Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the bathroom that Jimmy and Barb built

remember the gawd-awful bathroom at the Manor? if not - here's a few pics to refresh your memories....the vanity:

to the left of the vanity (our bathroom is L-shaped) - remember those duck curtains?

the shower, held up by construction tape and the jiggling shower head:

well, our friends Jimmy and Barb, their son, some of Jimmy and Barb's friends and some of their son's friends all had a really fun time ripping that entire bathroom out and rebuilding it from scratch - NOT!

but they did rebuild it for us so that when we got to the Manor we had a nice bathroom. and we really appreciated all of their hard work. Jimmy said that he must have pulled out 9 million nails - and i believe it to be true as every single job that we have done around here first involves pulling out 9 million nails!!! Jimmy et al ripped out all of the walls and after rebuilding the walls, put in a brand new vanity, sink, toilet and tub/shower insert. they also put down a new floor for us and replaced the bathroom window. we added an over the toilet stand and built shelving along the back wall. here is the Framboise Manor bathroom as it is today:

vanity has been moved to a more functional location, i.e., NOT under the window. and did you notice the beautiful new window?

here is the new toilet and over the toilet cabinet....notice the new floor?

the curtain on the right-side of the bathroom has a cubby hole behind it with storage for towels/linen, etc.

here is the new shower/tub insert with new shower head - no red construction tape!!!

this pic is of the vanity taken from the opposite side of the room:

and here is the additional shelving that jambaloney and i built:

it's a wonderful thing to have a completed room in this house. the only thing left to do here is to paint the vanity a darker brown to match all of the rest of the dark brown. we love the vanity as is, but were unable to find an over the toilet cabinet in that shade of light-ish brown. so we will paint it and it will all come together quite nicely, i think.

anyway - our tastes are simple and i know that there are much fancier bathrooms out there - but we love the bathroom that Jimmy and Barb built!

(Edited to add: i will be around to everyone's blogs this afternoon. i haven't been on the computer much in the past few days - but don't worry - i will catch up on all of the backposts that i have missed!)


  1. can I still pee in the backyard?

  2. Very nice, I really makes a difference having a nice bathroom, you can put up with a lot in a home if the bathroom and kitchen are nice.

  3. Lovely!!!! Cant wait until our kitchen is done so we can begin the bathroom.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I was worried that you two were kidnapped by aliens or worse. Glad to see you both are safe.

  5. Mudbug - to be honest - you can pee all over the yard. no...seriously! apparently human male pee keeps coyotes away. we haven't had any problems with coyotes this year. hey...wait a sec...have you been peeing in our yard?

    oh well...if you have - thanks buddy!

    Duke - you are so right about that! having a nice bathroom makes all of the other rooms more liveable. and the kitchen is slowly coming along. can't wait to get it finished!

    Donna - i can't wait to see your kitchen - it's going to be gorgeous! and i am sure that you are just itching to finish it to hit the bathroom - teehee!

    hey Rob buddy - nope - not abducted by aliens just feeling a little under the weather. i think both of us are run-down from everything that happened from Halloween on - and it has taken us a month to get our proper groove back. no worries - today we are building a decent shed so that jambaloney can make room in the basement for my washer. we love washing clothes by hand but not during the cold weather. so in a few weeks i will have a washer - woohoo! we will still line-dry though.

    thanks for stopping by, guys and gals. we appreciate it!

  6. Fancy shmancy. What you have looks nice and appears to make good use of the space which is all you really need. Personally, I'd much rather have something nice and functional that I or those close to me built than some high end custom masterpiece I didn't have to work for. But that's just me.

  7. AHHHHH, indoor plumbing. Almost a novelty. Don't you miss those runs in the snow to the back house????


  8. I think it looks great, good for you guys.

  9. Kathi would love that ducky curtain. They did a great job. I could use them to help me do our other bathroom.
    It really does look nice.

  10. Still missing the ducky curtain!

    There is a lot going on, on the shelving. Good lord!

  11. I must have missed the old bathroom posts. The after is very nice. The duct tape was gross. I always imagine something living under stuff like that. It looks great now. You have a beautiful shower curtain. My bathroom is white, too. I love the simplicity and light in a white bathroom. Those shelves are scrumptious looking! Good job!

  12. What an improvement, bathrooms and kitchens for some reason seem to get dated farily easy. And when i had sold my house in Florida i needed to update my own bathroom right away! Richard

  13. The bathroom has the WOW factor now ! Great job you guys ... I love it ! The shelving behind the door is especially cool ... there's design divas in both of you. Worthy of before and after pics in a house and home magazine... We've redone more homes than I care to remember here in B.C. and I'm still looking for that perfect one. GRRRR !!

