Thursday, April 6, 2017

killer chicken noodle soup, baked potatoes done a few ways and my favourite dessert/snack!

ahhhhh! chicken noodle soup! everyone makes it their own way and here is how i make ours:

EVERY soup we make starts with homemade broth - no bouillions to be found here! NEVER! this soup base was made using very concentrated homemade chicken broth. then i added in a ton of chopped up chicken. the usual suspects: sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, cumin, turmeric and cayenne. 2 big giant cloves of garlic and a little poultry seasoning. while that is heating up on low, prep your veg. this soup included turnip, carrot, cabbage, our own potatoes, kidney beans, spinach and brown rice macaroni. turnip and cabbage in first, a little later carrot and potatoe and after the veg are close to done, you add the spinach and kidney beans. DEEVINE i say! every time we make chicken noodle soup it varies but it ALWAYS starts with really concentrated chicken broth. and the veg cook in the chicken broth so no nutrients are lost!

speaking of our own potatoes and we still have tons plus tons for seeds - we've got potatoes nailed if nothing else. here's an organic baked sweet potatoe with a ton of butter and pure Nova Scotian maple syrup. next up - our homegrown baked russet potatoes - smothered in butter. then steamed broccoli and aged cheddar are added to one and fried mushrooms and onions on the other.

oh man - talk about deelish! and more deelish - how about my favourite dessert/snack? it starts with a whole clove of garlic and you just cut the tip off.

i know - a bunch of you are going to think "oh she's roasting garlic. big whoop". but i am here to tell you "the secret". once you have cut the tip off of the garlic clove....use a fork and punch holes all inside the cloves. then when you pour your EVOO on top...pour slowly and let each garlic clove fill to the rim with a little drizzled over the sides. you'll thank me later. put it on a baking sheet and put it in a pre-heated 400C oven for about 30-35 mins.

this is what it will look like when done. the cloves will just pop right out and will be spreadable.

make some toast-ettes, broil some goat brie until melted and add your quickly made (15 mins) blackberry/rosemary/black pepper jam.

set yourself up a little plate and take a toast-ette and smear 2 roasted garlic cloves on it.

next up - smear on some of the melted brie.

last up - your "blackberries that you picked last year off your own land" made with sugar, rosemary and black pepper jam and you are in for one heck of a treat!

i love roasted garlic, brie and jam on toast-ettes - jambaloney - not so much. so this is a real decadent treat for just me. and i thoroughly enjoyed it for what we call dessert/snack - which is about an hour and a half after supper. sometimes we enjoy our dessert/snack while reading, sometimes watching netflix. it depends on the snack. teehee.

we started spring cleaning today and are quite impressed with our progress! if the temps stay normal then it looks like the dishwasher will be out of the basement and on the porch next week - fingers crossed!


  1. Sigh. You and your food pictures. You always make me hungry. Every time.

    Much Love, TB

    1. well that just means you need to make plans for a trip up here'll love the scenery, the river, the beach, 4 cranky cats and i will feed you whatever you want! xoxo

  2. It's ironic, Kymber. You live in the "frozen north" and you are just about to get the dishwasher rigged, and I live in the "Sunny South"and it's sleeting outside tonight.

    M and I had lunch in a nice restaurant today, while we were out running around on errands. The food was great but what you have on your blog looks tastier.

    1. Harry it is ironic. we have had rain all last night and all of today and it is making quick work of getting rid of that snow - woohoo! and yes, our temps for the 2-week forecast look like that dishwasher is coming to the porch soon - oh thank ye gods! i am glad that you and M got out and had a nice time. xoxox

  3. Kymber,

    Your chicken soup sounds delicious! I've never put cabbage or beans in with mine, there's always a first though Bahahahahah!!! The guy's will be surprised the next time I make soup.

    Roasted garlic tastes so much better roasted and made like a spread. Makes for a great snack with some cheese or jam.

    Here's hoping your weather turns out real nice and your dishwasher is back out on the porch for spring/summer usage.

    Sending hugs and love to you both.

    1. oh Sweet Sandy - every time i make chicken soup i just toss in whatever is on hand...and if these cats don't stop misbehaving - i'm gonna toss one of them in the next one - bahahahah! naw - jes' teasin' - the poor cats are craving for spring the same as us. i love roasted garlic and i love it with and me have similar tastes! i can't wait for the dishwasher to be back on the porch...and soon, when the addition is built - i will have it in the kitchen! can you even believe that?!?!?!!? oh it will be heaven. i can't wait for pics of your new place - i am sooooo happy for you! sending love and hugs back to you all! xoxoxox

  4. Kymber, would you mind giving us the recipe for you salad dressing? I heard you mention it a couple times and it sounds so good but I've never made dressing and I'm unsure of the amounts. It's the EVOO, lemon juice, turmeric, garlic and ginger, I think... also how do you store it and how long does it keep? I recently started making our own mayo with avocado oil, mustard and apple cider vinegar, so now I'm itching to make salad dressing. :)



    1. Vonne - for a savoury salad with meat or croutons and no fruit - use this dressing:

      1/4 cup of EVOO
      a splash of apple cider vinegar ( with the Mother)
      the juice of half a lemon or lime or grapefruit
      1/4 tspn of turmeric (or add more to your liking - i just dump the stuff in)
      1/4 tspn of cumin (again - i just dump)
      1/4 tspn of cayenne (i just dump - you'll learn to make it to your liking, adding more of some spice and less of other spice)
      sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
      1 large clove of garlic (or more, i use about 3 - make it to your liking)

      if you are making a salad with greens and fruit, or just a fruit salad:

      1/4 cup of EVOO
      juice of half of a lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange or pinapple (about 1/4 cup of any of the above)
      a splash of apple cider vinegar ( with the Mother)
      a 1/2 inch of fresh squeezed ginger
      1/4 tspn of cumin, cayenne and turmeric (or as much as you like)
      sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

      i don't really use recipes which is why i haven't updated our recipe blog in 2yrs - arghghgh! i usually just eyeball stuff, ya know?

      i hope this helps and i hope i remembered all of the ingredients for you. if not, i will come back and let you know. xox

    2. see just re-read and realized that for the greens and fruit or fruit salad add a good dollop of unpasteurized honey.

