Thursday, May 18, 2017

thank you gorgeous may 18th!

who knew that may 18th was such a historical day?!?!?!? you can read about it here.

but may 18th is historical at Framboise Manor as that is when we see our first hummingbirds.

my friend R (who has since passed) told me years ago that the hummingbirds never show up until may 20th. but jambaloney has been tracking them for 3 years - and ours show up on may 18th. but our friend R did live about half a kilometre away so maybe the hummingbirds stopped here first - bahahah!

hey kids - guess how many potatoes got planted? 200 potatoes are in the ground. oh joy!

and we also got 150 peas planted!

we are using a new bio-mulch from vessey's this year and if it works we'll let you know. 

you know who is working on his contract while we "take a break" from planting. he's always working kids and the canoe isn't even down at the river yet.

looks like i am going to strap it onto my back and get it down there. then strap him on my back and make him go fishing.

but if that's what it takes - i'll do it!

hoping you are all enjoying may 18th too!


  1. nothing like a determined mermaid!

  2. I always enjoy watching the hummingbirds flit around.

  3. If it stupid and it works it ain't stupid! OMG the tires and and the plants that can be added. I bet you could try a 3 sisters bed in one or 2 of those tires. Squash beans and Heirloom corn. Pop corn or dent corn varieties.

  4. Lovely day! Our hummingbirds arrived this week, too... Monday to be exact! They loudly let us know that the feeder needed to be dusted off and filled as they buzzed us hanging up laundry. No need to have my nose pierced so I promptly got the feeder out!

    Duct that workaholic to the canoe and drag them both down to the river with tractordura! No need to strain your back - you got the equipment to do it! hahahah

    love to you both!

  5. Well, it's certain you won't be running short of potatoes. J is working too hard, you two need to be down at the beach getting that sun! If you were here you could sure get it, hotter than hades and humid to boot.

  6. I'm guessing our hummingbirds are still somewhere up north!

  7. Hi Kymber! :) Your weather looks so nice, I hope it's still like that! It's pouring rain here, oh well! Oh, I got my potato seeds from Vesseys! Now I just have to wait a little for the 10 degree weather to ease up. I can't wait to have a yard of tires like you do. I don't see to many hummingbirds here. They do love the lilac tree though so as soon as that blooms, they'll be around for a week or two! I hope you got J to go fishing, we haven't been able to go yet this season! I hope soon. xx

  8. tyres look good! I would love to see hummingbirds in real life

  9. Kymber, found your comment. I also missed one from Alissa. Sorry about that, I appreciate your letting me know.

  10. Planted 200 potatoes? Get ready to harvest 800-1,000 or more. Good for you, keep it up and you'll be able to feed the entire island. :-)