Wednesday, April 26, 2017

internet outage

this what we woke up to last Sunday morning:

the snow is all gone now – thank The Lord! we had a tiny loss of power but there must have been a power surge or something because our antennae is fried. it has been on the side of our house since the third day we landed here in december 2010. it has worked well for us as that is how we get internet and netflix and stuff. they’ll be coming out to check it next tuesday so we won’t have internet until then.

jambaloney is publishing this from work. he’s been going a few days a week now as lobster season is now entering “the crazy times”!

he’s still able to work from home because all he is doing for the last while is developing – which he does much better at home, away from all of the noise and distractions of the plant.

we are pulling out the full-season set of “third rock from the sun” and re-watching it this week because we haven’t seen it in a dog’s age and because we really found it funny and clever. the characters and story lines are well-developed and at least once in every show you’ll get a belly laugh, but more often than not you’ll have a lot of laughs during each show.

i have 24 tomatoes up, all looking good and healthy. our peppers were a dud this year –only 9 plants came up! i will re-plant some seeds and we have our 13 overwintered plants, one that is three years old!!!!! we have 2 full beds of garlic that we planted last fall and there must be over 200 little green things popping their heads out of the ground! all of the lettuces, spinaches and overwintered herbs are doing fantastic in the greenhouse. jambaloney will start work on greenhouse #2 this week. and hopefully next week we’ll be out planting potatoes and peas – and then onion sets as soon as we get them. it’s looking like a great gardening year! (i hope. *crosses fingers*knocks on wood*)

well – that’s an update of what’s going on around here. i’ll do another update post in a few days and have jambaloney publish from work. sending love. kymber


  1. Hi Kymber :)) That sucks about the internet!!! I hope you get it fixed soon. I watched the series of Third Rock too, I love all the characters! Since I'm a Seinfeld fan, I love that "Newman" plays Don...and who can't love the dramatically hilarious style of John Lithgow??? Love him.

    That photo is horrible...only because it's April!!! I'm so glad it's all melted for you!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder - I loved Third Rock, too! It's going to be next up on my Netflix queue. Hope your connection is back soon - we miss you if you're gone too long. Like a day. :) xxoo

  3. Weather here is also crazy. We have had snow and hail flurries for 2 days. I had to chip ice from my car this morning. It is the worst I have seen it this winter. urgh. What is the weather doing? Crazy!!

    Fab that so much is coming up in your planting right now. I always love that feeling, rushing to see what has popped up over night. Super exciting.

    Hope you are both well.

  4. Just wondering, is the garden ground still frozen? :-)
    As for the loss of internet that's what it will be like when our governments flip the switch and turn it off on us. Glad to hear you have other entertainment.

  5. Third Rock was very well done. The premise was very good and casting William Shatner as The Big Giant Head was sheer genius.

    Sorry about the Internet - but Mike is right: in any number of situations that could become the way of the future.

  6. Looks pretty arctic there. We are having more rain storms, but that's not bad, we can use the water.

    I didn't realize you got over the air internet. I get mine over an ancient telelphone line so it isn't very fast. Tried satellite internet but it was too slow, too expensive, and didn't work most of the time anyway.

    We have been having power outages here ,too. Sometimes it is just a flickering of the lights, others the power goes off and stays off for varying lengths of time. The power company can't find the problem, and probably doesn't care anyway, no hoity toity people live out here .

    Sounds like life is going on along pretty smooth at the manor. Tell the cats I said hi.

  7. Now that is a terrible photo! You need to post a new one with something wonderful.... like food, crazy kitties or some of that lovely blue sky! I'm not ready to see SNOW pictures so soon! ;^)

    Glad to see a post from you and that all is well.... except for that nasty white stuff! hahaha

  8. Completely off topic, but Wendy over at Little House in the Big Wood ( had her house burn down in March. She just posted an update on 4/30. Her blog used to be a link in your sidebar. I'm guessing it was lost somewhere along the way when blogger acted up, or perhaps it was dropped because she pretty much stopped blogging for a while. I had saved her blog site as a bookmark and checked on it on Sunday just by chance to find the sad news. A note of sympathy and encouragement would probably be greatly appreciated.

    1. Mrs. S. - thank you so much for alerting me to Wendy's situation...i am in the process of contacting her now. xoxox