Tuesday, April 18, 2017

a party, my gardening cards and odds and ends

today is a pretty nice looking day - pretty cold out there with a northern wind but nice to look at all the same!

we had a birthday party in fourchu (our sister community) on saturday evening. it was for our bestie b's mom - her 80th birthday! man, is she some spry for turning 80. and a mouth on her that would make a sailor blush - and yes Senior, you would blush talking with her - bahahahahah! we had a bunch of food during the party, then we played chase the ace and then the dance started. we had a blast at the dance - we haven't seen some of the fourchu folks in months. it was a great night of dancing and being ridiculous and my sister C did not drink too much - bahahahahahahahah! oh bahahahahha! that just killed me! bahahahahah!

speaking of my sister C, she and her hubby G gifted me this box of Flora's Gardening Cards a few years ago.

when they gifted these to me they were still in the plastic wrapping. i looked up what they cost on the internet and almost had a heart attack! i called my sister C and yelled at her for spending so much money!!! i should have known better. my sister C is a bit of a cheap-skate - er, no, i mean she is very frugal! ya, that sounds better! but she and her hubby always have their eyes on deals and when she saw these cards she thought of me and jambaloney and got them for us. at a flea market or a yard sale and she promised that she didn't think she paid $10 bucks for them. i sighed with relief!

every year i get them out and look through all of them....every year i take out the cards of what i am planting and read them to refresh my memory on what goes where, why and when. the cards are beautiful!

every year at the end of gardening season, i put them all back in their appropriate spot and then during the winter when i am bored - i get out my cards and read through all of them again. i hope that i have thanked my sister C enough for these cards - i really love them!

here's a nice grilled pile of veg and a salad for dinner yesterday. sorry it looks so dark - the lighting in this kitchen is gawd-awful so i always just use natural light.

supper was fajeeeetaz!

there's grilled steak, grilled onion, 4 different kinds of peppers, kymberz-almost-salsa-almost-guacamole topping and our own pickled peppers that we grew and pickled last year. yummeh!

this morning for breakfast was a stirfry of kale, mushrooms, onion and garlic.

it was some deelish! here's hoping we'll be eating our own kale soon!

other than that - we have almost all of our tomatoes up and most of our peppers. anything that isn't up tomorrow gets a new seed planted. our tatsoi, mazuna and mesclun lettuces are up in the greenhouse outside. we also have spinach coming up. it's looking like a good start to the season!

jambaloney is up to his eyeballs in work - he was in to work yesterday, has been working all day here at home, and is in to work tomorrow and thursday. i have said it before but honest to goodness - he has been working non-stop since september! even if he goes into town for the whole day - he still does work in the evening. he really has to as they are implementing an entirely new system that he and his colleague D built. and it's impressive!

anyway, i had 2 organic yellow onions and 1 red onion sprouting. i thought - what the heck and put them each in a bowl of water. and yes, they are rooting and turning into new onions. those get planted this afternoon along with the green onion bottoms that i rooted. woohoo! i already have a bunch of green onions going in the greenhouse and our chives will be coming up soon, and i should be receiving my 100 yellow onion and 100 red onion sets from vesseys soon - another woohoo! so no more need to buy onion seeds or sets for the rest of our lives. THAT always makes me happy!

next week peas and onions go in the ground. the following week, depending on the temps it will be potatoes - can i please get a woohoo?!!?!?!?!

anyway, i hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a wonderful Easter weekend. and of course, sending love to you all!


  1. sounds like a good party. I cant wait till we move so I can start gardening again.

    1. Sol - the parties here are always good! because we all live so far from one another - we don't meet up very often. so when there is a birthday party, event, dance whatever - most of us come out of hiding and go have fun!

      i can't wait until you move so that you can get your hands in the dirt again! it must be killing you and i feel your pain! xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. TB - i really like the cards because they are much easier to handle then 8 or 9 gardening books...which is what i did before i got my cards. most of the stuff i remember from years of experience - but i just like to get them out and read them and say in my head "yes. on that date. yes. full sun." teehee. xoxo

  3. Hi Kymber! :)) The gardening cards are really nice. I guess that's what I'm mostly using the internet for now! Or my Year Round Vegetable Gardener book, she goes into detail on lots of crops. I need help this year being a Newb.

