Friday, May 5, 2017

the reason why we love Framboise Manor so much!

yesterday i did a post that showed you the interior of Framboise Manor. our little house is a little crappy but we have done everything we can to make do until we have saved enough to build an addition. a sunroom - to be built off of the kitchen. i can't wait.

but do you know why we really love Framboise Manor so much? i will tell you. this is out front and we see it every day.

this is out back. same thing - we see it every single day.

beautiful clouds always.

rocking chairs to sit in and stare at the sky and Strachan's Brook. every day.

another beautiful sky day.

more beautiful clouds.

then there is the river.

sometimes the river backs up.

that's a nekkid jambaloney going to check on our canoe - bahahahahah!

whenever i am making food, i make it on the table. that's Edgar Houdini's (aka the Rat) towel. he likes to sleep on it. this is my view when i am making food.

this is the view from the living room/dining room. that's noodie-noo's little blanket.

here's out back. if i stand on the back deck on my tippy-toes i can see the river.

here's the back deck with our patio set, swing and hottub. i love this area!

and there is the monster greenhouse! jambaloney has a little thing for overkill on all of his projects!

tractor-dura, van-dura and the shed made from junk.

not quite as junky as the shed made from the top of ftruckdura v 1.0!

oooh! caribou-dura!

we've never owned a new vehicle before and this baby is a dream! notice how far back the driveway goes. and here's looking at the other end of the driveway.

can you believe my man spent 7yrs shovelling all of that mostly by hand with a little help from atv-dura????

here's my favourite tree - i call him bonsai.

who ami kidding? every tree on our land is my favourite tree!

here's my beautiful pond...aka really overgrown sink-hole.

but every year the spring peepers lay their eggs in our pond and we get the egg sacks out and take them to the river. we love hearing "meep-meep-meep" every night!

and ted's beautiful bench and the old tree roots that jambaloney turned into legs. our tires, our greenhouse, our laundry blowing in the wind. these are the reasons that we love Framboise Manor so much.

oh ya. i forgot to mention our beautiful beach, 5 mins away, and nobody ever goes there!

our little house is a little crappy but we have done the best we can with it and we are happy! our land brings us such joy! sometimes we can go a week without hearing a vehicle and when we do hear one, we get a toot which means it's one of our friends.

 Framboise Manor is a very special place. we give thanks every day for finding this piece of paradise. when we say our prayers, we hope that all of our friends can be in a place that provides this much joy.


  1. It's so beautiful Kymber. I'm so happy for you. Having land, trees, and water is the ideal. Although for Alex and I, we would prefer the shelter of being in the woods. A hot tub is in our future too! You definitely found your piece of paradise! :)) Thank you for the tour!!!

  2. Rain - we consider the hottub to be an investment in our health...we start every morning in the hottub, get in several times a day, and end every day with the hottub. we share our craziest dreams in the hottub. we relax aching muscles and arthritic joints in the hottub. and we stare at the night sky. the hottub is a medicinal tool that we use to ensure good health. i hope that you and alex get one soon.

    go here:

    we can't recommend these guys enough. this is our 2nd hottub from them. they give great service and the cost is right on point.

    you'll soon have your piece of paradise and i can't wait for the tour! xoxo

  3. Your own piece of Eden right there. The huge sky, it is beautiful!

  4. I have felt very comfortable living in places much worse looking! If it weren't for my kids, I would trade our house even up because I like the solitude you describe. I also know that because of that, you would never take me up on that offer!

  5. How lovely. It's why we love our farm too, though we don't have a river. Or a beach. Or a creek. But we might have a pond someday, and we have cows for neighbors, HA!

    Seriously beautiful pictures, love when you share like that (and Jam was sharing too, bwahaha).

    Hugs to you!!!

  6. I love your views and can totally relate to your happiness. I love where I live and wouldn't move back into town if you paid me to! My favorite thing where I live is our pond where I love to fish, and watch birds, and listen to cows moo, and watch critters, and ... you get the idea!

  7. The views-fantastic. And oh, that greenhouse!.....jealousy jealousy! I'd love to have that!

  8. Wow, Kymber. Nice new truck. I am still driving my 1988. Soon, you and J will be so affluent you won't even talk to your tacky old blog friends.

    Nah, I'm just teasing you. Nobody ever worked harder than you and Jam for the things you have. I've always thought you had one of the nicest set up's I know of there. Especially the way you can go down to the river and it's all your own, nobody bugs you.

  9. I always have enjoyed your views. They are splendid.

  10. Looks amazing! I think I'd love your place, too isolated for my wife but I think I'd love it!