Thursday, November 24, 2011

averaging 10 inches of snow and Happy Thanksgiving!

boy we sure didn't expect this when we woke up this morning! we have so much to do INSIDE of the house that we can't be worried about all the snow OUTSIDE of the house. oh well, we bit the bullet, did some shoveling and then got in the hottub. as my Uncle Gerald says.....oh man!

here's the side deck. poor cats couldn't even get out the catdoor although one tried at some point in the night.

here's looking out front. it's pretty but it is a ton of work to clear and we just aren't ready for this. what else is new?

another shot of the front of the house:

here's the front deck covered!

here's the back deck and backyard. again - it's so beautiful. we just don't need snow today!

the side deck and truckdura. poor truckdura is buried on all sides.

because this snow storm came out of nowhere, and because we should be seeing average temps again for the next few weeks - we said screw it. we'll see how much melts in the next few days. then we'll worry about plowing. it should all melt as we are supposed to get clearing sunny skies this afternoon and rain tomorrow. that should take care of it.

but we did get the ATV plow set up yesterday so if need be, we'll plow and shovel tomorrow or the next day.

for today - we completely re-arranged our living room. it looks much more open and spacious and we are very happy with our work.

for all of my American friends, i thank you for all of your uplifting comments on our last post. that means the world to us. you are all in our thoughts and thanks for today - although we are celebrating Thanksgiving proper - tomorrow! time to run and prep for tomorrow's dinner.

we wish you all a wonderful and warm Happy Thanksgiving Day!


  1. Yikes. Wow. Be safe up there. We just got back from a walk in 70F weather here. That's a crazy amount of snow.

    I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. You're Canadian! My wife is also from Canada. I absolutely love visiting family there. Such a great place and great people.

  2.!! We're kind of cold ourselves at 63F! fact you should make a snowman for the Double Nickel!! lol

    Thank you both for being so amazing. You are a light in darkness and such a joy to visit.

    Take care and remember that I am thankful for my northern friends!


  3. Snow...ahhhh...snow. So beautiful! Down here in the American Southwest we rarely get to see it! Enjoyed your pictures and sooooo wish I was there!

  4. mmasse - you are always more than welcome to come here with your toys and help clear us out!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, our friend!

    45er - all i can say is you lucky dawg! and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours!

    Jennifer darling - i read your comment to jamie. he says that we need to go and build a snowman for Double Nickel pronto. i say tomorrow. i promise a snowman for DN tomorrow - too tired and burned out tonight. but you are all in our thoughts and prayers and thanks. i hope you had a wonderful day with all of your sweeties! snowman for DM coming soon!

    Lamb - isn't it beautiful?!?! and we love it if you came and visited and helped us clear all of that snow - bahahahahah! we sure do hope that you are having a wonderful celebration today!

    to all of you that have stopped by - thank you so much. we wish all of you the best on this Thanksgiving Day!

  5. Hey Kymber thanks for your kind comments on my blog! You can keep that snow thanks! I'm definitely not ready for that, not sure I ever will be.

    I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating. Keep warm!!!

  6. Oh man 10" of snow, sorry I could not stop laughing. I guess its a good thing you both are preppers right?

  7. I know your kind (Canadians) don't celebrate Thanksgiving this week. We know that you take this day to plot to invade the US to overrun and overtake our many doughnut shops.

    We had a great day and raised our glasses to our friends north of the border.

    I'm thankful for no naked pics of y'all in the snow. I didn't want to hear jambalony going on about "shrinkage" from the cold.

  8. Joey - no probs about the comments. i love your posts and you always make me think...or else get me all fired up about something - i love it both ways. yep - it's a lot of snow and it came out of nowhere. we will be warm this year - we got all of our preps lined up - generator, back-up sump-pump, kerosene heater, all that stuff - we'll stay warm this winter. but you really should come and visit - you'd feel just like you were in Arizona - bahahahahah!

    Rob buddy - we have had just about enough of feeling like we are on the right track for all of three or four days and then BLAMMO - the next thing hits us! if we weren't preppers we would have given or died by now!

