Friday, June 24, 2016

world - meet edgar! who's now named houdini!

a beautiful day awaited when we woke up this morning.

jambaloney let me sleep in while he did yard chores. then he took edgar for a walk around the perimeter - with a collar and a leash. we thought it would be a good way for edgar to learn the perimeter and stay inside it. we've had him outside several times and he keeps taking off down the driveway....probably because that's where he came from. anyhow, jambaloney had him out for a goodly while and things were going very smoothly until jambaloney took his eyes off of him for 5 remember - he's got a collar on AND a leash. jambaloney looked back down and edgar had somehow gotten out of the collar AND leash without jambaloney realizing it. so now his name is houdini (big shout out to dear C who came up with the name when he escaped the bathroom twice!!!!)!

actually we are deciding that houdini will be his middle name because edgar is just such an awesome name for a cat.

you ready to meet him? here he is in all of his poor, shaved glory:

he's something else eh? those blue eyes and colouring - he must be from the same litter or the same mother as Frankie Blue Eyes. here's a pic of Frankie when we first got him:

so we lost edgar houdini AGAIN?!?!?!!? what kind of horrible cat people are we???? but the vet's people told us to keep him confined until he heals, we did a ton of research on how to integrate cats (which we didn't need to do with any of our other cats because each one of them brought the next one home), and edgar came back at dinnertime to get his dinner. he's already learned how to use the cat doors so we figured just let him stroll in and out on his own. which he's been doing all day.

he's very affectionate - our one cat has taken to him but the other 2 don't like him much. there hasn't been any cat-fighting - just a bit of hissing and growling. it will take another few days to get him fully integrated but there is no keeping that cat in!!!

we've had a good day - both of us tired for the past several days, i've been sick from bug bites, jambaloney worked on-site all day yesterday....and then there's been trying to get edgar integrated. all on top of normal house-hold jobs and the garden.

but somewhere in between last week and today - the lupins bloomed!

aren't they gorgeous??? they are native to north america and i have sent several friends lupin seeds - the bees (honey, mason, solitary) and other insects love them. they all also love the scotch broom when it flowers (also native)!

we ate lobster for breakfast (can you believe that? bahahahahaah!), and had this delicious kymberz version of vietnamese hot and sour soup using our own herbs - deelish!

supper will be steak, more lobster and more soup. right now it is very quiet - we want to go outside but can't - too many black flies!!!we'll wait for it to get dark later and then go out and swing. we need a swing or two!

sending much love to you all!


  1. Another great post. So are you now a Cat Queen?? bahahahaha

  2. You only need another dozen or so cats to be on your way to be a true stray cat sanctuary. I will be happy to send ya 5 or 10 if you like :)

    He does have some blue blue eyes!!!

  3. Edgar Houdini, love it!!!

    And he is a looker!!!

    Those lupines look bee-utiful! You sent us some lupine seeds once and I lost them moving stuff to the farm. Whaaaaa!

    Lobster for breakfast? Girl, bye! HA!

  4. I thought to myself what type of cat is that with a thick tail bobble and leg feathers. and then you said he was shaved. phew

    Hope that they all start to get along soon.

    Sorry for the shock to Jam with my roof pictures. I am just pretending it is all good and the water fall in my kitchen is a water fall feature and people pay money for that type of thing!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. The TV programmes showing rural Canada that we watch here all mention / show the insect problem that you have. I have to say that that would drive me crazy...! Is it as bad in the cities too?

    The broom plant is rated alien and unwanted here, but I have to confess that I, too, love them :)

  6. I love Edgar Houdini! I laughed at the image of a cat on a leash. None of my grand-kitties will wear collars and the only cat I saw on a leash put on such a show I've never forgotten it.

    Meh...sometime the vet's expectations are unrealistic. The last two dogs we had fixed were done in the hot summer. We were instructed to keep them calm and keep their incisions dry. Ha! Try that with a nice cool pond nearby and other pack members to lead you astray!

    I hope to see many more photos of a content Edgar H. as he settles in.

  7. He's fantastic, so beautiful. Love the lupins too, they are stunning and so many at once, lucky you x

  8. Love the lupins never seen them growing wild before, so lucky to have lobster for breakfast I would love Lobster for breakfast lunch and dinner :-)

  9. Cats! Never a dull moment with cats, and they certainly have minds of their own! We have two that still refuse to get along and seem to delight in tormenting one another. :)

  10. I like Edgar. We have four white cats with blue eyes, all from the same litter last summer. My favorite is "Raccoon" who has a mask but the rest of him is white.

    Maya, who came down here to live with us in April, got out last night and spent all night in the woods with the Tom Cats. She's going to have to go to the vet for her "operation" this week. We were holding off til she finished nursing this new litter but they are all able to eat canned food now.

    Sorry the flies are so bad. I couldn't handle that.

  11. Edgar is a beautiful cat! He seems to be a free spirit - so he should fit right in!!!