Tuesday, April 4, 2017

what a glorious day filled with such a sense of accomplishment!

oh what a glorious day! we are starting to see dirt again after more snow several times this past week!

it was +2C but quite windy! not on our windowed-in porch with the plastic roof! it was about +22C out there. cats were out on the porch all day with little trips outside every now and again.

it's looking like spring is really on it's way. out in the greenhouse this morning it was just under +20C and kept rising all day.

we planted more seeds in the greenhouse in the house - it is now completely full for a month or so depending on the weather.

we planted 7 Scotia tomotatoes - known for being a strong Maritime tomatoe. and we planted 7 cobra tomatoes which we just love. this will be the year for saving seed from our tomatoes so that we never need order tomatoe seeds again!

out in the greenhouse in plastic flats that jambaloney got out of the garbage - we planted a bunch of lettuces.

we also planted spinach, kale, swiss chard and endive.

here are the flats all laid out in our step-dad's seeding tray that he gave to us 10yrs ago. thanks Ted! we love having this thing!

we have it wrapped in plastic front, sides and back. during the day we open the front and we let the greenhouse and sun do it's thing and then at about 5 o'clock we go out and cover the front in plastic. this traps the day heat inside to extend heat during the nights. we are looking at a 2 week range forecast with normal highs and lows - fingers crossed!

oh and did you notice the blue bottles on the ground in the back of the pic? they contain comfrey tea that has been cooking since last fall - woohoo! stinky as crap but such a good fertilizer. of course all plants and seeds were given comfrey tea.

here are a pile of plants that we overwintered in the greenhouse that are starting to come back gangbusters.

and some more.

we'll be out re-arranging the greenhouse and tidying it up all week. we feel very accomplished with what we have started and are looking forward to the 2017 garden!

remember those hamburger buns we made the other day? let's just say that we had a bit of a pig-out.

one burger was your classic BLT, the second was a standard lettuce, tomatoe, pickle burger and then a mushroom and onion burger. there was a fourth burger not pictured that jambaloney took to work the next day.

so far, neither of us feel worse for the wear for adding wheat flour into our diet - but we used unbleached organic white flour. we have not had any other gluten products except for the buns and a piece of homemade bread that we made at the same time. we won't eat bread every day - just once or twice a week and see if our digestions can handle that amount. we'll let you know.

Rain did a post about "breakfast for dinner" and a lot of commenters said they liked breakfast for dinner too. breakfast for breakfast, dinner or supper, or snack, is a big hit around here! we love all kinds of breakfasts! here's today's late dinner/early supper after working out in the greenhouse all day:

a mushroom, spinach and aged cheddar omelette - it was divine!

sorry i haven't been keeping up with my comments here on our blog and your blogs - i'm off to correct that now.

we had a fantastic day and we are really looking forward to that snow melting! sending love!


  1. I'm DROOLING over those burgers....what a happy day to have a burger again, well, I guess a traditional burger on a wheat bun that is! I gave up gluten for a year, and I'm happy to say it wasn't a cause of digestive distress for me THANKFULLY. I do love my bread. I need to work towards the organic flour though...one thing at a time! Your omelet looks so good, I love aged Cheddar!

    And look at your plants! My wee little basil is growing, I do believe my lemon is FINALLY turning yella! And tomorrow I'm going to start some beets and spinach seedlings and just hope the sun comes back to warm them up a little! :) I can't wait to read about your garden this year. NS is one of the areas we're considering. :)

    1. Rain - those burgers were pretty good and we were pretty hungry after such a great day! i am glad that gluten isn't causing your distress because i know you love your bread! we do, too...we're just gonna keep in moderation for now. goodness knows i would eat croissants, baguettes, rolls and teabiscuits every day if i could! i am glad that your little basil is growing - just having anything started or growing at this time of year gives such a lift! xox

  2. Breakfast for dinner is always welcome here.

  3. Food looks so good! Glad you can get sowing as well now and catch me up (then overtake me). I'm loving this time of year, it's all just kicking off and everything is itching to grow!

  4. Food looks so good! Glad you can get sowing as well now and catch me up (then overtake me). I'm loving this time of year, it's all just kicking off and everything is itching to grow!

  5. Hey Kymber and Jam, I cant wait to start growing food again. Ive had 2 years of not having a garden but a building site, if I dont grow it myself I dont seem to eat it. You have given me inspiration today.

    I have mint and oregano growing really fast at the moment, I need to dry it.

    We eat quite a lot of eggs, omlettes for dinner, poached eggs on toast, boiled eggs. Porridge is also really nice, and is a cholesterol lowering food. Got to be worth it. yum

    Hope you are well!

  6. You have built yourselves a Noah's Ark of green up there! I'm hoping that this year will be a great gardening year - we are due for one!

  7. Yea! Snow is melting! Love your greenhouse set up. I may have to scrounge up some wood and copy your seedling shelves.

    You've been busy! I'll keep thinking warm thoughts and hopefully it will help melt that snow!!! Ours is gone (except in the mountains... it can stay there!) and mud is about done. Spring is coming your way.

    Burgers look wonderful, too. Now I want burgers for lunch. :-)