    Muddy - who gave you this Top Secret Threat to Canadian National Security Information - i demand to know! as for naked pics in the snow - we could put up naked pics in the hottub. still the same level of shrinkage, just a heck of a lot warmer on the participants!

    you guys are such a half-bag full of chips - always get me giggling in the middle of the night! thanks for stopping by guys!

  9. 66 degrees here today. We seem to be alternating between a warmer than usual week then a colder than usual week. I still say it's too cold up there for me.

    Happy thanksgiving!!!

  10. finally it snowed! yay! you gave an atv with a plow..I needs me one of those badboys!

  11. Thank you for your birthday song :) We got about 6" of snow on Weds,but it's melting now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Ah, snow, I do so miss it. We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving, thank you for the well wishes. You guys don't work to hard.

  13. How can something so beautiful be so melancholy?Something about patio furniture covered with snow looks so sad. About shovels sticking out of the snow- a season over - "I'll finish up tomorrow" now wishful thinking. Ted spent three days cleaning up around the cabin, so we wouldn't have to deal with slush covered hunks of building materials (the worst). After 70 years, we now give in and plan for it.

    I've been thinking about your feast and seeing myself at the table with you - smiling. Have a wonderful day. xx Mum

  14. I'm envious of your home on an island by a beautiful river but I'm not the slightest envious of the snow. Please keep it up north for another month or two. That would be great!

  15. Hi kymber and Jambaloney and wow you guys recieved some snow, now I'm feeling really lucky as our weather has been on the mild side. But don't worry our turn is right around the corner i have no doubt about that. And i hope you folks had a very nice Thanksgiving and thank you for your really great comments on my Walton's post. Richard

  16. My boys would love it! they have never seen snow, and bug me every day about it. Enjoy!

  17. PioneerP - today we are back to having our normal temps of 8-10C. and that snow is melting like mad - thank goodness! so we don't have to do any more shoveling and no plowing. and tomorrow it is supposed to rain with average temps so the rain will wash that snow away. we normally don't get snow that "stays" until after Christmas.

    egb - you really need one. we got one second-hand from a guy who made his own plow attachment. he kept it in a warmed garage the whole time he owned it. and he gave us his phone number to call anytime we had a problem. we haven't had any problems with it and when jambaloney took it into our local repair shop - one of the guys said "hey is that X's atv?" and jambaloney said "yes. how did you know?". the guy said "i recognized the tires. that's a great atv you got there. i did all the work on it". so the guys at the repair shop know the atv, have worked on it and told jambaloney that the previous owner kept great care of it. so we are very happy with our atv/plow. it took care of us last winter and now that it has had a going over this year, it is ready for the winter to come!

    hey Donna - i hope i didn't blow out one of your eardrums with the birthday song - bahahahah! i hope you had a fantastic day!

    Liz/Mum - we took great pleasure today in watching the snow melt around those shovels until they finally fell down on the wet, but snowless, concrete. there are only a few spots around the house now as the majority of snow has melted - woohoo!

    as for being at the table with us - naw - you really wouldn't have wanted to be there. new post coming up soon about how gawd-awful our dinner was - bahahahah!

    Stephen - anytime you want snow - just holler. i'll send you buckets full of the stuff! i am glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving although i read your post about working your butt off in the kitchen and i can sooo relate!

    Ed, buddy - i will put a word in with Mother Nature (she and i are tight!) and ask her to keep you snow-less for another few months. no worries buddy - i got your back!

    Richard - we had a lovely Thanksgiving although our dinner was a disaster - more on that in an upcoming post! as for your Walton's post - we both loved it - it brought back so many fond memories. and we both love it when you do those kinds of posts! we are looking forward to many more!

    JUGM - i wish i could send some snow for your boys to be able to see, feel and play with! guess that just means you are all going to have to come up one day for a visit!

    thanks to all of you for stopping by!

  18. Looking at the date of this post, I think: Oh, NO, is this blog ended? I sure hope not for I've so enjoyed reading about your adventures. I also emailed you but no reply. Please relieve my disappointment. Please?

  19. Carolyn - i just replied to your email. the blog has not ended - use the archives to see posts from December, January and February. we are looking forward to having you around the Manor blog!

    your friend,

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