Tuesday, May 2, 2017

we're back!

we're back kids! it has been a raining deluge all day and when the internet guys came out, 2 very polite, young, tattooed gentlemen who didn't want to drip all over my kitchen floor when they came in to call our internet provider, set up ladders and climbed up and installed a whole new antenna-2-tower wireless system - they did it quickly and with smiles! man, the service we get here in the middle of nowhere???? jambaloney will be calling their manager in the morning!

here's a beautiful sunrise from the other morning.

click the pic to enlarge and see the moon and the sun. such beauty. the snow is all gone and i think it is finally spring.

i thank the heavens every day for the ability to see Strachan's beautiful brook, fed by unknown mountain springs (mountains here on cape breton are more like other people's hills...but hey! we like hills!) and a whole pile of delicious winter run-off.

sorry kids. yesterday was the day that our friend A started cooking the lobster.

those are two 1 and 1/2 pounders that were caught about 6 hours prior to us eating them. maybe Rain will be the only one to understand that i suck the juice out of all of them. and eat the paste. oh Lord - it's lobster season AND we got the internets back - teehee.

how did we fare without the internets? not too badly indeed. we missed being able to check on our internet friends...but other than that, jambaloney worked, i made food - a lot of which came from our greenhouse, we spring-cleaned, we played cards.

we made a new daily ritual ((daily mcssauge (massauge) for the cats having been started years ago)) - we started getting up, hottub dip, playing our morning cards, another hottub dip - and then the new thing - daily getting into our comfy living room chairs and planning out our day - oh this is a biggee! every morning after all of the other stuff, we get in our chairs, we talk, we plan, we hold hands. and then we do what needs to be done. my man is up to his eyeballs in work and going in 3-4 days a week for the past several weeks. NOT WHAT WE ORIGINALLY PLANNED FOR WHEN WE GOT HERE! but it's a great job, he really loves staying sharp on his development skills, and we are now in the heyday day of spring and lobster season!

we are trying to outdo the happiest of the happiest. i know - we're competitive! feels like we're winning. there might be a 2 million dollar prize at the end...that would be great! but right now, we are trying to just be as happy as we can with everything that we have. and i really think we are winning.

give us a few days to get to your blogs. and catch up. we have some good planting days coming and all we really want to do is PLANT! and catch up with our blog friends. we're back, friends, with a vengeance!

sending much love to all of you and especially to my friend Wendy and her family at Little House in the Big Woods. their homestead burned down in March. Wendy and her family have always been a huge inspiration to me and jambaloney. please stop by and offer her and her family words of encouragement. they have lost more than most of us will ever have lost in our entire lives. think about that for just a moment.

again, we're back thanks to the good people at seaside. man, we get some good services for being out in the middle of nowhere.

i got lots of good meals to catch you all up on, greenhouse progress, seed-starting progress and a whole pile of other crap. it's nice to be back out there among friends.

thank you to all of you who leave comments - we don't need 'em, jambaloney is not going to strip dance for them (bahahahahahah! oh come on! that was funny!), and we have only had a blog for a few years. we can live without it. the point being - we choose to live with it when we can. we like knowing that there is a bunch of nutters out there who think like we do.

no other way to end this post except by sending you all a big, giant XOXO.


  1. Internet and lobster. You have it all! I also am glad the winter is almost over. I live near Seattle and it has been a long, cold, rainy, dark winter. We may get some low 70's this week. Been a long time.

  2. Glad to hear all is well. Sounds like a very enviable, position, lobster and Interweb and cards.

  3. Nothing like being connected (again) to give one a sense of keeping up with the world...:D

  4. I eat lobster but it has never been something I needed to have or really even crave. However, I'm sure if I lived near where I could eat some less than six hour old lobster, my opinions would change!

  5. Hi Kymber! :) Nice to see you back!! Good service is so rare these days, I'm glad that you had a good experience with the internet and antenna restoration! The sunrise is gorgeous, you have such a nice spot there. Oooooh I'm SO JEALOUS of your lobster dinner!! The best lobster I ever had was in NB when I visited "The Rocks" on Hopewell Cape. The Hopewell Rocks Motel and Restaurant...I believe I sucked those legs dry ha ha ha...sounds so dirty! Hee hee...

  6. Kymber,

    Welcome back!!! I hate not being connected in any fashion.
    One must always know what's going on in the world.
    Be safe, eat plenty of lobster.
    Sending hugs, and love to you both.