Friday, November 4, 2011

good eats (GEs) - supper series 1

yummy. chicken vegetable pasta for supper. that's some good supper eats right there.

you start with left-over grilled locally-sourced chicken. grilled on the barbie because that is the best way to eat chicken.

you chop it into bite-sized bits.

and add some bow-tie pasta as they soak up the home-made ranch dressing the best. and they are pretty! cook the pasta according to package instructions - we always cook our pasta al dente and as soon as it is cooked we run cold water over it to stop the cooking process. plus, this is a cold chicken-pasta salad so you want the pasta cold when it is ready to be mixed in.

next up - chop up your fresh, locally-sourced asparagus into bite-sized pieces.

steam your asparagus (NO BOILING EVER!) for approximately 3 minutes - you want it to maintain a crisp texture and bite. once steamed - run the asparagus under cold water to stop the cooking process. see below.

and do you see all of that beautiful, delicious asparagus water? use it to water your house plants - they will love you for it! and you re-use your water and not waste it. waste not, want not.

next up is getting the locally-sourced celery ready. you can't have a proper pasta salad without celery!!!

and your own home-grown radishes - so spicey!

our home-grown carrots, julienned and then chopped.

wild garlic that a friend of jambaloney's gave us. i love wild garlic!

some home-grown green onions - yummeh!

locally-sourced red cabbage.

here's all the veggies getting ready to go into the pasta.

here's the pasta and chicken being mixed with our home-made ranch dressing. recipe to follow.

and here is all of the veggies being added. more ranch dressing will be recquired. i like the salad to be pretty goopy with the dressing.

and here it all is mixed together. sorry i didn't take pics of the salad on the plate. we love this kind of salad. full of cooked, steamed, raw and fermented food. we eat this as a supper meal with home-made bread, slathered with butter on the side.

that's some good supper eats right there. oh and tastes even better the next day for lunch!

my queer-*ssed recipe for homemade ranch dressing:

1 cup of mayonnaise (i like to make my own but sometimes have to use store-bought)
1/2 cup of sour cream
a handfull of chopped up, fresh-from-the-garden chives
a handfull of fresh parsley
a small handfull of fresh dill weed or flowers
1 tblspoon of fresh garlic
1 tblspoon of fresh ginger
1 tblspoon of cider vinegar WITH the mother
a dollop of honey
a dollop of dijon mustard
half a teaspoon of onion powder
a few drips of worcestershire sauce
a ton of sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper

1. mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, cover and chill for at least an hour. it is deelish!


and because this isn't a recipe blog, and because we have some cranky preppers, survivalists, homesteaders and gunlovers here who don't want a recipe every third post - i have decided to start a new blog for recipes and Good Eats. you can find it under the pic of the Manor on the right, or you can go here. it's called *Framboise Manor* Good Eats. and it will be a place for me to record our eating habits and our recipes.

please don't feel compelled to follow it and add it to your bloglist. i mean, i follow all of your blogs and have added you to my bloglist...but that's just because i am a nice person - bahahahahah! no honestly - if reading recipes and crap is not your thing - then don't worry about checking it out. i just didn't want to clog this blog up with recipes and such. this blog is for our daily doings, fixer-uppings and how and what we are doing. but i realized that i needed a separate place for our recipes.

you are all welcome to come and enjoy the new blog. but if it isn't your thing - i completely understand!


  1. You must be reading my mind. I've been looking for a good home made recipe for Ranch Dressing. It's my favorite dressing, but I refuse to buy the store bought kind because of the crap that they put in it. Can't wait to make your version.

  2. Two blogs now? Are you a nite owl? OK I am a follower of your other blog now too. Have a Great weekend kids.

  3. I can't think of the last time I boiled a vegetable. I mostly microwave or stir-fry them.

  4. or save that asparagus water as stock...nice, what times dinner?

  5. For goodness sake, don't cross a cranky, prepper, gun lover. Jambaloney might have to elbow them with his good elbow. I like a recipe now and then on a blog, but not just a recipe. A good story helps. But, this recipe is a good story with all the drops, dollops, handsful, tons, and

  6. I am so ready for a home cooked meal. Looks good.

  7. Tango - i hope you like the recipe for the ranch dressing. it's not exactly like ranch but similar and the dill gives it a real nice zing. as does the vinegar. let me know when you give it a try, hon!

    Rob - teehee. i am a bit of a night owl. but i have tons of recipes stored on my computer with matching pics cuz i always take pics when i make something - i have a tendency to lose printed or written-down recipes and i hate cook books. so the other blog will be a way for me to keep my recipes. thanks for checking out the other blog my friend and you be sure to have a great weekend too!

    oh Ed - stop microwaving your veggies. steam them on the stove. no microwaving!!!!

    Stephen - i do save at least a cupfull of veggie water that goes in my big pot in the fridge with other veggie water, for stock. i also freeze leftover veggies or wilting veggies for stock. the prob is - we steam all of our veggies and eat at least 2-3 different ones a day and i am running out of room for all of that stock - bahahahah! but the plants love it!

    PracticalP - teehee. i just don't want to bore anyone with all kinds of recipes that they might not be interested in. i read a lot of cooking/recipe blogs and the ones i like the best are full of pics. so it takes up a lot of room on a blog that's not ABOUT recipes. anyway - i hope you stop over to the other blog now and then.

    Duke - thank you very much. i wish i was there as i would cook up as much as you could eat. and not a pasta salad either - i'd make you a heart-warming, thick, delicious beef stew. you and your Mother in Law are in our prayers and we are wishing her a speedy recovery.

    thank you all for stopping by.

  8. Hey you guys,

    Okay ...We must be on the same culinary wave length here today ...tonight it's grilled chix cut up into my pasta salad. I'm going to be adding all of the same veggies as you kymber, except for the chopped raw spinach ... so weird , and I'm using bow- tie pasta cause I like the look of them. My dressing is ranch too! You're right Kymber, the salad wouldn't taste at all right without the celery. I love your recipes ... there's always new stuff to learn - Thanks for sharing !

    Happy eating my friend ... I'll think of you as we are chowing down later. I still need to do the allergy testing, but I'll eat that darn pasta anyhow ! Have a great week-end guys ! :)

  9. Helga - that's craziness! bahahahahahah! but i am glad that you will be having a nice pasta salad and yes - think of us as you are chowing down!

    do you have someone at home that can help you with the arm/allergy test thing? if so - put a piece of raw pasta on your tongue and do the test. if not, save a piece of cooked pasta and bring it to work or have a friend or someone test it.

    i hope you have a great weekend too Helga!

  10. Great post kymber and i prefer my chicken or most any kind of meat on the grill. So this one is healthy as well so good job with recipe. Anything that can be somewhat healthy and taste good is a win/win for everyone. Now i must go as I'm on my way to burger king,lol. I'm kidding folks, well that's a lie i have a Coupon,lol. Richard

  11. Richard - we prefer our meat on the grill too. as we don't get serious, blizzardy storms until january - we are able to fire up the grill until then. i love grilled meat!

    Richard, my friend - don't do it! don't go to Burger King - arghghghghghgh!

    we love the work that you are doing at Amish Stories - listed in our blogroll - and hope everyone checks you out!

    your friend,

  12. I vaguely remember home-cooking. Looks delicious!

  13. Oh yum! I always turn the water into cream of asparagus soup.

    Looks good! *runs over to join your food blog!*

  14. Mr. Smythe - i wish that you were closer. i would cook your every meal...and with care.

    Anne - i sometimes do that too! oh i am so glad you are going over to the food blog - thanks Anne!