Monday, June 20, 2016

we got little edgar! EDITED - we lost little edgar! EDITED AGAIN: we got edgar (Houdini) back again!

can you believe another beautiful day? oh yes summer bring it on!!!

we got edgar yesterday. remember the little stray cat we were feeding? well, my dear friend and neighbour got him in her car yesterday. she said "it's amazing what a piece of chicken will do" when jambaloney met her at the bottom of the driveway with the cat carrier.

remember those trout that jambaloney caught in his tighty-whities yesterday? well, they made for a fine breakfast:

however, the goat yoghurt and garlic and dill sauce i made was a little...ummm....tooo much! more yoghurt will be added to the sauce.

but check out the colour of the flesh of these trout?!?!?!? you just can't eat healthier protein than this!

remember my slanty self-planted ornamental apple tree from a few days ago? his blooms are all white now - so pretty!

it's a gorgeous day out there today but very little could be done - it's windy as oh heck! we're talking 40kms-60kms!!!

i went out and watered the whole garden - that's quite a chore! jambaloney worked on his contract, then washed all of the pots and all of the cat plates - that's an even bigger chore.

then we swung for a little while.

this pic is for my step-dad Ted. he said he liked our swing. when i get a proper cedar swing that jambaloney is going to build me, i will send this to Ted. both me and jambaloney can see him lying in this thing and napping - bahahahaha!

EDGAR: remember the little stray cat we have been feeding, he's so affectionate and he was definitely just dropped here...somehow me made it on his own until now. well, as i said above, my dear friend E caught him in her car with a piece of chicken and he is now living in the bathroom - which means we are using our composting toilet out in the shed again - but he is scheduled for shots, being nipped, and shaved tomorrow. jambaloney will take him in, find out if he needs an overnight stay, and if they can do all of the procedures by end of day, jambaloney will just stay in town and work on his contract with his laptop.

i hate to do this to edgar but we have to, if we want to keep him. we have 3 stray cats, that were given to us, or found us and they are all spayed. if we want to keep edgar, then he needs these procedures done. he is a long-haired cat but his fur is so matted they will need to shave him from his ears to his tail. i am glad that he is having his procedures and shaving, now, in june, so that he won't be cold.

i didn't take a picture of him because we haven't had him long enough to make a decision as to whether he wants to become famous.

noodie-noo loves his picture to be taken...the first people that he met here were B and C...and they said "oh my! he's sooooo handsome!". noodie-noo has never let anyone forget that!

sending much love to all of you!

EDITED TO ADD: oh gawd i feel like an idiot! i openend the bathroom window so edgar could have fresh air. i have checked on him every hour that he has been in the bathroom, loved him, fed him, cuddled him. then jambaloney was working on his contract....and i made this post. then i went to look for edgar. i called up to jambaloney "i can't find edgar?!?!?!?" jambaloney said "what do you mean?" and then he came in the bathroom. we looked everywhere - no edgar. then i looked at the window which i had left open but there is a screen there.

edgar apparently doesn't care about screens or being hemmed in for longer than he cares for.

he sprayed the bathroom screen first, knocked off all of my little trinkets that sat on the window ledge, and then bit and scratched a hole in the screen. jumped out and is now god knows where. we have been out calling for him. we are expecting/hoping he'll be back this evening to be fed.

have you ever felt like such a loser as i am feeling now??? jambaloney thinks it's funny. i want to cry so hard that i can't even cry.


2nd EDIT: well i guess little edgar did not like being kept in the bathroom, made a break for it and came home for supper. jambaloney grabbed him and put him back into the bathroom. dear gawd, how does trying to keep a little tiny cat for one whole day exhaust you soooo much? well, he's going in to the vet tomorrow - it's and jam slept after we found edgar at a bout we are both up, haven't had supper, and jam has to be up at at 6am to take edgar in. jam plans to sleep in the truck tomorrow. he's gonna be dead tired. and i am going to be sick all day worried about the two of them.


  1. I hope all goes well for little Edgar tomorrow. I'll say a prayer for him.

    Everyone who shows up at our house and decides to stay must get spayed or neutered - so visitors beware!! :D

  2. Aww. I sure hope he comes back tonight & that you can keep him long enough to get him to the vet!

  3. Well he knows his mind I guess! It's annoying wen animals don't know what's good for them!

  4. Oh no poor you, I really hope Edgar shows up soon.

    Btw I'd have a nap in that swing too. :D

  5. As always, the trout look yummy. As for the cat, maybe change his name to Houdini. Hope he comes back.

    On a side note: I'm going to try to start up my blog again. So, stay tuned.

  6. You are getting the same treatment Tom Tom is giving us. I thought he would settle down but he hasn't. I hope Edgar behaves better for you.

  7. it takes a while after neutering but they usually become more compliant and lap loving after the operation is a distant memory.

  8. I hope he is ok and all the other kitties like him

  9. Cats are born houdini's. Picassa used to ride in the Highway truck with Ralph....not a big space but he called me and said he had lost her...many tears on my part. He would crate her when he did a delivery so he had no idea when she vanished...he went back to the place he had delivered to before he called me with the sad news. It was horrible. Then he called me at 2:00 am that morning to say she had come out of the bunk, yawning and stretching....she had been asleep some where in the truck!
    Edgar will be fine...we called it brain surgery when I got my barn cats neutered!

  10. A wild little one, just like a litle pet owner we all know and love. Did you ever get my email? No worries.

  11. What a tough individual! He is sure to add spice to your already spicy life! Hope they (Jam and Edgar) both do well and make it home safely. xo