Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Canadian Highway of Heroes

This post comes from the Canadian Preppers Network, which I used to write for. You can read the post in its entirety, with all associated comments here. This post was written by Team Hall, the original head of the CPN, on February 20, 2009. I think the post is beautiful and I have copied it in it's entirety. Please check out the CPN if you are Canadian and a prepper. And for my American friends, please check out the American Preppers Network. The CPN and the APN are great sources of information for all preppers/survivalists.

(The entire original post from the CPN follows in quotes)

"The Canadian Highway of Heroes

Ordinary Canadians care.

We are preparing for something unimaginable...something we don't want to happen. While we prepare for calamity and catastrophe, we need to remember the free world is resisting the horror of terrorists and their plans to disrupt our peaceful lives.

This shows how Canadians have spontaneously honoured, with pride and sorrow, the 108 heroes who have died for us all in Afghanistan.

"The whole purpose of the Highway of Heroes is that the families of our fallen soldiers understand they are not making the long drive with their deceased loved one alone. The entire country is shoulder to shoulder behind them. They never pass under a bridge without seeing throngs of people and flags all in honour of their loved one's sacrifice."
quote from awilliamson 7, toronto Feb 6/09

Please take a few minutes to watch this....

The Highway of Heroes

Our American friends have made a request for their own Highway of Heroes.

God Bless"

I hope that you enjoyed The Highway of Heroes above. Please watch it. And make sure that you have several tissues on hand. The video of The Highway of Heroes above is a real tear-jerker.

Every single one of our Canadian heroes travels that route home. And all 50 overpasses are always filled with throngs of people, honouring our heroes.

And lastly, here is a link of Tom Brokaw's explanation of the long-standing relationship between Canada and the United States of America, which was recorded during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Games held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Please take the time to listen to it, too.

TB's explanation of the long-standing relationship between Canada and the US.

I hope that you all have enjoyed these videos. And I thank everyone, both Canadian and American, for their service. God Bless.


  1. That is so awesome...Thank you again Kymber for your service and for these posts.

  2. JUGM - it is awesome! thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. The Tom Brokaw piece was moving. I have never felt any distrust of Canada or animosity and consider the US and Canada as one in all things. Knowing Canada has so many differences never mattered, because to Canadians, we are the different nation. However, where it counts, I feel at one with Canada. It is just too bad that there are not more nations like the US and Canada.

  4. PracticalP - what a beautiful and eloquent way to put into words my exact feelings. i feel exactly the same way. i have travelled through the US quite a bit and always felt i was among friends. when i travelled to other countries, i always felt foreign. i guess it is because our 2 countries have lived in peace with each other for so long. Texans are very different from West Virginians but they are very similar to Albertans. New Brunswick is very different from BC but it is very similar to Maine. i think because we share this continent, we share a familiarity. and that is a really nice thing.

    i agree that i wish more nations were like Canada and the US. the world would be a much nicer place.

    thanks for such a thoughtful comment. i really appreciate it!

    your friend,