    Take Care ... Helga

  14. Wood in a room should not necessarily match. I think the vanity looks fine like it is. Please don't paint it. Paint the shelves if you must match the colors.LOL

  15. I will miss the rubber ducky shower curtain...But I freakin love it..I like the shelving the most... Good Job, very elegant looking.

  16. Rubber ducky shower curtain be damned. You need a Smurf shower curtain for the new bathroom!!!!

    Nice job, looks Great!!!

  17. Now that is a room worthy of a throne!

    We call our bath the library...but if it looked like this we would call it the Metropolitan New York Library and refer to our current one as a bookmobile!!

    You have amazing friends and that is a great blessing!!


  18. Shepherd - not too fancy schmancy and Barb and Jimmy really got us some good deals for the vanity, toilet, shower/tub insert, etc. in fact, Barb went to different stores taking pictures of all of the afore-named stuff and let the staff know that she was making these purchases on behalf of friends from away, and that they would be making many, many more purchases in the future (an outright lie!). she got a bunch of store people thinking that we were going to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars in the future and that if they gave us a good deal on the bathroom stuff - then they/we would be back to re-do the entire house - bahahahahahah! but oh man did she get us some good deals on the materials for the bathroom! and yes, i agree that functional/practical is way more important and if it is done by you and/or friends - it feels much better!

    Winston - bahahahahhaha! ya indoor plumbing eh? oh man last winter sucked when the pipes froze and we had no running water. boiling snow to flush a toilet is NOT fun!

    thanks Stephen...we love our bathroom. it's the only almost completely finished room in the house. and it matches nice.

    Flier - if you were closer - i guarantee Jimmy would come down and help you out. and you and him would be great buds in no time at all - you both got the same sense of humour! tell Kathi that the shower curtain was about 15 yrs old when we bought the place....and looked like it...bleck...we didn't want to touch it!

    Max - ya - alot is going on on/in the shelving. but that is all of our bathroom stuff and finally it is all located in one place.

    Richard - you know what they say - bathrooms and kitchens sell a house. but for us - this bathroom has made our house liveable!

    oh Helga - the pics of the shelves must look better than they are....those shelves are made out of 2x6's, 2x2's and 3/4 inch plywood...none of it smooth. we slapped a quick coat of paint on all of it and left it at that - we got no room to be getting fancy at the Manor!

    PracticalP - we love the vanity too. but with the bathroom being painted "cottage white", the dark wood really pops as does the dark mats and towels...and that all really brings out the dark tones in the floor. and i really love the dark/cottage white contrast...don't hate me if i paint it? pleeeeeez????

    JUGM - that shower curtain was rotten and full of mould - ick. if it wasn't i would send it to you - bahahahah! but that thing went to it's grave over 2 years ago. and read my comment Helga aboe - there is nothing elegant about those shelves...all made out of cheap and utilitarian materials.

    PioneerP - i am ahead of you buddy...smurf shower curtain coming for Christmas!!!

    Jen - i kinda' think that the toilet looks like a throne with that cabinet thing over it - bahahahah! we do have amazing friends...some are physically near us...and some are thousands of miles away but are somehow physically near us...like you!

    thanks everyone. we really enjoy the support that we get from all of you. we never intended that for this blog - it was mainly a way to keep in touch with friends and family - let them know what we were up to. but you guys and gals are there at every post...always encouraging, funny and supportive....you have no idea what that means to us!

  19. The best thing about those shelves is that they use every bit of the space you have, making more storage space than if you had slapped a shelving unit in there. I love storage, pictures, displays all the way to the ceiling.

  20. thanks PracticalP...we used to have soooo much room and storage space in our old house...coming here was a bit of a shock. so we have been building those shelves all over the house...i will share more of the stuff we have built as we get the shelves/storage painted and the house cleaned up. seems like we keep moving the same piles of crap from one room to another...but we are slowly finding places for everything and getting everything in its spot!

    i'll put up a post soon about our teeny-tiny bedroom and our huuuuuge home-made bed!

  21. Wow I'm impressed. What a difference! You have a hell of a lot of stuff in those shelves!

  22. Awesome!!! Believe it or not, I have 2.5 bathrooms in my townhouse and LESS storage space in all of them combined. I'd trade you any day.

  23. Joey - thanks buddy! and ya - we do have a heck of alot of stuff but some of it is preps.

    Tango - ya - the shelves really worked out. but honestly, it is just cheap plywood!

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