Tuesday, May 9, 2017

super friends

back in the early 90's i had 2 girlfriends and we called each other "super friends". i had never had super friends before. it got a little crazy.

one night we met an ottawa roughrider at a stoplight. he was the running back and none of us knew what that meant. he brought us to several football games for free and we tried to love the game. except none of us loved it - we all 3 found football boring.

but we loved that the three of us we "super friends". we felt so powerful!

so now i got a bunch of internet friends who feel like "super friends" some of whom are female, male, some of whom are christians and some of whom are - take a big breath here - survivalists and or preppers. i certainly don't want to say that me and JUGM AND MY SWEET SANDY are people that make me proud to say that i have super friends again. and then there's the kind like ed who makes beautiful furniture and Rain who makes beautiful paintings. dear me...has the idea gone to a whole new level - bahahahah!

i don't know. ask one of my super friends Harry or TB. they are the only ones who can answer that question properly.

i just want you all to know that i got "super friends". and i hate bragging. teehee.


  1. Ah, you are pretty super yourself. Your super power of creating magically delicious looking meals rates right up there with your scenic pictures of the sky.

    And Jam - Jam is legitimately the actual living MacGyver, able to assemble using only chewing gum and pliers and his imagination.

  2. I like having friends in places I have never been too. I figure one of these days I may get up to that part of the world and pull in a friend favor and have someone to show me around!

  3. It's because you are a super you. You draw friends to you with your super powers of love and positivity (if that's not a word, it should be). You are super loveable!

  4. I agree with Susan ^ :). When I read your title, the first thing I thought of was "okay, she got the dvd of that Saturday Morning Cartoon of superheroes" lol...So does that make me Super Girl and you Wonder Woman or vysee-versee? :)

  5. What!!! There are Christians coming here!! >:-(

    I clutch my Thor's Hammer amulet at the thought! What's a pagan to do?


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