Thursday, December 8, 2011

shake, rattle and roll

and that's what we've been doing ...all day! we experienced a serious weather-bomb today - as did all of the Atlantic provinces. these were the worst winds we have ever experienced - we got gusts up to 100km (60m) for several hours - it really felt like hurricane country and i don't even know what hurricane country feels like!!!

we lost our power at about 1pm...called in to Nova Scotia Power and made a report...called back for an update about 15 mins later and were told that the power should be back on by 6:30pm. and true to form, we had our power back at about 5:15. we really hope that someone at Nova Scotia Power reads this blog, as we would like to give them a big shout out! Thanks Nova Scotia Power!

the Manor shook, rattled and rolled all afternoon, all while being pelted with sheets of rain. we climbed on the couch with flashlights and read our books - we needed flashlights as it was very overcast and gray. then we went for a nap.

anyway - we had just put in a chicken casserole at 20 to 1pm and hoped that by leaving it in the oven until 2 that it might have cooked. no go! so it was sandwiches all day! since the power is back - we have another chicken casserole in the oven - we can't wait to sink our teeth into this one!

it rained a lot as well but the basement didn't flood and the sump pump is now going at a full-tilt boogie. i will try to make my rounds to everyone's blogs this evening and if not, then definitely tomorrow. i hope that everyone is well.

because all is well that ends well!


  1. Glad you two are okay and nothing was damaged? Awesome power company you have there!! Now dig into that chicken casserole...wait, where is the recipe for that one?

  2. Hey Tango, honey....nothing was damaged...some of our patio furniture got blown around the yard but everything is ok! we really do have an awesome power company...better than we had in the city! their telephone updates are very detailed and they always have the power back sooner than they estimate!

    as for the chicken casserole...i'll put it up on the recipe blog in the next day or so. it has rice in it - but you can skip the rice as the veggies are filling enough!

    thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  3. 60? Bah, that's nothin'. We've had 80 MPH gusts from thunderstorms! And a tornado or two. But down here in hurricane country, I've yet to see a hurricane. Had some close shaves though!

  4. Well, at least the basement didn't flood...

  5. At first I thought you gave jambaloney Mexican Food. At lest it was not snow.

  6. Sometimes, I'm thankful for just a good roof over my head!

  7. Naps during a storm and chicken casserole. Sounds like a perfect day to me :)

  8. Craig has a point, we do get heavy winds during our summer thunder storms. I do love a good storm, you lucky guys and a book cure much in life.

  9. Glad everything is ok. Stephen got in my head and stole my comment. That weather has a hot drink and a good book written all over it.

  10. I am glad you twp and the manor are doing okay. Do you lose trees in that kind of wind in Nova Scotia? It is called firewood! Down here, trees would be lying about like pick-up sticks. (I suppose you have that game by some name.) I have never experienced that kind of wind for more than a few moments at a time.

  11. I love the wind. And I'm glad that you both are OK. And as for chicken casserole, yum. It's good that you didn't end up in OZ. The munchkin smurf's would of eaten up all your veggies.

  12. Sounds scary, but I'm glad you are okay! Hope you enjoyed the chicken, finally!!

  13. We had that wind and rain too,here in NH.We were fortunate,though,that we didn't lose power,though many others in surrounding towns did.

  14. Thank you so much. I feel much better after the 20mph winds and light dusting of snow we got a couple days ago. I felt miserable but this post reminds me that misery is relative.

  15. Stay safe and dry, glad the basement is staying dry. Sounds like good soup/chili weather.

  16. Craig - lucky you! and you can keep those tornadoes and hurricanes - i do not like sitting in this cottage feeling like it is going to blow down any second - bahahaha! but strangely enough - this little crap-ass cottage somehow holds itself together quite well! thanks for dropping by - i am linking to you and Stephen in my next post!

  17. Matt - and thank goodness for that! although, we have learned our lesson and keep nothing of value in the basement - and everything is 2ft off of the floor!

    Rob - bahahahaha! and no snow which is always a good thing! today is a beautiful, bright sunny day and the storm has completely blown over!

    Mr. Smythe - you and me both. like i said - somehow this little cottage hangs on no matter what. with the extra insulation and other work that we have been doing to it - it gets better all the time. i was a little scared by all of the shaking and rattling but not half as much as i was last year!

    PioneerP - all in all - it wasn't such a bad day - it could have been much worse. and we really enjoyed the chicken casserole!

    Stephen - i enjoy storms with winds of up to 60kms but nothing higher than that - i get a little scared as the house rattles like nothing i have ever experienced. but i am getting more used to it. and we love reading our books during a storm - it's so cozy!

    45er - ya gotta watch Stephen for that! he does it regularly to me, too!

    PracticalP - we live on almost 10acres of virgin forest and most of the trees are spruce, balsam firs, tamaracks, junipers and birch. there are always dead trees falling down around here. however, our friend Jimmy did an excellent job of clearing around our house so we have no worries about trees crashing down on us. as for firewood - only juniper and birch are any good. as we don't have a woodstove or a fireplace, we don't need the downed trees for firewood. and that kind of wind for almost 24 hours is very scarey!!!

    Flier - it felt like we were going to end up in OZ! we were watching out the window for flying cows and barns - didn't see any though - bahahahah!

    Joey - thanks - it was scarey!!! and ya - the casserole was divine - the second time around!

    Donna - i guess it was a weather bomb that affected most of the east coast of north america. i am glad that you didn't lose power and i feel terrible for all of the people out there who still don't have their power back!

    Ed - no prob, buddy! misery IS relative and we are very fortunate to have such great service from NS Power!

    Duke - we are safe, dry and happy - it is a glorious, beautiful sunny day today. and during this kind of weather i can think of only one meal - ROAST BEEF with veggies and mashed potatoes and GRAVEY!!!!

    thank you all for stopping in!