Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Canadian Hero Fund/The Highway of Heroes Song

The Trews are a great band from Nova Scotia. They wrote a song called "The Highway of Heroes" after one of their friends, from their home town, was killed in Afghanistan.

All proceeds from the sale of their song go to the Canadian Hero Fund, an organization that helps military members and their families.

It is a beautiful song. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Go here to listen to it. Have many tissues handy.


  1. Sad song. Great song. It is a shame we have those themes about which to write. Thanks for the link.

  2. Kymber,

    I think I'm gonna cut you off, you naughty girl. Just too many tears between us. I think the thing that brings me the greatest pain is every soldier who talks about A'stan says "the job is not done." But NONE realize the job they are doing is NOT their job to do. Our troops (and CDN and BRIT) are just being used for the banker and corporate criminals to pile on their own pile of wealth, never caring for the costs.


  3. PracticalP - you are right. it is such a shame. i am glad that you liked the song.

    mmasse - ya The Trews have a real "Atlantic Canada" sound to them. and now that you mention it, that song does have a Hootie and the Blowfish sound. i am glad that you enjoyed it.

    Dear Winston - i am sorry for getting you teary. i tear up at all of these things too. and i couldn't agree more about our soldiers (Cdn, US, Brit) doing a job that isn't theirs.

    tomorrow's Remembrance Day post is a fun one. no tears. just smiles of joy - i promise!

    thank you all for stopping by!

  4. Neat song, I like the bagpipe section. Every sad song needs bagpipes. Thanks for posting.

  5. Goose bumps and tears.
    Memories, good or bad, are a part of our lives. Just as there are wars. We all will survive.

    Thank you all that have served. And to those that serve in ALL of our armed forces.

  6. Duke - the bagpipe section is the real tearjerker! and again, thank you for your service my friend!

    Flier389 - yep - goose bumps and tears is right! you got it my friend! and yes - thanks to ALL who have served or are serving - thanks to all!