    3. Kymber, thank you so much! That helps a bunch! And sounds Delish!
      Jump being able to dump in ingredients is the sign of a good cook! This is all kinda new for me since we're learning to eat in a whole new way. But I'm loving it so far, and you are truly an inspiration!

      Btw, do I store the dressing in the fridge and how long will it keep?

      Thanks so much! I'll let you know how it turns out!

      Vonne xoxo

    4. Vonne - you are sooo welcome! i really hope you like these dressings. you can add all kinds of stuff to them as these are just basic recipes - for example, with the savoury dressing you can add some fresh or dried parsley, or fresh or dried onion or chives, and with the fruit salad dressing you can add fresh or dried mint or fresh or fresh or dried sumac or can add cinammon or cloves - whatever. it all depends on what you like. don't be afraid to dump anything in there...just think about what taste profile you might like and then give it a whirl.

      both basic dressings will last about a week in the fridge. one thing tho is to take the dressing out of the fridge about a half hour before you plan on using it - the EVOO will coagulate once in the fridge so you need to take the dressing out of the fridge, let it come to room temperature and then shake the living life out of it a few times to make it re-emulsify with the other ingredients.

      i can't wait to hear how you like it or not. xoxox

  5. Hi Kymber :)) Your soups looks and sounds great! Mine isn't so ingredient-heavy, just the usual chicken, parsley, carrots, celery and broth! Once in a while I'll add some egg noodles but we like our simple, and it's funny, I only usually make it when we feel under the weather. I guess that soup hasn't graduated to a meal for us yet!

    I LOVE YOUR DESSERT!!! That is something I would binge on for sure. Any kind of brie is good brie in my books. Though I did try goat brie a few months back and we didn't taste too much difference, could have been the brand though. We don't have much variety of goat cheese in this area besides the standard rolled creamy type.

    Enjoy your day! :)

    1. Rain - sometimes we want just plain broth. sometimes we want just chicken chunks in the broth. but sometimes we want the "full-meal-deal" - bahahahah! jambaloney never used to like soup but he now loves soup and it's because every soup starts with our own home-canned broth...and i make a seriously strong broth, be it chicken, beef, veg or a mixture of them all. bone broth is so good for our health and we love it. just eat your soup the way you like it - it's sooo good for our health.

      ya - i tend to like savoury desserts rather than sweets. and i find that i can digestively handle goat products better than cow products and apparently goat milk products have less casein than cow products. i don't know. we are just trying to figure out what is ok for us to eat....kind of like you have already done. xoxo

    2. Actually in that anxiety book that I bought, a recommendation is to have broth a few times a week, broth made from bones because of the probiotic effect, but the author also states that it has a raising of serotonin affect which naturally curbs anxiety. I have a chicken dinner planned for Easter weekend, so I'm going to make more chicken broth then!

      It's hard to figure out what you can eat and what you can't because sometimes it's just so subtle! The casein in cow products hurt me, but only the store brand products. Otherwise if I stick to Cracker Barrel for example, I can eat cheese without problems. If I buy the Super Store brand, I'm in trouble.

    3. Rain - that book is really on to something. have you ever read "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon? this book spun the diet world on it's head by stating that fats are good for us, bone broth is good for us, calories are good for us and it also provides a bazillion delicious recipes - i love this book! it also teaches all about fermented food, probiotics and a bunch of other stuff. i've had the book for years and keep reading it and every time i re-read it, i learn something new. it's very straight-forward and i think it's a book you might like.

      it's very hard to figure out what to eat but we have learned over the years - absolutely no processed food or pre-made food. we are trying very hard to eat only whole foods, legumes and grains. do you have netflix? if so, there are a lot of food documentaries on there that we have enjoyed.

      i want for all of us to be healthy.

      back to your anxiety book - now i know why i have much better days when i start my day off with a breakfast of bone broth. and now i am going to make that my daily habit. thanks for that.

    4. Hi Kymber :) I haven't heard of that book, but I just looked it up. I've never been a "diet" person...I hate how that word has become synonymous with women trying to malnourished themselves to be skinny - it's a huge pet peeve of mine! I remember once having a classmate who was SO INTO low carb eating and no fat eating, but she didn't understand the concept at all. Whenever she saw "low fat" on labels, she'd purge...anyway...I believe in EATING!!

      Little by little I'm eliminating all processed foods that I can from our diets. I don't think I'll ever achieve that 100% but I hope to be able to afford to only buy organic in the future!

      Oh, I got rid of Netflix last year because we watched so much on there and there wasn't anything new that we were interested in! Plus they tried to raise me from 7.99 a month to 9.99 - the shame!! :) I did watch a few food documentaries on there, but my biggest influence really is my own body and mental health and how I feel after consuming certain foods.

      And you're welcome! I wish the author of the anxiety book went into more detail about the broth, it's simply one little paragraph. She also mentions the same benefits from fermented foods, organ meats and sprouts. I think there is a big link between digestion and anxiety. I'm still learning and I'll keep experimenting! :)