Sunday, June 19, 2016

TWO sunny days! did you read that correctly - TWO sunny days!!!! and a mermaid gets a river christening!

check this out -what a  gorgeous day we had yesterday!!!

jambaloney dug me out a new place to put my wildflowers that attract bees, butterflies and birds.

he made it in the shape of a heart and i planted all of my seeds - it's going to be sooo beautiful!

have you ever seen lemon balm and bee balm plants so big?!?!?!? they are turning into trees!!!

can you see Mobie-Moe in his new hiding spot? he sleeps there all day!

we are finally at a stage when we can prettify the front yard!

jambaloney got me a jug with an infuser - i made cucumber, mint and lemon balm water.

to be honest kids, i think just putting whatever ingredients right into to a jug works better.

we started this morning like lumber jacks - poached eggs on spinach and hashbrowns.

we needed a good breakfast because look how it was today:

two beautiful days in a row! time to load up the atv and trailer and take our stuff down to the river.

snacks and magazines for our trip.

my favourite site in the world. and i always take this pic for my friend C.

you have to admit - we have a pretty awesome set-up down at the river. we're top-notch people - we go all out!

pretty awesome no? not even donald trump lives this lifestyle!

and the mermaid tail was christened!

i sat on my favourite river-sitting rock to christen my tail.

then i suntanned and read magazines.  my man did what he always does - he fished in his tighty whities. to protect sensitive parts.

and he caught these three trout in about 10 mins. then i said - enough fishing - it's time for suntanning and feelings - bahahahahah! i love making him talk about feelings. i love to hear his feelings about things.

because it was such a hot day - we ended up having TWO dips in the river - it was sooo refreshing and freezing - but we did it and it was awesome!!!!

we're sunstroked as oh heck. we came home expecting a nap. but my next door neighbour and dearest friend E caught edgar for us...edgar is a stray cat that has been coming here regularly. he needs to get fixed, he needs his shots, and he needs to be shaved from top to bottom - his fur is all in clumps and he is a long haired cat. he's beautiful! i will take a pic of him for you all. he's got bluer eyes than Frankie Blue Eyes. so that now adds 4 stray cats to the Manor. we don't care - we'll take them all in.

sending love to everyone. but sending special love to jambaloney's step-dad - the guy taught jambaloney to dangle off roofs, how to be resource-full when building stuff and how to take other people's junk and make it useful! Happy Father's Day Ted!


  1. I didn't know mermaids had pink fins! lol

  2. I heart your heart flower bed, and I heart your dish you took to the river with the snacks in it, so cool. And you are making mermaids everywhere proud.

    And Jam's tighty whities... ;-)

  3. what a wonderful day havent come across infusers for the jugs in the UK, nice relaxing time just what you need, love the fish :-)

  4. I love waterways. The river is beautiful. I love how blue the sky is.

  5. Now thats fishing lure the trout in....and jambalony snags them! Are there Merman tails?

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    A beautiful day to lounge out by the water, maybe do a little swimming, and of course fish!!! Nice looking fish girlfriend, I'm craving trout :P:P
    Living up your way is the perfect place to run around outside without anyone bothering you. When we head out to the lake for quiet time we end up running into too many city slickers yelling, hooting, and hollering. It's that time of year when everyone is taking vacation with their kids. I'm looking forward to when school is back in session and our lake is nice and quiet.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.

  7. Yes a good idea to protect your junk from snapping fish. Ouch! :D

  8. A pink mermaid in it's natural environment, what a sight that must have been! Glad to see you to see you all didn't need to cover up against the biting flies!