Thursday, December 22, 2011

crazy porch saga - Part Deux

so here we are still working on the porch! we framed out the front and back and put in some doors. ya - it's a clooge job but as we are just going to be relying on this thing for the winter and spring - it'll do!

so here is the front door framed out:

and here is the back door (both doors were salvaged out of other people's garbage!):

i wanted the back door at the front because it is prettier. but this is the stronger of the two doors and as we get winds howling up our road that hit this side of the house the most, the stronger door had to go on the back.

and here's another look at the side with the doors framed in:

well, it will be a porch that only a mother could love! but if i can get the boots and shoes out of the kitchen, the laundry rack out of the middle of the living room, 18L water jugs out of the bathroom AND still have room for other stuff - PLUS have a place for the ginormic seeding tray that Ted built - then i will be happy! and we will have time next year to decide whether we want to re-build it properly, or add an extension on to the kitchen, or add an extension off of the living room - whatever - we'll figure it all out then!

for now - just wait until you see what we did on the cheap to enclose this thing - teeeheee!


  1. I think you guys are doing fine....well done.

  2. I think so much of a homestead is figuring out how to get by in the short term, without shooting yourself in the foot too badly, so you can have time to think about and plan longer term.

    Even if winter and spring turns into a few years, it'll be mighty nice to have a roof over that area.

  3. If it works it's perfect. There is nothing better than building something for very little money.

  4. Having a nice deck, or porch, can make all kinds of difference in a house. Mine is a catch all in the winter for boots and running shoes. Spring through Fall it's a gathering place for friends and neighbors for BBQ's under the stars.

    Enclosing your porch when you are in a windy area is such a great idea. Hopefully you enjoy sitting on it watching the world slowly turn outside.

  5. Stephen - thanks buddy - means a lot coming from you!

    Ron - i am glad that you said that because we are learning that sometimes things don't happen when we "plan" for them to happen. and it's blogs like yours that we draw our homesteading lessons from. as for the roof - wait until you see it. you'll die!

    Matt - thanks. we really appreciate the support!

    Duke - i hope it works. i think it will. and ya - we really like doing things on the cheap!

    Max - we have a beautiful deck on the back end of the house. this side deck/soon to be porch will provide us with tons of practical-use space. and of course - a place to sit to watch the world turning slowly!

    thanks for all of your supportive comments, friends.

  6. Kymber,
    It is looking great. Having the enclosed porch will actually make your house much warmer and easier to heat. I need a porch for all the reasons you do. Good job on finding trash doors!

  7. It looks good and if it gives you extra space, even better!

  8. PracticalP - you are dead right about the heating thing. enclosing the porch will provide us with a wind break as well! and ya - jambaloney is a good trash finder as are you - you guys would get along famously!

    Joey - by the time we finish it - it's probably gonna look pretty tacky! but it will give us some much-needed space - i can't wait for the additional space!

  9. Great score on the doors! And yes, a "mud room" is a wonderful thing. Our screened in porch downstairs and the covered deck upstairs give us two places to get out of filthy/wet stuff before going inside. And the downstairs porch is "auxiliary storage".

  10. It's looking good IMO. How many windows do you have planned?

  11. Pas certain que cela va fonctionner en utilisant Google Translate. Juste essayer d'être plus d'un ami à vous deux. Suis-je fermer, oui ou non. Parlez-vous et lisez le français?

    I love what you have done. Are you going to use thick plastic sheeting?

    Votre ami en Floride, Rob

  12. The pieces going clear to the ground would draw termites in my area. Don't know if you have them there or not.

  13. Looks good. where is your hot tub? When you get around to doing windows, I hope that you can come across with some good ones. I put in a used window once. Except, I'm telling on my self. My Dad and I put it in..... Backwards...Go ahead and laugh. It still looked damn good.

  14. What type of wood are you using?

    Very good catch on the doors.

  15. The most important thing about a porch is its usefullness to Mom. So...~Mary

  16. I'm sure you're probably sick to death of everyone's two cents, and I say this only because of all the rebuilding we've been through - but I don't see much of a header above your door. That can possibly create problems later on. If you already have that figured out, just ignore this! LOL
    The Anonymous Homesteader