up...

first off  just to prove the place exists, here is a crab boat coming in to unload

and here are smaller lobster boats waiting to go out..

so yes there IS a seafood place i work at - lol..

now a couple of weeks ago i went out in the mist...

the water was high..

first fish was a nice fat trout!!!

it rained a bit...

but i got my limit!!!

a week and a half later i noticed strachans brook was way down - i see lots of trout surfacing..

so i grabbed my waders and went down... it was pretty dry in the swamp..

this is normally covered with water...

dead trees everywhere

more dead trees

last year this was under 4 feet of water!!!!

i walked across this

many blackfiles...

like a LOT - you need the headgear!!

here is another view off all the dead stuff that drowned - something else, eh??

finally at the water's edge..

the fishing was fantastic - it took me 15 mins to nail this limit

i was back 2 days later for the same result!!!! the trout are silver so they are sea runs i figure - sea run trout migrate back and forth between the ocean and our river, not all trout do. some stay in the river their whole life and tend to be more colorful year round like the first trout in the pic above.

ALL brook trout spawn in moving water in the fall - even the sea runs. but they do spend a good amount of time at sea and that gives them the silver color.  males get really bright colours during breeding time.

strachan's brook empties into the framboise river - the entry point is a great fishing spot that i go to often so these trout came from the sea, to the mouth of strachens brook and then up the creek to eat.  i usually catch river trout but every once in a while i get a sea run. right now they apparently all come in when wild strawberries begin to blossom in what is called the "stawberry run" - i plan on going tomorrow morning so we shall see..

here is a pic i took from the canoe last year when it was pretty much a lake. the beavers have yet to build it up as much as last year, but after the rain it gets high again

anyway - lots of trout and there will be more - hope you are all having a great spring!!!


  1. I like YOUR boat better than theirs.

  2. Man Jamby I do have serious fishing envy. About the only thing that could tempt me away from working on the Small-Hold would be trout fishing and from here I have to drive about 3 hours to get to a so/so stocked trout stream.

    Those are some damned fine looking fish. I have never fished a sea run of trout either.

    1. pp - you KNOW i will take you out if you ever get up to visit!!

      don't kill yourself woring pal!

  3. Jambaloney and Sweet Kymber,

    What a beautiful place to go fishing!!! Those are some really good looking trout my friend. Thank you for mentioning both PP and I in your post. We share your fish nicely :-)

    Have you noticed strachan brook losing water yearly? Or was this just low tide?

    I'll have you know Jam hubby and I haven't gone fishing this season at all. Too much going on with finishing up the estate, along with medical procedures. So my friends, we will live through you vicariously until we can get back out on the water to fish.

    Keep fishing and sharing the news, while we wonder how you'll prepare your catch for eating.

    Sending hugs and love your way.

    1. Well sandy - i will catch many trout on your behalf then!!!

      strachan brook is lower due to the beaver dam being lower - that's all.

      all my best to you sweet sandy!