Thursday, May 11, 2017

one of the best "survivalists" out there!

my friend Wendy from Little House in the Big Woods has always been an inspiration to me and jambaloney...example: the department of natural  resources in ontario has You (being Wendy) on speed dial for whenever they come across a road-kill bear. Wendy can field strip a bear and get enough meat for the family and her animals! and she can do it on the side of the road!!!!

any of you who have "the smarts" already have her in your blogroll. she hasn't been blogging for over a year now but she is back with a vengeance! and does she have info to share!!! and i thank Mrs. S. for letting me know that Wendy was back!

her homestead burned to the ground in March 2017. she started up her blog again on april 30. her post ssince then have been nothing short of heart-breaking, inspiring and if you want the details on what to do if you lose it all to fire - no one has written better, detailed info than her.

her first post is about losing the homestead to the fire. she lost one of her dogs and 2 kittens - thank The Lord that the family is safe. you can read that post here.

this post is pretty devastating showing all of the destruction but she and her family just shoulder on!

this post about solar power and all that they learned while trying to set it up AND live in trailers is a must read.

this post is about dealing with insurance and after reading it jambaloney and i got out our house insurance to figure out exactly what all of the words really mean. and we are now talking to our insurance company and fixing our policy. please if you only read one of her posts - read this one!

and in this post she reviews getting a new washer and using amazon prime. we have amazon prime too and we love it!

every prepper/survivalist/homesteader/ as well as every person should read her posts on what they have been going through since this terrible disaster happened! Wendy is very articulate and is exceptionally good at describing all of the details. we learned so much from her last few posts and we are glad that she is back to posting as we learned so much from her over the years.

i think we are going to learn a lot more as she and her family dust themselves off and get back on their feet. we send our love and prayers to them and ask that you all do the same.

go over and leave her an uplifting comment. and learn.

sending much love to you Wendy and family.

(i have Wendy's permission to do this post and link to her blog)


  1. will pop over and have a looksey :-)

  2. Thanks, kymber. You say the sweetest things. Truthfully I just ramble on and on until my head clears, lol.

  3. Insurance can be a killer. Best advice I have gotten (not that I have followed it of late) is to make a video (maybe a "phone video now) walking through your house so a visual representation of everything is recorded.

  4. The solar ass they used I would like to field dress him alive. I thought Florida captured the market with stupid people but I see Canada has their fair share of them also.
    What a sad situation they are in. All I can say is everyone look at all your electrical appliances for age and cordage heat when using. If the cord is warm dump the appliance or only plug it in only when using. It's non worth losing your home over a $15.00 Mr. Coffee!

  5. I'll go by and take a look. Sounds pretty grim.

  6. Heading over now. Hope you and jambaloney are good x

  7. thanks for letting me know about her site