    And woohoo for the taters! :)

    Your food looks great, love the fajitas. Your little area of the cape looks so nice. I know where Fourchu is, I hope we find a quiet little piece of heaven when we're ready to look! Have a nice evening! :))

    1. Rain - i love the gardening cards! and there are tons of people in our blogroll who have been gardening/homesteading for many years, and there are some people who are practicing for when they make the move to their land and there are some people who are newbs. all of them and us are available to answer any questions you might have. don't hesitate to ask anyone on our blogroll - some pretty nifty folk listed there!

      as for potatoes - we got those things nailed! we've been eating our own potatoes since july and i think we have enough to get us to this july - woohoo! year-round baby! eating our own potatoes! now if we can just get everything else to the same point!

      and just so you know - there's a ton of cheap land out here. keep your eye on the sites i sent you that show what is available. we bought our land about 5yrs before we planned to because of the location, the price and the amenities. and we haven't looked back since. there's lots of places around Framboise/Fourchu/Gabarus/Grand River, etc.

      and this area of the island is very temperate. and beautiful. xoxo

  4. Kymber,

    What a nice resource for gardening, and I love that you have a case to file them in. Sounds to me the party for your friends Mom was a blast.

    Woooohoooo for your potatoes, peas and onions!!!

    Hugs and love to you both.

    1. Sweet Sandy - the ONLY thing that could have made that party better is if you showed up - bahahahahahah! no, i mean it! we did have a great time.

      the cards are awesome and pretty to look at - very special!

      i need pics of your new place....take pics of everything and send them to me!

      we send our love back to all of you! and hugs! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. I got the last of my potatoes in yesterday, and the onions went in last week, those gardening cards look fab :-)

  6. Woohoo! It is always so exciting to put your gardening plans into action! I have a couple of weeks to go before the potatoes go in, but I need that time to get things ready. Those garden cards are fantastic! What a great resource. Sounds like you islanders have the party thing DOWN! Hugs to you and your hard-working man.

  7. I'd like those gardening cards, but I'm not organized enough to put them back where they belong!
    Nice to have "met" you. Looking forward to seeing what kind of mischief you get in to in the garden.

  8. Hey Kymber! Just wanted to let you know that I made dressing from the recipe you gave me. Omg, soooo yummy! I started to leave out the cumin but dumped it in at the last minute. I used a ton of garlic, btw. :) we're waaaay south of you so we're already harvesting our own greens, kale and a variety of lettuces, also green onions and radishes. So I threw all that together then sautéed mushrooms and thin slices of bison, then topped with your dressing. Like I said, yuuuumy! Even Hubs loved it and he's a tough customer when it comes to dressings.

    Also I noted the name of the book you reccomend to Rain, Nourising Traditions, and looked it up. I ended up ordering a copy! I'm working my way through it now. So far, I'm loving it! Thank you!

    And I usually read you on my phone so I never see your sidebar, I had no idea you had a recipe section until you mentioned it! I got on the computer and there it was. So I'm having fun working my way through your recipes too.

    Hubs and I have been working on this clean eating thing for several years now but just lately I feel like it's finally become a seamless thing for us. I just have one small problem... I still crave sugar. But I'm working on it. We both have arthritis, so our goal has always been to reduce the inflammation in our bodies.

    Thanks again! Xoxo


  9. You guys have a good social life considering you live in the middle of nowhere!
    I love this time of year, my peas are a good 10" high now, can't wait to taste the first one!

  10. I know J is working long and hard, but it's good he is making the Big Green (or the big pink, I can't remember what color Canadian money is!) You two have been able to get a lot of good equipment and nice things since he started doing this.

    Kev is right, you and J have a really strong social life. Sometimes I wish I was more outgoing but you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    As it always is, it's nice to come by and read your posts. They are always interesting and fun.

  11. Hey gurlie....

    Looks like we have all been busy lately...
    We got our garden in over the last couple of weeks, our potatoes are doing really good so far, and our onions have broken through the ground.

    I have not seen those gardening cards before...or I have and just paid no attention..lol Senior and I usually go to the Clemson University website for our planting guide and etc.. Much love to you and J!