Wednesday, May 17, 2017

a windy, windy day...but stuff got done!

it's been a really windy day! but blue and sunny so we just grin and bear it!

my scoby - flower325b came through again! the first time i used her with green tea. this time i used red rose tea. look at how beautiful she is!

look at the beautiful kombucha she produced for us.

it amazes me that a living organism can provide us with such delicious healthy stuff for our bodies!

we moved the overwintered pepper plants to the greenhouse and found these little babies had already grown!

and there is nothing like getting out your seed potatoes and suntanning them.

how gorgeous are those? we got 60 irish cobblers, 50 yukon gold, 50 red chieftains and 40 russets ready to go in the ground. they just like to suntan a bit before hand.

jambaloney cleared the area for greenhouse number 2 and got the pea bed ready. pics of both of those coming tomorrow.

right now - we are a little tired - been up since early o'clock and worked our butts off. jambaloney is working on his contract - has been throughout breaks in the day - but i am putting my foot down in a bit and bringing us to bed for a nap. we need it.

sending love out to all of you.


  1. You should be out sunning yourself like those potatoes. A nice nap in the warm sunshine does wonders.

    Scoby's are weird. I neglected mine all winter and now have a giant scoby in the works. It has a 'mind' of its own. Please share your kombucha recipe. I just only seem to be able to grow scobys.... kombucha is lacking! ;^)

  2. How many potatoes will that produce for you up there? Enough to see you through the year? I've only got a couple of beds in, next year I'll plant a lot more if I increase my garden!

  3. Everything at the Manor likes to lay around naked in the sun from the owners down to the potatoes!

  4. The weather almost draws one to work outside.

  5. Kymber,

    Wooohooo, naked potatoes ready to take a dive into their long mud baths. Your potato seeds look very content, and ready to produce you dozens upon dozens of potatoes to put away for winter. The wind has been terrible here as well,and were expecting more severe weather tomorrow and Friday. Hurry up tornado season, it's time for you to disappear :-)
    Sending hugs and love to you and Jam.