Monday, June 13, 2016

more gray days...but 2 kinds of excellent news - woohoo!

yesterday it rained, well, pretty much, all day. today looks like this.

a little bit of irregular drizzly, misty rain. jambaloney is at work on-site for the day. i can't wait until he gets home! dinner yesterday was kymberz version of dirty rice and guacamole (which i call gwak-a-mole - bahahahah! i love saying gwak-a-mole!). with our own fresh cilantro used in both dishes. also, i used goat yoghurt in the gwak-a-mole and loved the taste better than sour cream.

supper last night was an invention of my own. because i am able to "gum" chicken, lobster, tuna and trout....we've been eating a lot of it. i have tried so hard to take the elements of a delicious salad and blitzkreig them into mush - but it honestly just doesn't taste good! i enjoy blitzkreiged fruit. but i don't enjoy blitzkreiged veg. and i have been dying for some veg. so jam sliced some tomatoes really thin, i covered the bottom sides with just EVOO, but for the top side i brushed on EVOO with fresh crushed garlic, S&P, and chopped fresh oregano from the garden. topped the tomatoes with goat's cheese and broiled them.

i added a fresh oregano leaf to each tomatoe afterwards and then drizzled them with a reduction of balsamic vinegar that i made while they broiled. OH MY GAWD - to die for! the plate above is jam's plate as he had a salad along with his. i can't chew or gum lettuce leaves but i suck on a few of them. i can eat pickled olives and pickled onions cut up into small pieces. but the tomatoes were deeeevine!

speaking of pickles - i made some yesterday. we had organic, store-bought cauliflower and broccoli about to go off. when your fresh veg or store bought veg is about to go off - DO NOT THROW IT OUT! pickle it. anyone interested in the recipe - just ask in the comments. pickled broccoli and cauliflower is delicious! even though right now all i can do is suck on a piece because it stays so crisp and is such a lovely side-dish to just about anything - or great just eaten from the jar!

next to the pickled broccoli and cauliflower is asian pickled carrot and cucumber - so yummy and good for you! again, i can mush the cucumber between my gums but can only suck on the carrots strips. as you can see - we have already been into the asian pickles.

now on to the excellent news. news #1 - i called the animal hospital that we originally took Frankie Blue Eyes (aka Spunkly Montooch aka Sparkle Salad) and they told us to capture little Edgar in our cat carrying case, put him somewhere safe and blocked off and call them immediately and they would do everything in their power to get him in to get fixed and shaved as soon as possible. whew! there's a big load off of my mind!

excellent news #2 - the denturist, who i wasn't supposed to see until July 6....has an opening for 9am tomorrow morning. so i will be going for my first consultation and molding tomorrow. woohoo! i am excited and nervous as oh heck! but i am glad to be moving forward in this toothless adventure.

so the next few days are going to be gray and rainy but the weekend is looking fantastic! hopefully we can get Edgar in to the hospital before the weekend and i will have had my first consultation for getting dentures!!! jam will be home later this eve with 4 more 2lb lobsters for supper - how could it get any better???

peeps - you better have some new posts up because i need something to read. oh and i;ll let you know in another post about a mishap/blow-up in the microwave and how to deal with it/clean it naturally!


  1. Please share your pickle recipe :). Are the pickled broccoli / cauliflower still crisp - or mushy?

  2. My mother had `bad teeth even as a kid. She said her dentures were one of the best things that ever happened to her.

  3. The pickle sounds good, my wife loves pickled cauli from the shops but says mine is too strong.
    Life without teeth doesn't sound good!

  4. Yay! a full set of teeth will cheer you up no end x

  5. Cauliflower is the work of the Devil. One of the few foods I refuse to eat in any incarnation.

  6. Real good news about the chompers! I bet you are ready to bite into something! Business as usual here in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave, just killing each other with enthusiasm and then arguing about gun control! Same as always!

  7. I nuke a lemon for a few minutes and let sit for another few before cleaning!

    I enjoy just about pickled anything!

  8. post the recipe please, we love lobster wish we could get some, but have to wait until Martin gets his boat, good luck with the molding hope to see your smile soon :-)

  9. Me, too! I would love the pickle and Asian carrot cucumber yummericious recipes, pleeze. Hooray for both bits of good news!

  10. Good luck with the new chompers! Wondering if you do any fermenting vs. pickling? We tried to ferment some carrots and zucchini last year and lets just say I used too much salt - ick!

  11. Sure I posted a comment here but it's not showed up!

  12. Sweet Kymber,
    I'm waiting patiently to hear about your dental work. I'm so thrilled for you, soon you'll have all the teeth you want without having to deal with headaches.

    Hang in there kiddo, love you.
    Sending hugs, and love your way.