Thursday, June 16, 2016

life goes on....

it's been sooo rainy and gray and foggy for what feels like 3 solid months, that we are now calling this kind of day a sunny day!

i would like to thank everyone who commented on my post yesterday about my disappointing denturist appointment. every one of you was very understanding and warm and it really touched me. a big thank you to all of you - sometimes it really helps when you can vent and people understand and act so kindly. thank you all very much!

so, i am still eating mushy food but at least there's some food that's supposed to be mushy - like this delicious french onion soup:

the broth is home-canned beef bone and a variety of veg and spices. when i make broth, i always add at least 1 cup of apple cider vinegar - it helps pull the calcium from the bones. i also bring it to a boil several times a day and let it set overnight, and do that for 3 full days. on the fourth day is when we strain it and can it. that's why the broth is so dark and rich. i carmelize my onion rings in EVOO and butter on low until they are appropriately browned. my crouton is toasted potatoe bread with the crusts cut off. and i broke down and made jambaloney buy me a small bit of mozzarella - i had to have it with my french onion soup - it was deelish!

this little self-planted (?) ornamental apple tree is really blooming nicely. he's in a very odd spot in the yard but i decided that he needed some decoration.

so i put rocks and our home-made mulch all around him. he's a little slanty - here he is from the other side:

but aren't we all a little slanty? here's a closeup of his beautiful flowers and buds:

so pretty!

speaking of pretty - my friend C and jambaloney's mom both gave me ideas on how to get over the disappointment of not getting my dentures yet. C suggested that visualizing helps her with things, so she recommended i make a calendar. so jambaloney made me one and i scratch off a day in the morning.

jambaloney's mom told me to get a picture or draw a picture of myself and then glue in some teeth. that's my project for this evening - bahahahah! i'll be sure to share it with you when it's perfect!

other than that, jam's been working on his contract in between doing odd jobs around the yard. the last time jam was in town he got a big bin of preps so i put those away in our food storage area. i don't think there is a better feeling than shuffling around preps and looking at all of it - it fills me with a great sense of peace whenever i add to the preps.

jam's now working on his contract and we are going to make a nice fruit salsa-type thing. we'll use a mango, peach, apricots, apple, oranges, soy milk, and our fresh mint, lemon balm and coriander. we'll blitzkreig it until it's smooth and then we can eat it for the next few days. supper will be chicken and mushroom pasta, made with macaroni because it's easier for me to eat than spaghetti. then we'll have roasted tomatoes with goat cheese and our own oregano for snack.

it's been a good day so far. we'll be swinging and hottubbing for the whole evening. life really does go on...

thank you all again for leaving such nice messages - it really does mean a lot to me. i'm sending love to anyone out there who wants it.


  1. The chart is a great idea something to aim for, enjoy the hot tub evening :-)

  2. I guess I missed that you had a newer post out before this one. Hmmmm. Comes from working too much, us old guys can't take all this work in this heat ya know.

    Anyway glad you're feeling better and teeth are over rated anyway.

    Another fun game you could try is getting a picture of someone you dislike and try taking their (often false) teeth out :)

  3. The addition to the apple tree is quite pleasant.

  4. Remember.... This too shall pass.

    I'm glad you're in better spirits today.

  5. They're so right, there's nothing more satisfying than crossing off a list, let the countdown begin.

  6. I used your bone broth method over the is tre fabulous!

  7. the flowers are pretty arent they. The weather here has also bean awful. Everyday you tick off a box on your chart, straight away put your lovely mermaid tail on! Instantly you will feel better.

  8. I can always use a little love. You seem to be feeling a little better, and I'm glad of that.

    I don't write very good comments but M and I are thinking about you and J.