Thursday, December 1, 2011

People, Food and Bookcovers or Something - an insightful, inspiring post by my friend Humble Wife

*i have the permission of the author to put up this post*

my friend, Jennifer, Humble Wife, from Double Nickel Farm, has been there almost right from the beginning when we made the switch to try and live simpler lives and become more self-sufficient. her blog was a great find for us and we learned so much from her, her family and the way that they live their lives. she leaves inspiring, uplifting, funny and wisdom-filled comments on all of the blogs she visits. she has been a beacon of light for me during several dark times - some of which she knows about, some of which she doesn't.

i would like for all of you to visit her blog. specifically, this post called "People, Food and Bookcovers or Something" - she hits on so many levels of so many things that i keep re-reading it because every time i read it, different ideas pop into my head. she writes like that all of the time. and shares her life and her family with her readers. she has insight and wisdom - and if you do read her post - please take the time to check out her archives - she has been blogging for many years!

if you are interested in reading what an intelligent, Christian, homesteading, homeschooling and wonderful helpmate/wife is willing to share about trying to be a good wife and mother while living a simple, self-sufficient life - you will love her blog. and even if you are not interested in all of that - please read this one post. as jambaloney says - she uses pre-conceived notions of vegetables in order to describe how people become boxed into stereotypes.

i really loved this post. i hope that you will check it out.

thanks Jennifer! for everything!


  1. I'll skip over and take a peek. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  2. I went over and checked it out, very interesting stuff. Clicked the follow button as well, thanks for the link.

  3. I went over to your Friends blog Kymber and will be putting it on my favorites so i can visit. I always enjoy a well made blog especially if it involves farming. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa

  4. The easiest way to change the book cover is to smile. So I do think that in the case of people that the contents will influence the cover.

    But even with that said, the point is still true that it is your responsibility to make the contents worth further examination.

  5. PioneerP - thanks for checking it out. i think that you will like her blog!

    Joey - thanks buddy - i appreciate it!

    Duke - that's awesome that you became a follower!

    Richard - i am glad that you enjoyed it - she is an awesome blogger and farmer!

    Russell - great point! and yes it is our responsibility to have interesting and good content in "our books"!

    thanks for stopping by everyone!