Monday, June 27, 2016

another gorgeous day!

so gorgeous it requires 2 pics!!!

have you ever seen lemon balm and bee balm turn into bushes?

how about sage flowering so early in the season? (for us anway!)

you can't see them but my new bee/butterfly flower bed has tiny, little green things growing in it.

i mixed up a bunch of different flower types that attract pollinators and i can't wait to see what comes up! jambaloney also dug trenches in front of the tire of the red, old hay-rake thingy and i planted morning glories in front of both tires.

they should climb up the wheels and spokes and look really pretty! this is the newest flower bed jambaloney made for me - it's for nasturtiums.

we'll rake out the grass tomorrow, rock it and i will plant nasturtiums. nasturtium flowers are delicious fresh in salads and sandwiches, or just as garnishes on a plate - but you can also dry them and make your own spice! you can learn more here.

W - we have buds on the grapevines - woohoo!

does anyone know what these beautiful, white flowers are called? i love them....but am too lazy right now to look them up - bahahah!

look at these beautiful trout:

and they sure made for a tasty supper!

we grilled them on the bbq and had fresh made dill, garlic and goat yoghurt dip, guacamole with tons of cilantro and also a little bit of goat yoghurt, some amazing losbster and dill macaroni salad and some lightly sauteed spinach. yummeh!

since W is always asking for updates on the cats...and he is especially interested in's edgar sleeping on the summer clothes box that jambaloney just got out of the attic.

he'll probably use it as his little bed until september when the summer clothes go back up to the attic! and i will be summer clothes-less - bahahahah!

our one cat puts up with him laying near him, our other puts up with him from a bit of a distance and our Frankie-Blue-Eyes hates the living crap out of him. but edgar comes and goes where he pleases, has absolutely no sense of personal space so gets growled at and belted in the head several times a day....but he is so tiny and so cute. he's eating us out of house and home but he needs to eat and sleep as much as he wants. he is finally feeling like this is his home and instead of taking off for several hours a day....seems to want to be in the house, in one of his brother's favourite spots, p*issing off his brothers in the process and not seeming to notice. and he is one tough little cutie!

there's a whole pile of crazy happening in the world lately. we choose not to let it get us down or upset our lives. it's not to say that we aren't aware of current events locally, provincially, nationally and internationally - but we just try to stay focused on petting cats, feeding cats, our garden, playing cards, jambaloney's daily contract work, putting up preps, hottubbing, swinging, wandering around our property - do we have the  perfect life? ummmm.....that would be a huuuuge NO! but we CHOOSE to try and make it as perfect as can be.

and if you have never eaten a raw nasturtium flower - go grow some and try them! and then make salmon and cream cheese stuffed nasturtium flowers.

if you want to forget about the worries of the world for 5 minutes of pure bliss - eat these. you can find my recipe here.

sending much love to you all!


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  2. A question for the uneducated - what kind of bees do you have that far north?

    Much love, TB

  3. Ya know as much as I love you guys and all... you really should be hunted down and weggied until your eyes bug out for actually planting Morning Glory.

  4. Those Nasturtium stuffed flowers look & sound delicious! so glad warmer weather is finally in your neck of the woods. Or else, you wouldn't need those summer clothes, right?

  5. I love nasturtium flowers in my salads, but never thought to stuff them with cream cheese and smoked salmon - you are the BEES' KNEES! Edgar looks like a tough little niblet and I am sure he will win them all over. He is one beautiful little cat.

  6. Kymber,

    Yes, love your beautiful view......keep posting pretty pictures :-)

    I've never had nasturtium flowers in anything. I'll have to try planting them next season. Fresh Salmon....YUM!!!! Especially that from Alaska or up your way.
    Your trout looks amazing, I'm sitting here jealous Jambaloney was able to fish you some fresh fish.

    Don't work to hard. Sending love and hugs for the both of you.

  7. We do not have nasturtiums but will have squash blossom very soon, stuffed with Swiss cheese and a dash of butter and then baked for just a tad....

  8. I read every post you write and eagerly look forward to them. I don't regularly comment,but today I want to say how your wonderful outlook on life lifts my spirits. I agree each life is not perfect but when I see our little homestead through less critical eyes, it is truly beautiful, and your comments today made me understand that anew. May you both have a nice day. :)

  9. Never ate a raw nasty dirtum flower! Ugh!!! ;-)

    Edgar seems to be settling in pretty well. We have four new "house cats", they are Midget, Basthet, Beorn, and Penrod. Their mom came to live with us from the kids city, and she was pregnant unbeknownst to anyone.

    I am going to take some pictures of my squash and post them, and see if you can tell me why we don't have any squash! They blossomed well but to squash to be seen.

    Glad all is well up at the top of the world.