Sunday, April 2, 2017

seeds are started - a nice day - comfort food and more!

yesterday we finally saw the sun and sky! it was a joy!

here is jambaloney's ugly crazy contraption on the front of the house:

behind the plastic and leaning up against the house are black garbage bags filled with bottles of water. that contraption saves us a lot in terms of heating the house during the winter.

these windows on the other half of the house also help with heating. jambaloney is planning to build this a little better and dig into the ground in order for us to use this as another greenhouse. speaking of the greenhouse....oh how i love thee!

can you believe that he built that greenhouse and the window part of our house using windows that people were throwing out? he collected those windows for over 3 yrs!

and let's not forget our porch which was wrapped in plastic for 2 yrs until jambaloney built all of the walls with thrown in the garbage windows. he's pretty resourceful!

so being that yesterday was such a sunny day - we planted our seeds - woohoo!

this year we are doing 10 types of peppers (plus our overwintered peppers) and we planted 4 kinds of tomatoes. i have a few more tomatoe seeds coming from vessey's in the next day or two.

then we had a simple salad of romaine and oranges with the usual dressing: EVOO, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, turmeric, cumin, cayenne and fresh lemon juice.

deelish! another deelish thing that we love is cabbage roll soup. we looooove cabbage roll soup.

the base for this soup can be found here (at our sadly-hasn't-been-updated-in-a-dawg's-age recipe blog). after you make the base you just add how much beef broth and tomatoe juice that you like.

we added some spinach the next day.

and the last of it was finished the next day for breakfast. i told you we loved this stuff!!!

we also love stirfries and have veggie stirfries several times a week, sometimes just plain and sometimes with a soya sauce.

today marks 6 weeks that jambaloney has been gluten free. i have cheated quite a bit. so we decided to make some amish whitebread.

and some hamburger buns.

jambaloney is dying for a hamburger on the bbq so that's what's for supper: homemade buns, just-so spiced hamburger patties, avocado, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, tomatoe and lettuce with a schlew of grilled veggie skewers, and a variety of condiments - yummeh!

hey kids! you want an excellent afternoon snack? how about some cereal with almond milk, frozen blackberries from your own land and some maple syrup.

pure yum.


  1. Hi Kymber :)) We are finally getting some sunny weather here in the mountains of Quebec! :) Happy days. I love your greenhouse...I long for one also, but it will come gradually and I'm going to start with cold frames only. By the time we accumulate enough windows, we'll be moving away from here anyway! Your food looks very good! So J is eating bread now? Or is that just a treat? Your bread and buns look awesome! Have a great Sunday!! :)

    1. Rain - i am so glad that you are getting some sunny weather too - this winter has been so grey/foggy/snowy - we are sooo glad for the sun! our greenhouse is a godsend and jambaloney is building another one as soon as the ground is workable. and yes - get out there and start collecting windows - and pay whatever it costs to ship them to your new location. and then the first minute you can in your new location - build a greenhouse! and yes - we are now introducing bread back into our diets - just a bit at a time - like only making 4 hamburger buns and freezing the other 2 - and then having one slice of bread the next day and freezing the rest. we'll pull some bread out in a day or three and try to eat it again. we'll see how it goes and report back on the blog. but i think the unbleached, organic flour might be the trick.

      thanks for the well wishes and sending them right back at you! xox

  2. I feel like Buddy Elf today, I could drink your maple syrup right now. Food looks amazing!

    Adore your greenhouse, the use of all the windows is fab. Hope you are well and keeping warm. Greetings from the Cotswolds!

    1. Sol - i love having maple syrup on hand and honey to replace sugar in a lot of things. jambaloney's step-dad makes the best maple syrup in the world so if you are reading this Ted - send more maple syrup - bahahahah!

      we love the greenhouse - maybe if we lived in the suburbs we would would have to be a little more caring about the look of the thing - but since we are in the middle of nowhere - it can be a little ugly - bahahah! and greetings back to you. xox

  3. Thermal mass is a thing. Well done Jambaloney!

  4. He is so resourceful, that man of yours! Great ideas! Your food is so fantastic, Kymber!

    1. he's pretty resourceful - and he goes for the "let's get it built and useable before we worry about making it pretty"! i tend to agree. we'll have tons of time to paint the greenhouse and our sheds, put real roofs (instead of tarps) on our sheds - etc., etc,.
      until then we just make do with what he can throw together. and thanks for the compliment! xoxo