Wednesday, November 9, 2011

more Remembrance Day posts coming tomorrow but for today ---

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
i am now 41 years old - woohoo!
happy birthday to me!

jambaloney and i don't celebrate our birthdays (his is next Wednesday on the 16th), but for some weird reason i feel like celebrating today. i have had many women in my life tell me that they loved their 40's and i think i am starting to understand why. i have never been happier in my life and i have jambaloney to thank for that.

it is a good day.


  1. Old gray mare,
    She ain't what she used to be.... ;0)

  2. kymber, Happy Birthday. When I was in my forties, I could not wait to turn fifty!

    I thought Mae West said that! Oh yeah, she was talking about, I was not confused. But, I think maybe Mae West's quote might work for kymber since she has jambaloney.

  3. Happy Birthday Kymber! You must celebrate!

  4. teeheehee Matt - i ain't an 'ol gray mare....yet! thanks buddy!

    mmasse - sooo very true. and my life just seems to get better and better. again, entirely due to jambaloney!

    PracticalP - i am not rushing my 40's at all. being 40 was awesome and 41 feels even better - i can't imagine what the rest of the 40's will feel like and am then looking forward to the 50's! thanks for sharing that!

    Joey - thanks buddy! i am going to celebrate. we're going to do some odd jobs around the house and then go down to the river for the afternoon - i can't think of a better way to celebrate!!!

    thanks everyone. like i said, we haven't celebrated our birthdays in years. but today feels different. and i am really liking it!

  5. Congratulations on being another year wiser!

  6. Happy birthday! You appear to be aging in reverse: you are looking younger!

  7. happy birthday baby - i love you more now than ever!!

  8. LIAR!!!!


    Happy Birthday!

  9. Be sure to get me updated on how good the 40's are. So I know what to expect.


  10. Happy Birthday,Kymber! I will turn 44 this month,and I agree,the forties have been the BEST!

  11. Birthdays are always what you make of it. I don't think I will bat an eyelash when I make forty here in a little over a dozen months. My parents are still riding bicycles across the US and they are late 50's early 60's. My grandfather just had a hip replaced so he could continue to play tennis and my grandmother got a pacemaker so she could play golf. They are in their late 80's. Age is a very relative thing and you seem to be doing well. Keep up the good work!

  12. Happy Birthday, Age doesn't matter if you stay active.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY......
    the 40's are great Phelan....
    Yeah Duke, I imagine if ya do slow down, it allows rust to grow in the joints....

  14. Happy Birthday to you my dear.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bunny Ears

    I remember how great life was in my forties. I think you're going to enjoy them as much as I did. Sure do hope so.

    After I reached a certain point I just started telling folks I'm 29 and you don't get to know the multiple.

    Keep smiling lady.


  16. you guys are the best! and so far my day has been awesome - jambaloney let me sleep in and did the dishes, soon we will eat some lunch and then go for a walk to the river. it's a little cloudy and overcast but the air is warm. it's a nice day regardless. and then tonight we have our fire hall meeting at 7. after that, we'll come home and watch a movie. couldn't ask for a better day!

    Mr. Smythe - what a nice way to put it! thank you Sir!

    russell1200 - i need your mailing address so that i can send you fifty bucks! thanks so much for saying that!

    Muddy - i need your address too. bahahahahaha!

    Phelan - i will keep you updated, no worries. so far all i can say is that this past year has been awesome and the one coming looks even better!

    thank you Donna! and i am so glad that your 40's have been great too!

    Ed - you are so lucky to have the genes that you have - your parents are amazing! and your grandparents! but if nothing else they are living proof that staying active and having fun will keep you young. i will try to follow their example for sure!

    thank you Duke, Sir. and you are right as usual!

    thanks Warlock! the 40's do seem to be pretty good!

    thank you Rob, buddy! i appreciate it!

    Dear Winston - thank you! i sure do hope my forties are like yours! i will keep people always make me smile. and that warms my heart.

    okay - jambaloney is trying to get the ATV in the back of the truck right now. i gotta go help him.

    thank you for all of the birthday wishes! i really appreciate it!

  17. Hey Kymber,

    Just up and moving around - well sort of. It's your day, all yours !! I WISH YOU A VERY, VERY WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY FILLED WITH MUCH LOVE AND JOY !! The forties are exciting for sure ... life is good ! Snuggle up and enjoy your movie !

    Take Care ... your friend Helga :)

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRETTY LADY....hope you have a wonderful day....shucks, you don't look a day over 22.

  19. It only gets better and better as time goes on...welcome to the over 40 club. Happy birthday!

  20. Dear Helga - thank you so much for your birthday wishes - that is really sweet! and i sure am glad to hear more women tell me that the forties are so much fun - i can't believe how many women have said that - and they are right by golly! thank you again for such a sweet birthday wish!

    Stephen - you were always my favourite by now it looks like i have send you $50 bucks too!

    Denob - thanks for the welcome to the club - i appreciate it! and thanks for confirming that it's just going to get better!

    CZ - thanks for stopping by. hey - don't you owe me an email???

    thanks to all of your for the birthday wishes. we are just getting ready to go to the volunteer fire department meeting. tomorrow's Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day post is a nice one - be sure to check it out!

    thank you all!

  21. 40 is Fabulous and So are you! I hope you had a great day, and that JB cooks you a nice dinner for your birthday...when I turned 40 I got a surprise party, and when I walked through the door disco music was playing...

  22. JUGM - thanks so much for that! we made some home-made pizza, sat around talking about all that we had been through since we got here, laughed our faces off, went to the VFD meeting, froze our butts off, giggled to ourselves about the tedious things that people wanted to talk about, came home, some friends dropped by to drop off some more cranberries for us (they know that we love cranberries here so EVERYONE is picking them for us), chatted some more about what is to be done for the Manor, then climbed in bed. a full day. an awesome day. a 41yr old day. a day at the Manor - could anything be more awesome?

    thanks JUGM. i have really been enjoying your Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day posts. and it always nice to have a friend stop by!

  23. 41!! Happy Birthday to you my friend.
    I love my forties. I am convinced it is not because I am too old to or too young still...but like you have an incredible partner to make the years shine more brightly.

    May you have another 41 years plus with your handsome man!!

    Love ya.

  24. I am 41 too, soon to be 42 though. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Cranberries- awesome, my mother makes a jello dessert with them. they eat them all the time as well.

  25. Dearest Jennifer - love right back at you! and yes - you are one of the few who i feel knows what it is like to be as in love with your Bill as i am with jambaloney! please give him a big hug and kiss for me! and may you and Bill get at least another 181 years together!

    JUGM - i am so glad to hear back from you! i did have a wonderful birthday! and because we have so many cranberries now - we are going to try to make our own juice! can't wait for that! oh and from the sounds of things - there are more people planning to bring us cranberries - teehee!

    thank you to all of you for stopping by and making my day! thank you!

  26. Doh! Sorry I am late to say this (computer troubles) but...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!!

    Wishing you two many many blissful years of health, happiness, and prosperity.

  27. Anne - no worries about being late and sorry for your computer problems! and thank you very much for your sweet wishes - we really appreciate it!

    mmasse - thanks for stopping back! and you are right - it is appropriate regardless! thanks buddy!

    thank you to all who have stopped by!